Fans that genuinely feel as though they are entitled to know every detail of their idol’s personal lives honestly scare me.

Fans that believe that a relationship between their idol and their idol’s S/O isn’t “real” until they post a ton on social media also concern me.


You have no say in your idol’s relationships.

You have no right to make a judgement out of your idol’s relationships.

You have no right to tell your idol that they should “break up” their their S/O just because you don’t like them/”Get bad vibes” 

You have no right to tell your idol’s S/O to “kill themselves” or to “fuck off”

You do not know these people personally. You do not have a say in their relationships. You are not entitled to know every detail that goes on in their homes.

If you idol is a musician/actress/model/etc.. All you should be concerned about is their art/how they have impacted you personally.

What goes on in their lives has nothing to do with you. 


emo band boy you should marry

Aries - Frank Iero
Taurus - Gabe Saporta
Gemini - Tyler Joseph
Cancer - Josh Dun 
Leo - Gerard Way
Virgo - Patrick Stump
Libra - Pete Wentz
Scorpio - Ryan Ross
Sagittarius - Jack Barakat 
Capricorn - Mikey Way
Aquarius - Brendon Urie
Pisces - Alex Gaskarth

band members look really hot in suits

especially at weddings

when im looking at them from across the aisle

about to say i do