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“He used to play that untuned guitar/ While he sang about me and he sang about the stars/ I used to dream about another time/ And now it’s all clear that’s the only time I wish would come back.” Heavy Storm, by First Aid Kit (x)

Have some sad wolfstar.  I think these lyrics are too perfect for them.

I sketched slowly and inked quickly? Which was a bad plan? But I like it.

Remus feels the comfy-reading-position struggle.

So today was my last band concert ever. It was a weird feeling knowing that I might never perform for an audience like that ever again. I’m happy that music and drumming have been a part of my life for almost 10 years and I really hope to continue learning and practicing for the rest of my life. Music changes lives, it’s certainly impacted mine, and I hope that with the coming of a new generation that the arts, not just band but every art form adopted by people my age, are supported and welcomed as extensions of one’s own personality.