barbiestyle instagram wishlist

  • Ashley Graham Doll 
  • a nice suit for Barbie
  • Kens - the one in the middle and on the right. Plus the Japan Ken!
  • the Barbie with twists - I her looks, she could come with this hair, this face, makeup, skintone.
  • Skipper with lilac hair, black hat, white lace dress - she looks really cool and i love her ensemble.
  • this doll from Marni Senofonte project. Her headmolds is so beautiful!
  • the doll on the left - the new curvy headmold is one of my favorites and looks nice in this version.
  • articulated curvy doll

I’ve been busy, so I had to put blogging some of my images from the Las Vegas Barbie Suite boudoir shoot on hold… but I couldn’t wait any longer to share these gorgeous pictures of leggy bombshell Andrea, who was super sexy and hot while showing less skin than you would in a bikini!  That just goes to show that sexiness is sometimes about leaving a few things up to the imagination. :)  (And you don’t have to want to bare all to get gorgeous boudoir pictures!)


Barbie loves Elvis at the Bay by Annette29aag
Via Flickr:
A lovely blond Barbie (The Bay)with a model muse body wears the gold lame suit . I intended to put the outfit on a brunette, but then a photo shoot happened.

"My Matryoshka" Chapter 2 (girlsTrixya)- Skully

((AN: Hi!! THank you everyone for your kind words on the first chapter! I’m really sorry to keep y'all waiting for the second chapter, work has been keeping me very busy. But hopefully, considering the end of this chapter, some.. fun things will happen next chapter. ;) Love y'all! -Skully))

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Lists Made by 5-year-olds Shouldn’t be this Terrifying

I don’t remember much of my childhood. I can only really tell you about things that have happened in my life past the age of seven. I don’t even have those small flashes of memories people have of their life from when they were 3. The first six years of my life aren’t a blur, but actually complete darkness.

Yesterday, I found out why.

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#51. ‘The Circle Will Never End’

Wake Me Up Series: The Circle Will Never End- One Shot #51


Note: A little bit of Niall and Harry to help you through your week (well, what’s left of it now). This is all pre-Gemma, so Niall is a single pringle and everything. I quite enjoyed writing this one because you get to see in Niall’s head for a bit, and I don’t feel like we’ve gotten that often in the series. So, I really hope you like this one! Enjoy, lovelies! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS ONE!

Also, this takes place a month after: Part 12: A Mumma’s Most Terrifying Dream Come True.

Harry’s texts are in bold, Niall’s texts are in italics. 

Any visuals/links will be linked with the italicized and highlighted/capitalized texts.



Niall liked his beer. A lot.

And it wasn’t just any ordinary beer, no. He liked that kind of beer that put hair on his chest, the proper Irishman beer - at least, that was what he liked to call it. He liked the beer that wasn’t from any well known manufacturers, but beer whose name could not be recognized at the drop of a hat. And he preferred his beer with small slices of oranges - some clung to the side of the glass, and the others used as a small side snack - in the comfort of his own home with a good golf game playing. Because for those who didn’t know, Niall also really liked his golf.

But even with his favorite match playing - Rory McIlroy had a pretty stellar game, and Niall enjoyed it so much he had decided to keep it on his DVR that day - and his favorite pint of beer and orange slices, he felt lonely. In fact, he was lonely. Terribly lonely. The days of One Direction were gradually falling to a slow crawl, and while Niall still saw the lads nearly everyday, he missed them. He missed it all.

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Anything But Ordinary (Chapter 1)

Summary - Camila and her little sister, Sofi are now living with their grandparents in Camila’s childhood home while their mom is on “vacation”. Since being back, Camila has caught up with her best friends Normani, Ally, and Lauren, but Lauren isn’t exactly how she remembers. Instead of using her words, the green eyed girl uses body language to speak.

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