Hi guys!

So I’m looking for more anime blogs to add some variety to my other side blog @recycling

Please like or reblog this post if you post/reblog any of the following or if you know a blog that does!:
-scums wish
-the great passage
-masamune kuns revenge
-kiss him not me
-handa kun
-robotic notes
-I’ve always liked you
-ao haru ride

(Mangas of any of these count too)

My all anime blog is literally all Haikyuu, Boku No Hero Academia, and Voltron and I know I’m so much for than that lol

Need to follow more blogs that like: 
- H A I K Y U U!!
- Yuri on ice!!!
- Free! 
- Kuroko no Basket
- Boku no hero academia
- V O L T R O N
- Star vs. the forces of evil
- Gravity falls
- Shingeki no kyojin
- No.6

- I W A O I
- K A G E H I N A
- Ushiten
- Victuuri
- Makoharu
- Midotaka
- Kagakuro
- Aokise
- B A K U D E K U (!!!)
- Tododeku
- K L A N C E 
- E R E J E A N
- Nezushi

So reblog/like if you blog about any of that