The Compendium of Compositions

This old tome is filled legendary songs and poems. When attuned to a bard, it enhances the effects of bardic inspiration depending on which song the bard chooses to grant inspiration with. Although there are many songs which belong, there are even more spaces where pages have been torn from this once legendary book. Of these legendary songs, only ten of them remain:

The Allegory of the Unseen
The Anthem of Action
The Ballad of Bewilderment
The Canticle of Cures
The Hymn of Holiness
The Madrigal of Many
The Nocturne of the Night
The Rhapsody of Rapture
The Requiem of the Returned
The Serenade of Sanctuary

This magic item was made in conjunction with CreativeRogues’ bardic colleges. Feel free to submit your own legendary songs homebrew if you wish.

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Inspired by everyone’s favourite cube @cubesona and his D&D minis! Since me and my friends are all broke I decided to try making our characters in his style! (although there’s a good dose of my style there too).


- Yellow devil ( @dettan-arts ) A soul-bound armour (check @dnd-atlas for the race sheet ) monk who wanders around the land looking for souls to collect in order to regain their lost humanity and forgotten past. One who wore many hats, but the iconic yellow face became a synonym of lost battles as this powerful warrior became infamous for dodging all hits directed at them.

- Punctatia ( @north-toad ) the swampiest bard! With a fiddle in one hand and her mysterious toad by her side, she took the countryside by storm with her amazing performance, music and dancing toad.

- the Wiz ( @empty-void-again ) of course, the “Wiz” is but an affectionate nickname (created for practicality’s sake) as this wonderful wizard’s true and full name is Chozelm Barskor Wedur Lenad Nattlum Garsshett Nebith Warzii Raertoll Jardel Liark Depingell Zarteigh. This gnome, with his lovely staff, bountiful jewels and a collection of spells, became a valued party member with his raven familiar, Lulu (not pictured above, oops). His seek of knowledge is powered by his desire of fame and glory. Leaving his home he travels to become the wisest gnome that has ever walked on this land. His own blood seeks to outbest him in wisdom, but he would rather die than to let his sister win..

- Sha-Colluna ( @dettan-arts ) The party’s anointed healer. This huge half-orc praises Pelor as a raised sun-bro. He was raised by no father or mother by dozens of uncles and aunts as he grew up in a monastery of Pelor, raised by not only those clerics but also by an army of drunken knights who lived at a camp at the base of the hill where the monastery was located. The clerics taught him the ways of Pelor while the knights taught him in the ways of being totally manly, getting him to do great feats of strength as test (which were just pranks but Sha did them anyways). Later going out into the world to bring the warmth of the god of the sun to all. His first true friend outside of his home being the incredible Druid, Brytt, who helped Sha by sharing his survival skills and knowledge of the natural world.

- Sidori ( ) A mysterious elven ranger, literally raised by wolves, this forest-born beauty, highly skilled with his bow and arrow keeps a safe distance from all as he learned from his foster family. Becoming an orphan early, and quickly taken by the wolves, Sidori quickly became the red headed protector of the forest, friend to the animals and enemy to all bad guys. 

* …The missing member Brytt ( @blackmagikarper ) is the one I’m the most familiar with (aside from my characters ) and is the one I can’t draw in this style for the life of me! Well, I’ll give his description nonetheless…

- Brytt ( @blackmagikarper ) the afro-elf-druid from “the Wilds”, a massive untouched area kept hidden from the world by druids. With his quarter staff and animal friends he left his home looking for adventure, soon noticing that by living secluded for so long left his strength and social skills rusty, but his intelligence and wisdom compensate that as he knows of most plants and animals. He’s a kind friend to both his party and to all natural things! Finding his salvation with Sha-colluna, the half-orc having the strength and charisma Brytt lacked.     


So like monk, I need help for bard. 

I’m currently level 64 and my old opener/rotation is trash now since it was before the changes.

I’m aware it doesn’t have a ‘set’ rotation but my bard is absolute garbage when it comes to dps so I’d like improve as I’m going to higher dungeons.

Can someone give me their opener/’rotation’ and possibly explain how? I had someone once explain over voice but it’s better for me to read over. And it’d be super appreciative if you also maybe drop your level 70?

Thanks so much!


Howdy folks!

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