10 Year Evolution
The Maine
10 Year Evolution

The Maine || Through The Years 2007-2017

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What would your OC prefer?

To start off this blog, here’s an OC question post for character development! Have fun!

  1. Pancakes or waffles?
  2. Cereal with milk or cereal without milk?
  3. Comedy or tragedy?
  4. Sleep in goofy pajamas or nude?
  5. Camping or hotel?
  6. Sweet or sour candy?
  7. Walking or biking?
  8. Fire abilities or ice abilities?
  9. Wooden pencil or mechanical pencil?
  10. Hats or no hats?
  11. Modest clothing or flashy clothing?
  12. Finger-snapping or whistling?
  13. Long hikes or long car rides?
  14. Long car rides or travel by plane?
  15. Stormy night or sunny day?
  16. Summer or winter?
  17. Game night with their family or movie night with their friends?
  18. Chewy candy or hard candy?
  19. Band or football?
  20. Lucid dreaming or never having to sleep?