‘Stranger Things’ Cast Vows To ‘Hunt’ Real ‘Monsters’ Of Injustice With SAG Win [x]


‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Riverdale’ star Shannon Purser comes out as bisexual

  • After receiving some criticism over a now-deleted tweet about Riverdale fans who ship Veronica and Betty, Purser apologized Tuesday and came out in a note posted to Twitter. 
  • She had been accused of “queerbaiting” and wanted to set the record straight herself, admitting that being part of the LGBT community is still new for her.
  • She followed her coming out with “Psalms 42 God is too kind to me” and then asked fans, “Should I confront the creature living in my attic, or?” Read more (4/19/17 9:45 AM)

Friends…. I have a confession to make. I’m sorry. It’s my fault that Barb from Stranger Things got eaten by that monster thingy in episode 3. I made a foolish mistake, that, looking back, I can see was impetuous and reckless. During the first episode I saw Barb with Nancy and I thoughtlessly muttered ‘that’s a lesbian right there.’ I can only surmise that the writers heard this and acted accordingly. In hindsight I can only apologise for what I have done. I doomed this poor girl mindlessly and sealed her fate with my rash words.
I only hope that you can learn to forgive me in time

We talk about how much Mike must miss Eleven but we never talk about how much Nancy must miss Barb. Barb whose been Nancys best friend since elementary school and who Nancy has probably spent every Friday night with since she can remember. Barb who Nancy planned on going to college with and who exchanged secrets with her about their worries for the future. Barb who Nancy probably blames herself for her disappearance every single day. Nancy must miss Barb so much it hurts