What the last Storm Queen, Argella Durrandon, would have worn, Alberta Ferretti

Princess Argella Durrandon was the daughter and only child of Argilac the Arrogant, the last Storm King. When Aegon the Conqueror sent Orys Baratheon (his hand of the king), to take Storm’s End the Storm King rode out to meet them in battle where, Orys slew Argilac Durrandon in single combat, and the remaining stormlander army fled. 

Princess Argella then barred the gates of Storm’s End and declared herself Storm Queen at the approach of Orys Baratheon and the Targaryen host, and when Queen Rhaenys flew Meraxes into the castle to parley, Argella announced that the defenders of Storm’s End would die to the last man. However, her garrison refused to share the fate of Harrenhal and revolted, raising a peace banner and delivering Argella to Orys’s camp, gagged and chained. Orys, however, treated her kindly and told her of her father’s courage facing death. For winning Storm’s End Aegon gave Orys the rule of the Stormlands, and he married Argella and to honor her house took their sigil and words as his own and become the first lord of Storm’s End.

The Signs as Game of Thrones Houses

Aries: Targaryen

Taurus: Baratheon

Gemini: Stark

Cancer: Tyrell

Leo: Lannister

Virgo: Forrester

Libra: Arryn

Scorpio: Frey

Sagittarius: Greyjoy

Capricorn: Martell

Aquarius: Glenmore

Pishes: Tully

Crowns: 1. Robert Baratheon  2. Joffrey Baratheon and Tommen Baratheon 3. Renly Baratheon  4. Margaery Tyrell  5. Cersei Lannister  6. Joffrey Baratheon   7. Driftwood Crown Euron Greyjoy  8. Cersei Lannister