My Bardock from Dragon Ball Z tattoo right after it was completed.

Original Drawing by me @kristinxxxway

Tattoo by Amy @ Tattoo Alchemy in Fredrick, MD

Continuing my anime leg sleeve, my next tattoo had to be DBZ. DBZ was the anime that got me into anime. I first saw it on Toonami when I was 9. The first episode I saw was episode 78. And actually Krillin was originally my favorite character (Ironic both Krillin and Bardock are dubbed by Sonny Straight) I dont even know why but I was instantly hooked I thought the show was so cool. So when people ask me who my favorite character is in Dragon BallZ is, I always say Bardock without hesitation. But why? I discovered Bardock in 2012 when I first saw the TV special Bardock the Father of Goku. It quickly became my favorite DBZ related thing to watch. Again I cant explain it. But Bardock replaced Krillin as my favorite character, and perhaps part of it is that I loved Frieza. Even though he killed Krillin he was still awesome to me. And Bardock unsuccessfully fights him. I always like the obscure characters. I also like the fact that Bardock will never be wished back to life and he is probably rotting in hell currently. 

Son Week is an official event held every year from 5/7 to 5/10 in Japan, during which merchandise is sold and fans celebrate their love for the Son Family characters through different forms of expression. After recently learning that there hasn’t been an organized Tumblr event in previous years, I’ve decided to host it as well as extend it to a full week, with 3 added days: ChiChi Day (a reversal of ChiChi’s 11/5 birthday, as suggested by @redasuki), HanVi Day (Gohan x Videl) and Bardine Day (Bardock x Gine).

I’ve included three prompts for each date. You can choose one or the other, or a combination of two or three of them, and you may interpret the themes however you want! They can be presented in whichever form you prefer including but not limited to: fanfiction, fanart, moodboards, comic strips/doujinshi, AMVs, videos, vines, screenshots, headcanons, au edits, character analysis, gifs, etc.

Keep in mind, these prompts are meant to inspire you, not to inhibit your creativity, so if you want to/ already have created Son Family content using your own ideas, I’d still be more than happy to share what you’ve made!


GoChi Day 5.7-  Anniversary/Honesty/Long-Distance

Gohan Day 5.8-  Animals/Laughter/Hope

Goku Day 5.9-  Sacrifice/Motivation/Excitement

Goten Day 5.10-  Adventure/Music/Friendship


ChiChi Day 5.11-  Dance/Courage/Happiness

HanVi Day 5.12-  Fireworks/Cosplay/Chemistry

Bardine Day 5.13-  Battle/A Second Chance/Desire    


-Uncle Raditz

-Horror au

-The 80s

-Getting lost/stuck somewhere

*** These can be used for any of the days and characters/ships, either as a replacement or in addition to the other prompts.

For additional fun, I will be streaming a movie or a number of episodes each day on You don’t need an account to sign in; you just need to sign in as a guest. I will be posting a link on this blog 30 minutes prior to streaming the video, which will be shown at 5 p.m. EST all through Son week (time subject to change if you guys prefer another time- let me know!)

Movie/Episode Selections:

5.7-  “Wedding Filler” episodes (149-153)

5.8-  Bojack Unbound

5.9-  The World’s Strongest

5.10-  Broly, Second Coming

5.11-  “Anonymous Proposal” (ep. 137)

5.12-  Battle of the Gods

5.13-  Bardock, the Father of Goku


  1. Please be respectful. No hatred towards the participants, Son family members, and other ships and supporting/main characters.
  2. NSFW is accepted, but must be tagged as such.
  3. Tag your work within the first 5 tags as #sonfamilyweek or #son family week, so that I can track and reblog it to this page. You may submit in the submission box or send a link via message. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know. You may also send me a link from a site that is not Tumblr.  
  4. Be positive! This is not a competition or measure of your talent, so please PLEASE don’t feel like your work is not good enough to submit. Every contribution is welcome!
  5. You don’t need to do make something for every day, though it is encouraged (the more the merrier!)! You can create more than one thing per day, if you’d like!
  6. Have fun and please reblog to spread the word!

***Feel free to drop me an inbox or message for further questions.

Also a BIG thank you to @rickseriastar for the lovely banner! And @maiikawriter for giving me feedback.