zaglith  asked:

"Mistletoe" [BCS WHY THE FUCK NOT]

“You sure your leg will be alright?” Bard questioned, observing how Kili limped whilst walking across the snowy paths of Esgaroth. He was awfully worried about the dwarf- he knew how much he longed to see the mountain. “Wait, stop here for a minute. You can’t keep going if it is bothering you that much, Kili.” Bard sighed, wiping the seat of the bench and gesturing for the dwarf to join him. 

The view was stunning- the lake was frozen over and the grass and trees all covered in the purest of snow. Bard threw his head back in content and his parted lips released a soft sigh, as he opened his eyes he noticed the mistletoe shining beautifully in the moonlight- each colour just as vibrant as the next.

He gently nudged the dwarf and grinned, nodding his head towards the festive plant. “Come ‘ere, dwarf.” He laughed, pulling Kili into a deep kiss. All the while, small droplets of snow began to fall onto the two men, making the moment all the more special. He pulled away eventually and looked ahead with a wide grin spreading across his features. “Not bad, Kili, not bad at all.”

((I am gay for Kili. Bard is gay for Kili. We are all gay for Kili.))