ITS NOT REGULAR ART BUT GUYS LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! Chandelure and Banette as hats :O!! The Banette zipper can zip and unzip too! 

The person making them (Capumon) is doing some kind of limited run of these hats for $30 each which INCLUDES shipping in the US o_o. I’m promo-ing them because if they don’t sell at least 15 each they won’t get made and uh.. obviously i want them so LOL, you can buy chandelure here and banette here

Sorry to spam you guys, but aren’t they cool? They have so few fans on facebook i’m scared they won’t sell enough and i won’t be able to own them :’D


Here’s another headcanon:

Banettes are essentially possessed dolls, and dolls come in all shapes and sizes. What if their designs were based on the original doll they inhabit and from there, could take pieces of other dolls to basically Frankenstein their bodies to their liking? I bet some of the more older ones would look really weird!