Please help me move!

I found a place close to my university to live off campus in order to support my pet and be able to get a 2nd job, the only problem is i’m having issues with finding someone to co-sign. My parents both are stuck with previous student loans from my brother who dropped out after 2 years and went back. Therefore they do not reach the credit requirements. My uncle has also been denied and therefore my only option left is to pay 2 months rent up front since I don’t make enough. 

Because of the new environment I only have a work study job at the moment until the summer and the next school year when I can pick up a 2nd job and the refund check from financial aid doesn’t come until the beginning of the school year.

The townhouses comes furnished & with utilities because it is college living, but i’ll be living with random people whom I don’t know. The rent is about $530 a month. In order to be able to live there and put the deposit I need at least $2,000 just in case there are any extra fees I may need to pay without having someone to co-sign. Please help me! anything could help, a reblog or even 5 dollars is a help.

The email to send money to on paypal is or cash app me at $cheekymaya Thank you guys so much!

Une Cité Moderne, part 1

In 1922 French architect Rob Mallet-Stevens published a portfolio of 32 stunning modernist designs for the constituent buildings of the city of today. The black and white line drawings are stenciled with striking colours. Here are the first four, a cinema, bank, museum and club.