Barely Breathing

Sometimes I forget just how bad things really were a year ago and how damn far I’ve come since. But then I remember the way I felt back then. Hopeless, desperate, hurting so much it was hard to breathe, barely surviving. And then I realize that life seems so much less dark now, that I’m smiling even when no one’s around, that I’m filled with so much love where there once was only emptiness. I’m not just surviving anymore, I’m alive.

They say that being a mother will bring purpose into your life.
They say that it will change you forever.
And my God, it did.
My child bares every breath I take,
every smile I dare smile,
he holds within him the innocence I once harboured..
My life is his.
His happiness is mine.
And if he goes before I do,
I will have already spread my wings.
—  “LIFE FORCE” - Soulette / Brook Castie

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