Bang Ye Dam

YG Entertainment To Produce Audition Program And A Survival Program + WINNER TV, BLACKPINK TV, And More

YG Entertainment To Produce Audition Program And A Survival Program + WINNER TV, BLACKPINK TV, And More

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It seems that YG Entertainment has a whole lot in store for the near future.

On June 20, a representative from YG Entertainment stated, “PD Han Dong Chul, who has produced programs like ‘Produce 101’ and ‘Show Me The Money,’ will be working with YG Entertainment to create a brand new audition program.”

YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk, who has served as a judge on “K-Pop Star” since it’s…

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Akdong Musician,Bang Ye Dam & Lee Ha Yi - Officially Missing You @ 131025 YG x MNET WIN EP 10 (FINALE)!

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Kpop Star Bang Ye Dam feat Tae Yang - Bad Boy

Like how cute is this?


SBS KPOPSTAR S1 & S2 Cast - One Dream MV!

YG Family Members featured:

  • Lee Seunghoon
  • Lee Ha Yi
  • Akdong Musician (Lee Soohyun & Lee Chanhyuk)
  • Bang Ye Dam

*NOTE: Original Version of One Dream was sung by BoA ft. Henry & Key.

Bang Yedam

I’m looking for my future nephew. Please help me find him and if you see him, please tell me or send him to me. I have to find him. I need that precious child in my life and in his future parents, too.. -laughs-

Please find him. This is a picture of him. I hope you’ll help me. If he sees that it will be the greatest. Come to your uncle Ri, baby. -smiles widely-


K-Pop Star Season 2 - Akdong Musician, Bang Ye Dam - I Want You Back (Week 7)

I love that little boy!


I’m gonna need a real serious explanation for how some PUNKASS LITTLE BABY KNOCKED OUT THE RACCOON BOYS?!??!!!!

I don’t follow the show, but I’ve watched a number of performances…WTFFFFFF THIS KID SUCKS. Bang Ye Dam isn’t even good!!! SERIOUSLY HE’S TERRIBLE


Can someone actually give me an explanation of how this happened?!


I decided to watch this because of Akdong Musician.

I rewatched because of JYP’s jamming out.

You know what the world needs

a YG maknae TV.

Just imagine.

Our precious babies of yg: Lee Hi, Lee Soo Hyun, and Lee Chan Hyuk. 

CH being his super comical self, SH being half-embarrassed by her bro but ends up participating in his dorky acts. And Hi wld probably be just trolling at all of them on the side lines before actually joining them.

How fun would that be.