Ahmad Othman was a child who loved FC Barcelona and soccer was his passion. in almost all of his pictures he appeared wearing the club’s t-shirt.
In the morning of the 2nd of May, 2013, Bashar Al Assad’s militia invaded his town, Al Bayda; near Banyas in Syria. Assad’s militia committed a horrible massacre where more than 400 civilians were killed. The Human Rights Committee described the massacre as one of the worst crimes in current century.

Ahmad Othman and many other members of his family and friends were killed. It is widely believed that Assad’s death squads performed this genocide to ethnically cleanse the area of the west coast of any opposition movement. Al Bayda, was one of the early towns that joined the Syrian revolution in peaceful protest against the Syrian regime. Assad has been following the approach of mass killing using all means of weapons, including air force, long range missiles and chemical weapons against his own people for more than two years now.
Help us spread the message and increase awareness, so other children like Ahmad Othman, who share his ambition, can have the future they deserve, and possibly, become a Barcelona player like Messi maybe, as Ahmad always wanted.

Archaeologists Discover 3,300-Year-Old Mycenaean Vessel

A partly preserved alabastron, a vessel for perfumes, from Ancient Mycenae has been discovered by archaeologists excavating a 3,300-year-old fortified Bronze Age settlement near the town of Banya, Razlog Municipality, in Southwest Bulgaria.

The artifact dating back to 1,300 BC indicates connections between the civilization of Mycenaean Greece and the Bronze Age population of Ancient Thrace in today’s Southwest Bulgaria, and especially in the Razlog Valley located between the Rila, Pirin, and Rhodope Mountains.

The discovery of the Mycenaean vessel in the fortified Bronze Age settlement located in an area called Bresto near the towns of Banya and Razlog has been made by an international team of archaeologists and archaeology students, New Bulgarian University in Sofia has announced. Read more.

Photo of the detainee Ahmad Nabelsy during the investigation. Click on picture for more photos.

For several weeks Hussam Ahmed Naboulsy has been detained in the cellars of the Syrian Intelligence. He wasn’t charged for any crime, there are no legal cases against him.

Hussam is from Banyas city and a father of 7 kids, he is facing daily all kinds of insulting, abusing and torturing. Some video clips leaked from the prison by one of the security elements that attended the investigation and filmed it. The video clips shows his face swollen, bleeding and he is daze.

This records another brutal crime of the Syrian regime inside the prison while the Arab League Committee is still in Syria and supposed to be protecting people from the regime’s crimes.

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC) condemning this egregious violation of the human rights and the International protocols that Syria’s government is committed to. The LCC is calling to release Hussam immediately and all the opinion detainees and carries the regime the responsibility on their safety.

Syria's Banias massacre toll up to 145 - #Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has now documented the deaths of at least 145 people in a “sectarian massacre” earlier in May in the coastal city of Banias, the watchdog said Thursday.

The number of identified victims, among them children and babies, has risen in the past two weeks because “dozens were missing, their bodies buried in their burnt-down homes, or under the rubble of their houses,” said the Britain-based group.

Some victims were “buried in secret, while the security forces were present”, it said.

The watchdog said the May 3 mass killings in Banias amounted to a “sectarian massacre”.

Fighters who entered the Ras al-Nabaa neighborhood of Banias included regular troops as well as militiamen loyal to the paramilitary National Defense Force, it said.

“Many houses were destroyed,” said the Observatory, which relies on a broad network of activists, doctors and lawyers for its reports.

“Among those killed were 34 children aged under 16, including babies, and 40 women,” it said.

Just a day before the slaughter, at least 51 people were killed in the Sunni village of Bayda, south of the Banias.

Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman echoed statements by Syrian activists and said the killings were motivated by sectarianism.

The majority of Syria’s population is Sunni Muslim, while President Bashar al-Assad belongs to the minority Alawite clan.

Many of the country’s Alawites live on the coast.

Activists say the regime has taken a particularly harsh position on any signs of anti-regime sentiment along the coastline.

