ESTP:Fall Out Boy

ESFJ:One Direction

ESFP: 5 Seconds Of Summer

ESTJ: Muse

ENTP: Panic! at the Disco

ENTJ: Green Day

ENFP: Cage The Elephant

ENFJ: Paramore

INFP: Hozier

INFJ: Glass Animals

INTP: My Chemical Romance

INTJ: Black Veil Brides

ISTP: Arctic Monkeys

ISFP: Coldplay

ISFJ: Twenty One Pilots

ISTJ: The 1975

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As some who shares your pain about Chester's sudden passing, I send you the biggest hug of comfort. It was such a hard blow to all the fans, and I think it might take us a while before we fully accept that he's actually gone. He'll stay alive as long as we keep him in our memories. Stay strong, friend. Remember that you're never alone, and reach out whenever you feel down. Much love, and many more hugs. 💕

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