I was talking to Dick at this party my dad had for his coworkers at the precinct and he had mentioned something about his dead brother Jason. I swear to god I heard a loud “stop telling people I’m dead” followed by an ow as if someone was hit on my balcony? All Dick said to that was “I swear it’s like I can still hear his voice”??? Should I alert the cops within the house????#OnlyinGotham

Update: everyone left, something about needing backup for a bankrobbery. Red hood just knocked on my balcony door saying “i swear to god if he keeps telling all the cute people I’m dead I’m gunna have an issue” and handed me his number. #OnlyinGotham #ImGunnaCallit #PleaseDontLetThisBeFake #HisMaskWinkedAtMeThough #ThankYouBasedGrayson


史上最胆大的 行劫匪

好像生在天津,太好笑了。監控拍下劫匪搶銀行全程 掄錘198次防暴玻璃

wrong japanese “Obere Reihe von Galle ko Negation der Geschichte”

correct chinese “Bankräuber in der Geschichte der gewagtesten…”

(通) saschkeを介して

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