Bang Yong Guk

B.A.P Hashtag Project

Instructions: Write the hashtag (both Korean and English) on your palm and take a photo of it.

Hashtag Trend: #StillWeAre6 #우리팀돌아왔다 (meaning: “Our Team Came Back“)

Date: November 27, 2016 (12:00AM KST)


  • Feel free to Tag B.A.P when you post this on Twitter or IG.
  • Turn your location on, so it can trend worldwide.
B.A.P and Tattoos

I would like to thank to @kitty-dae for some pictures and titles of their tattoo (Yongguk and Zelo). Daehyun one is mine which is I remembered his tattoo.

In case some BABYz didn’t know, I added pictures of their tattoo as a reference.


“do what u like and luv what u do” (left shoulder blade)

“make art not war” (inside of right bicep)

“viva la revolución” (chest)

“portrait of zeus” (upper right arm)


Fun Fact: Both of his tattoos are based from “One Fine Day”!

“Best Absolute Perfect” (on his lower back, which is I can barely see it.) BUT, this tattoo represents B.A.P! ^^

“HOLD” (on his right wrist). His tattoo represents BABYz! 


Marina Abramović and Ulay, Relation In Time, 1977 Performance (below bellybutton)