Crowns: 1. Robert Baratheon  2. Joffrey Baratheon and Tommen Baratheon 3. Renly Baratheon  4. Margaery Tyrell  5. Cersei Lannister  6. Joffrey Baratheon   7. Driftwood Crown Euron Greyjoy  8. Cersei Lannister

Chapter One: Winter is Coming

~So basically I am going to rewrite each episode of Game of Thrones as if Robert Baratheon had a legitimate daughter who was betrothed to Robb Stark (we’ll see how well this goes)

~PLEASE let me know if I should continue to write this story. I have a lot of ideas and a storyline for season one planned out so please let me know!!

~For this story, I am casting Emily Rudd as Leina Baratheon


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It had been two months since Jon Arryn, my father’s Hand, had died. It had all happened so suddenly and we had been on the road to Winterfell for almost a month now.

My father, King Robert Baratheon, was going to ask Lord Eddard Stark to be the new Hand of the King. We all knew that he couldn’t say no, which was why my siblings were confused why all of us had to go to Winterfell. 

But to me, it was pretty easy to see why I was here. I had been betrothed to Robb Stark since I was born 15 years ago and due to the fact that my father had insisted that I pack most of my dresses and jewels I had assumed that I wouldn’t be returning to Kings Landing with the rest of my family.

It’s not like I would be missed back at home. The only ones that would truly miss me would be my father and my two younger siblings. My mother, uncle, and older brother were always cruel to me. 

I suppose my father did treat me differently than my other siblings. He would take me to meetings with him about war strategies and other important things, wanting me to be informed. I would go hunting with him sometimes as well. My father was one of my best friends and I would definitely miss him the most if my suspicions were correct.

For most of the journey, I had traveled on horseback right behind my father, but my mother, Cersei, demanded that I ride in the carriage for the rest of the way. She wanted my older brother, Joffrey, to be seen riding in with my father. And these past few hours in the carriage with my mother, Myrcella, and Tommen had been absolute torture.

To say my mother wasn’t fond of me would be an understatement.

We would be arriving in Winterfell soon, I could already hear the crowds getting closer and as I looked out the window, I saw the castle coming into view.

“Get away from the window, Leina,” my mother said sternly, grabbing my arm and roughly pulling me back to my seat.

“I was only looking,” I huffed. 

“Well don’t,” she responded. Myrcella and Tommen giggled at the scrunched up face that I made, which obviously didn’t sit well with my mother. 

“You are a lady,” she almost growled as she grabbed my wrist with a grip so tight that her knuckles turned white. “Act like one.”

Not wanting to anger her anymore, I sat up straight and fixed my gaze on the floor as I cradled my soon-to-be-bruised wrist. Thank goodness this journey was over.

I peeked out the window out of the corner of my eye and watched as my father got off his horse and approached the Starks. My nerves suddenly kicked in. I hadn’t seen Robb in nine years, and I was only six so I barely remembered anything about him.

The carriage door suddenly opened and I exited the carriage behind Tommen and Myrcella, our mother following us. I saw my father greeting Lord Stark before he turned to face us and motioned with his hand for someone to come over.

My mother took a step forward before he called my name.

“Leina!” he boomed from across the courtyard. “Come here!”

I ignored the glare my mother gave me as I stepped forward towards my father.

“You remember my daughter, Leina,” he introduced me to Lord and Lady Stark.

“Of course,” Lord Stark responded as he bowed and kissed my hand. “You have grown up quite a bit since the last time we saw you, Your Highness.”

“Well it has been almost ten years, Lord Stark,” I acknowledged as he chuckled and my father pulled me down the line.

I greeted Lady Catelyn and bent down slightly to greet Rickon, who gave me the cutest little smile I had ever seen. Father guided me back past Lord Stark and in front of Robb.

The nerves rushed back as he bowed and kissed my hand. He gave me a small smile as he greeted me and I could feel my cheeks turn red as I tried to move on to meet Sansa, Arya, and Bran, but father stopped me.

“Now, Leina,” he chuckled. “No need to be shy! You might as well get used to each other considering you’re going to be married in the next few years.”

It was then that my mother decided she’d had enough and walked purposely over to us, thrusting her hand out to be kissed without saying a word.

“Take us to the crypts!” Father exclaimed. “I want to pay my respects.”

“We’ve been on the road for a month, my love,” my mother responded. “Surely the dead can wait.”

There was a brief pause and you could feel the tension between them. 

“Ned,” Father responded, walking towards the crypts. Lord Stark followed him quickly.

“Leina, this way,” Mother said as she grabbed my bruised wrist. 

“Leina!” Father yelled from across the courtyard once again. “Have Robb escort you to the crypts with us. I want to show you something.”

My mother’s face dropped and her grasp on my wrist tightened and I winced before she let go.

I glanced over to Robb, who looked concerned.

Oh, great. Just what I needed. My betrothed seeing my mother abuse me in front of an entire town.

Robb offered his arm and I gladly took it as we walked towards the crypts.

“Any idea what your father wants to show you?” he asked after we were far enough from the crowds, but not close enough to our fathers that they could overhear us.

“I am going to assume it has something to do with your late Aunt Lyanna,” I answered. “He speaks of her quite a bit. He says that he named me Leina to remind him of her. He really loved her.”

“I’ve heard the stories, Your Highness.”

“Oh, just call me Leina,” I told him. “I mean, we are betrothed.”

“I suppose we are,” he laughed.

At this point we had made it to down to the crypts. My thoughts about Lyanna were correct. My father showed me her statue and to say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was absolutely gorgeous. I could see why my father was in love with her.

 I only hoped that Robb could be that someone to me.

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