Barbara Gordon

I think the DCEU is shaping up nicely and it’s great seeing a so many characters get the treatment they deserve. I’m surprised at how excited I am for a Flash film, but Ezra Miller has me sold. I have to say though, while I’m eagerly awaiting The Batman solo film, I am most curious about what Cyborg will revolve around…

I do really hope for a Nightwing film, or even Teen Titans. I think we have to get a Batgirl film (especially to make up for The Killing Joke and the Jena Malone mishap). Barbara Gordon deserves better.


If you want to see some animation projects where Barbara Gordon is treated with respect, you can always check out The Batman, Young Justice: Invasion, Beware the Batman, and DC Super Hero Girls. The first and the third one even feature Oracle, but in different increments. 

I’d also recommend Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Babs isn’t in it too much, but the show kicks ass anyway. 


“So basically they had two of the worst places they could possibly take this character and said “why not both?” I mean seriously I know the whole point of the now decades old played out, supremely tiresome post Frank Miller grimdark “My Parents are Deee-aaad!” version of Batman is that he’s not necessarily a clear-cut good guy but holy shit folks… the whole anti-hero thing is usually supposed to be about big deal moral ambiguity stuff like the surveillance state, and public good vs civil rights, and the “hero we need"and all that crap. This is some regular-ass creeper shit! Even put aside the quasi-incestuous power dynamic stuff in play, just on the list of the things even the darkest hero probably shouldn’t be doing… his best friend’s daughter is right up near the top! Right?!”

Bruce would never have sex with Barbara. He would never pursue a romance with Barbara. Flat out. She’s the daughter of his best friend and sometimes father figure (Jim Gordon). She’s the first love of his adoptive son (Dick Grayson). She’s basically his own child, especially given the way he views his sidekicks. Bruce is a man so bound by loyalty and honor that he gave up a normal life in order to rid the city of crime in his parents’ memory. Do you honestly think he’d hurt three people closest to him by interacting with Barbara Gordon in that way?