20 Years From Now

Daughter: Hey mom I like this band-

Me: omg I;m so sorry

Daughter: sorry?

Me: I’ll call the teachers

Daughter: why are y-

Me: to let them know that your grades will be dropping.

Daughter: why will-

Me: I’m afraid it’s all down hill from here.

Daughter: what are you talking ab-

Me: you might as well say goodbye to your friends.

Daughter: but i-

Me: want me to help you with your blog?

Daughter: I don’t even have a-

Me: you will.

Daughter: but-

Me: shh. it’s already done. theres no turning back

Almost Every Cheating FanFiction
  • Boy:*cheats on girl*
  • Girl:*crying*
  • Boy:omg I don't know what
  • came over me. I'm sorry
  • Girl:well... I guess everyone deserves a second chance..

So imma just like…
Leave this here 🐸☕️

No but seriously imagine it:

You’re seeing fall out boy on a concert. Everyone is having a great time. Fall out boy seem a little excited. “We have a surprise for you guys.” Partick says. All of a sudden P!ATD come out and start singing “this is gospel.” When Brendon gets to the chorus, someone else starts singing…
“When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band.”
Lights flash everywhere, and you see FOB singing “this is gospel” along with P!ATD, while MCR is singing “Black parade”. Everyone in the crowd is going wild and crying. Then if things couldn’t get any better, Dan and Phil walk onto stage and kiss, holding the gay flag.

Pierce The Veil Preference: How They Comfort You


“This vacuum has some great suction.”


“Patty cake patty cake with my face,”


“There’s no more…those silly Sexicans.”


“Grawr, I’m an angry turtle.”