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(Photo: Embassy of China)

China’s ambassador: We stand with U.S. for peace

“A huge black-and-white photograph in the central hall of the Chinese Embassy in Washington draws visitors’ attention. In the photo, taken during World War II, a young American soldier and a Chinese boy are crouching in the trenches while holding two pigeons in their hands. Above the photo are these words: For Justice and Peace.

“The photo touches our hearts because it is a testament to the history created by Chinese and American people together. In history’s deadliest war, people of different nations united to defeat the fascist forces with immeasurable cost of life and property. While hatred faded away, we should not forget that peace and justice are never free.

“On Thursday, Beijing will host an event to commemorate the victory over fascism. It aims not only to remember those who sacrificed everything, but also to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, honoring China, the U.S. and all peace-loving countries. We will never forget that China and the U.S. were allies fighting side by side, and will be forever grateful for the contributions made by the U.S. in supporting China’s resistance against Japanese aggression.”

Read Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai’s thoughts on how the U.S. and China can work together in the future to promote international order and peace.