Ahmad Othman was a child who loved FC Barcelona and soccer was his passion. in almost all of his pictures he appeared wearing the club’s t-shirt.
In the morning of the 2nd of May, 2013, Bashar Al Assad’s militia invaded his town, Al Bayda; near Banyas in Syria. Assad’s militia committed a horrible massacre where more than 400 civilians were killed. The Human Rights Committee described the massacre as one of the worst crimes in current century.

Ahmad Othman and many other members of his family and friends were killed. It is widely believed that Assad’s death squads performed this genocide to ethnically cleanse the area of the west coast of any opposition movement. Al Bayda, was one of the early towns that joined the Syrian revolution in peaceful protest against the Syrian regime. Assad has been following the approach of mass killing using all means of weapons, including air force, long range missiles and chemical weapons against his own people for more than two years now.
Help us spread the message and increase awareness, so other children like Ahmad Othman, who share his ambition, can have the future they deserve, and possibly, become a Barcelona player like Messi maybe, as Ahmad always wanted.