“Because it is motivated by sectarianism, this was one of the most savage massacres committed by the Syrian security forces and the pro-regime armed militias since the start of the [anti-Assad] revolt,” said the Observatory.

“The Observatory calls for the regime’s crimes to be referred to the International Criminal Court,” said the group.

The statement comes a day after at least 112 people were killed in violence across Syria, the Observatory said.

More than 94,000 people have been killed in the country’s conflict, which erupted in March 2011 when the regime unleashed a brutal crackdown against what started out as a peaceful uprising.

AFP - 05/16/2013

Daily Phlint

(I had a very strange dream and this drabble is the result)

“Oh, whoa, wait a minute.” Clint stopped in the doorway, frozen with the realization of where they were. “We’re meeting him here?” 

“Dah. I told you. Safest place is in the open,” Sorcha said, opening a locker and unbuttoning his shirt. “Everyone goes to banya. No problem.” 

Yeah, Clint had a big problem, but he wasn’t going to tell this guy, an A.I.M. scientist who thought he was recruiting a disgruntled physicist, a part conveniently played by one Phil Coulson, Clint’s friend, team member, ex-handler, and man he had a major crush on.  With every piece of clothing Sorcha removed, Clint’s nerves ratched up another notch. 

“I didn’t bring my swim trunks,” Clint practically stuttered. “If I’d have known…”

“No suit in banya,” Sorcha replied. He chuckled. “You Americans are such prudes when it comes to your bodies. It’s just men, no women. Nothing to worry about.” 

Unless, of course, you preferred men and one in particular who was going to be sitting in the water wearing nothing but skin …

“Maybe I should watch the door, you know, in case someone comes in?” It was actually a decent idea; Phil could handle the bait and switch.” 

“You are his contact. This is silly; take off your clothes and grab a towel; we don’t want to be late because you are too shy.” 

Walking through the colonnade, Clint clutched his far too small towel around his waist, surveying the room for threats to avoid seeing …. too late. Phil was already there, walking down the steps into the long rectangular pool, every inch of his well-toned body on display. Black hair on his chest dwindled to a line that lead right to the nest of curls that drew Clint’s eye. As much as he hated to admit it, his mouth grew dry and his cock stirred, bumping against the soft cotton that covered it. His heartbeat pounded in his ears and he couldn’t stop himself from looking up to meet Phil’s gaze. 

The slight curl at the edge of Phil’s lips was as good a sign as a wide smile. One eyebrow rose and Clint’s fingers released the edge of his towel, depositing it without looking on a bench. Phil’s eyes flicked down and back up; he continued into the bath, sliding over to one of the curved seats on the side, patting the wall of the one next to him. 

“Come, my friend,” he said in flawless Russian. “There is no reason we cannot mix a little pleasure with our business”

Clint certainly hoped that was going to be true. 

The Boar Hat’s menu

Glamorous Got Cheese
Fairy Sweet Baked Peach Salad
Roasted Sandcrawler (Recommendation from the Owner)
Chicken Matango grilled with butter
Danafor style Pudding
Too big! Meatpie of the Giants
Grilled Migratory Bird with Cheese
Dusk Bison grilled with Herbs

Apple-ish Pie (Recommendation from the waitress)
Mixed Wildberries
Beware of overeating! Raisin overdose

Banya Ale
Rogueless Ale
Belford Black Wine
Pernes Cider
Almoca Water

Supreme something overflowing from God’s mouth (Bar pig’s recommendation)

Dear Diary,

Today while in the banya I fell asleep and had a nightmare. I was riding a nichevo'ya through a thunderstorm. Every thunderclap resolved into their voices. “Darkles! Darkles!” Suddenly, it became music. I was at the winter fete with Alina Starkov. I asked her to dance. She asked me to die. Would that I could, Alina. Would that I could. When I awoke, my skin was sparkling from the suffocating steam. And I was late to golf with His Most Royal Majesty, King Alexander the Third, Ruler of the Double Eagle Throne, may his life and reign be over soon.