Trinket Geek is now making t-shirts! The first release, ThroneMonsters, is now up for preorder! Currently at a discounted preorder price. :D

The t-shirts are based on the Game of Thrones sigils for the four great houses using pokemon with the motto turned into a pun of the pokemon’s key move. Entei’s motto didn’t change from House Lannister’s, since it’s perfect just as it is, as I’m sure many of you will remember…

For anyone that loves my jewelry, worry not, I’ll still be designing and making jewelry. Hope you guys like these! :D

T-Shirts available at TrinketGeek:

ThroneMonsters T-Shirts

Game of Thrones houses: astrology..

House Martell: Aries

Independent, fiery, fierce and aggressive. Much like Aries the Martells will not hesitate to fight for what they believe in or stand up against injustices.

House Baratheon: Taurus

Stubborn, indulgent, head-strong, sure of themselves, honest, brave and straight-forward House Baratheon makes the perfect match for Taurus.

Faceless Men: Gemini 

Faceless Men are hard to pinpoint motive-wise or pin down, they’re constantly changing and much like the air sign Gemini are multi-faceted and independent.

House Greyjoy: Cancer

This self-contained, sensitive, tenacious and grudge-holding house captures the collective spirit of the sign Cancer.

House Lannister: Leo

Are charismatic, cunning, and fiercely protective of their family much like the sign Leo.

The Nights Watch: Virgo

They sacrifice sex, marriage, glory and inheritance to serve the realm- they’re dutiful and are supposed to have pure intentions much like Virgo.

House Tyrell: Libra

This attractive, graceful, constantly fluctuating, intelligent and idealistically romantic house perfectly correlates to the sign Libra.

House Targaryen: Scorpio

Determined, loyal, either very loved or very hated- much like Scorpio whose key phrase is “I desire..” the Targaryens have strong desires and passions and are vengeful to those who have wronged them.

The Dothraki Warriors: Sagittarius

The adventurous, wild, sometimes brutal, free-spirited and temperamental Dothraki collectively capture the spirit of Sagittarius. 

House stark: Capricorn

The Starks are tactful, duty-bound, hard working, honorable, trustworthy, cautious and loyal to those they love much like Capricorn.

The Free Folk: Aquarius

The Free Folk don’t want to bow to anyone, they pride themselves on being independent and doing what they wish and are quite rebellious- much like Aquarius.

House Tully: Pisces

They prosper in times of peace, strengthen their allies with the unwavering nature of their love and are not naturally war-like.

House Bartheon (Game of Thrones shot)

.5 oz Crown Royal
.5 oz Red Stag Cinnamon
.5 oz Mead

Ours is the Fury! This week’s episode of Critical Hit Cocktails features a Game of Thrones shot, inspired by House Baratheon. The gold shot mixes royalty themes mixed with a spicy mead and whiskey flavor. Who are you pulling for to ultimately sit on the Iron Throne? For more Game of Thrones goodness, check out the rest of the Geek & Sundry Vlogs channel soon!