So, for the Pathfinder game I’m GMing for, there is an annual bardic competition that the party is attending for the first time. In preparation for this event, I studied up on some rules regarding performances and other relevant skills, and came across this doozy. xD

Apparently, if your bard rolls high enough, according to the vanilla rules, fucking angels could literally materialize from distant planes of existence just to watch him or her sing.

So, for the love of all in existence, please do not sing “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” so epically that you awaken Lord Cthulu.

‘How much do you know about Shakespeare,’ I once asked a friend who has committed much of her life to studying the Bard. She replied, 'Not as much as he knows about me.’ Remember this the next time someone tells you literature is useless.
—  Don’t Turn Away From the Art of Life, by Arnold Weinstein (New York Times, Feb. 2016)