dbz meme: 4 movies/specials (¼) ↝ Bardock: The Father of Goku

“Kakarot, my son. Thank you for helping me. You were right, it wasn’t too late. I wish I could have held you in my arms when I had the chance. Goodbye my son.”


I Often Wonder What Will Happen When They Finally Cross Paths In Reality…. The Film Was Symbolic For Multiple Reasons. One Reason That Stuck Out To Me Was The Series Of Events That Led Him To Namek Was Purely Predestined Fate. Not Only Was Goku Meant To Face Frieza But He Is An Example Of Karma Which In This Case Bardock Had The Last Laugh.

Another Thing You Could Talk About Was How At First Goku Disowned His Saiyan Heritage But By The End Of The Frieza Saga It’s Clear He Embraced His Background. With This Being Said I Genuinely Believe If We Got To See Him Interract With Bardock At Some Point Within Their Conversation Goku Would Break Out In Tears & Hug His Father Like In The Image Above.

The Second To The Last Vision Bardock Had Showcasing Goku Gave Me Chills. We Had Goku Tell Bardock “It’s Not Too Late Father To Be Different….. Than Him” . In My Opinion It Was Like The Visions Of What Goku Would Become Became A Reality For A Brief Moment And We Had The Goku We Know Share His Perspective…. Scary.

Hopefully This Happens. We’ve All Been Waiting Kakarot… You Need To Meet Your Father .