Okay hear me out

I was cleaning my room this morning and I came to a sudden epiphany.

Santa Claus is a fucking Bard of Time.

That’s right. This motherfucker:

Is one of these motherfuckers:

I mean, Santa has a lot of bard-like qualities. He’s always dormant throughout the entire year up until Christmas Eve. That’s when he just suddenly does his thing, going out to every house in one night and giving every kid their presents. This reminds me of when Gamzee became sobor and went batshit crazy. And after Karkat shooshed him, He just went around and did his own thing. Except, rather than going on a murder spree, Santa travels around the world delivering presents in one night. Also, about that; I think Santa invites the destruction of Time so that he can do that. Time folds and wrinkles around itself as Santa moves from house to house, allowing him to perform his feat all before sunrise. Timezones? Santa doesn’t give a shit about them. It’s like Time doesn’t apply to Santa on Christmas Eve. He breaks it for one night, and does it again the next year. It’s actually kind of awesome in my opinion. Also, destroying Time could be how he’s seemingly immortal. Or, at most, he just slowed down his aging by a lot.

Also, this:

Happy Holidays!

A collaboration painting by myself and Lofi!

We paint a lot of collaboration art together these days, enough that we decided to set up a Patreon account to host it all for those of you who don’t use FA and who also enjoy Behind the Scenes sketches and WIPs and sillyness!

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So I love d&d; long post, but I had to show off my friend’s awesome player characters, plus my dragonborn monk Iris bringing up the pack!!! we’re Cool kids, we still need a party name though!

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