Bann Teagan

AU where Bann Teagan raises Alistair instead of Arl Eamon.

  • Alistair gets a nice warm bed in his own room to sleep in, decorated the way he wants, instead of sleeping in the kennels with the dogs.
  • Alistair is doted on and lavished with attention by Teagan. Who regularly takes time out of his busy schedule to play with him. They play with Alistair’s Grey Warden dolls a lot together.
  • When he has nightmares, or gets scared of the thunder outside, or is sick, Teagan comforts him and reads him stories, and dotes on him and tries his hardest to make sure Alistair is happy.
  • Alistair is still not told about his elven heritage, because Maric promised Fiona not to tell him, but despite this, Teagan ensures, as much as possible, elves like Shartan, Garahel, the members of the Night Elves, and other elven historical figures, receive attention during history classes 
  • Alistair frequently gets to have playdates with his half brother and the two are able to bond. 
  • Maric visits his son frequently, because Teagan insists it’s good for him to.
  • Teagan takes time every month to write Fiona and inform her about her son’s life.
  • Fiona and Duncan are frequent guests at his home in Rainesfere, both as ‘Grey Wardens looking for new recruits’ and 'friends of the king.’ They’re able to spend time with Alistair and do stuff with him if they wish. Fiona, despite still feeling odd about it, and worried her son might realise she’s his mother, often does so. And usually comes to the castle with gifts she thought Alistair might like.
  • Alistair is never sent to a monastery ever. Instead, he undertakes martial training under Teagan and gets to specialize as a Champion, rather than as a templar.

anonymous asked:

so... why DO you like bann teagan so much? ive never really paid much attention to him

Because he’s a noble who actually cares about the people (and people in general) for one.

He didn’t have to stay at the Chantry taking care of those in Redcliffe. He was Bann of Rainesfere. He had his own people to lead. But his brother’s family was in danger and his brother’s people needed a good leader. So he stepped in.

Despite Isolde being a grating person to many Fereldens (Due to her being Orlesian so soon after the Orlesian occupation), Teagan is never anything but kind to her, only once in the entire game snapping at her, when she tries to minimize the role she had to play on the deaths of the people of Redcliffe. 

He respects non-human Wardens, lady Wardens, and mage Wardens, which is impressive considering many other characters treat them poorly. 

He clearly cares for his nephew and doesn’t abandon him because of his gift (There was even a cut quest to help save Connor from the Kirkwall Circle with Teagan helping you; I’m sad it was cut.) 

He’s very empathetic and concerned for others.

He’s very popular in the Landsmeet, like his brother, which means basically any noble woman in Ferelden is fair game for him to marry. But he chooses to marry a commoner. 

He’s just all around a genuinely nice person who’s a noble and who actually does things for the people of his land rather than paying lipservice.