Achievement Hunter's 4th Anniversary 58:35-58:45
  • Gavin: I'll tell the internet. I'll tell em the truth -walks up to camera-
  • Barbara: Tell the truth to the internet. . . Tell em we're married
  • Gavin: -looks directly into camera, inhales- .... No.
  • Barbara: -fake sob- Oh gavin! You broke my heart!
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Your Body Is A Weapon | [ l i s t e n ]

i had an urge for stripper!Barbara and Barbvin and voilà. I don’t know whether i was thinking Gav saw her at a strip club and they started dating or they were dating and he found out she was a stripper… interpret it how you like. and please don’t kill me. (Apologies for the clusterfuck of genres)

1. Animal Neon Trees // 2. Your Body Is A Weapon The Wombats // 3. Stripper Soho Dolls // 4. Tongue Tied Grouplove // 5. You Can Leave Your Hat On Joe Cocker // 6. For Your Entertainment Adam Lambert // 7. Poison Alice Cooper // 8. Just A Little Bit Kids of 88 // 9. Naughty Girl Beyonce // 10. She Moves In Her Own Way The Kooks // 11. Lady Marmalade Christina Aguilera [Ft. P!nk, Lil'kim & Mya] // 12. Break The Ice Britney Spears // 13. Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand

Devil's Kiss

Pairing: Burnie/Barbara/Gavin (Burnbaravin)

Word Count: 2233

(I suck at naming fics so this is a play on the fact that an mmf is considered ‘a devils threeway.’ Also, Bioshock reference, 'cause why not! Anyway, enjoy!)

There wasn’t much reason for them to be keeping it a secret other than it’d be awkward around the office if people found out. They weren’t serious about it, it was just a bit of fun between them. They also loved the risk of the secret, too, sneaking kisses at work, knowing there was always a possibility of someone walking in and seeing.

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Cheer Up Post #267 - Gavin & Barbara Edition

baconluver69 would like a post centered on Gavin Free and Barbara Dunkelman from Rooster Teeth. Here you go:

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Omg… I died this is adorable 

Let's Be Alone Together

Summary: With Michael and Lindsay tying the knot, Gavin begins to feel a bit alone. Barbara sets him straight.

Pairing: GavinXBarb fluff

Rating: Teen

Word count: 970

AN: Got inspiration a few days ago while brainstorming ideas for some Mavin fanfics when a random moment of depression hit me and gave me this image. However, after watching a few podcasts with Barbara and Gavin and seeing all the comments I figured I’d adjust it a bit. I think it turned out pretty well :]


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