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Rubbing tired eyes, Patrick let himself ease onto the bench, yawning quietly. It was too early to be up– Or maybe too late. He hadn’t slept either way with the way he’d been working recently. Scratching at the scar on his neck, he took a long sip from the coffee cup in his hand. The blond hummed in disappointment and flicked his tongue against the corner of his mouth before lapping what crimson color was left behind along the lip of the mug. Tossing the empty container in the trash beside him, he took a breath and let himself lean back. Five minute nap? Five minute nap.

Not a minute after his lashes hit his cheeks, Patrick’s eyes were open again and narrowing. The smell of blood wafted through the air like a beckon, but it wasn’t from his breakfast. The type was different. Pushing himself up to his feet, he slid his gun from his side holster and held it low, his brows furrowing as he began to follow it. The anxiety in his chest tensed and he found himself moving towards a back alley– That was never good. 

“Hey! Hands up!” he ordered, lifting his weapon. Honestly, if he’d been more awake, he’d probably been more shocked, but when you’re a vampire yourself seeing another being chowing down on someone else isn’t unbelievable anymore. Especially not here. “Drop the person!”


Happy (Belated) Birthday Yugi!

I wanted to make something to celebrate this lil cutie and of course missed the actual day of..

In addition, and according to my calculations, since Yugi was 16 at the start of the manga in 1996 that would make him 37 years old! Hence the “older” portrayal here heh heh *wheezes*


A first kiss. Carmen doesn’t know quite what she expected from him, something a bit more rugged and raw and full of raging, unbridled passion, but the tender hesitation as his lips lightly brush up against her own still makes her skin tingle with anticipation and desire. Westley lingers for a moment longer, savoring the temporary relief from the bruises Madeleine left, but as he starts to pull away Carmen hooks her bare leg around his thigh and gazes up at him with wide, imploring eyes.

“Don’t stop,” she whispers. “Stay with me tonight.”

Westley freezes, his body tensing with uncertainty. “I don’t- That isn’t- I’m not looking for a relationship right now, Carmen,” he splutters. 

“And who said I was?” she rolls her eyes at him in response. “It’s just sex, West. Besides, can you think of a better way to get your mind off the two-timing Barbie?”

But I don’t want to get her off my mind, he thinks with a moody frown.

Sensing his reluctance, Carmen shrugs and says, “Fine. I won’t beg. I just remember how fun and exciting you used to be, but I guess the blonde floozy changed you more than I-”

Westley’s lips crash against Carmen’s, effectively cutting her off mid-sentence. This kiss, and the next one and the next one after that, more than exceed Carmen’s initial expectations about the kind of lover West would make. She smiles to herself, pleased that she managed to break him after all.

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Jake: Did you actually see your mugshot?
Max: I saw it! And surprisingly… you know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton…
Jake: Of course.
Max: … you have to have a good mugshot. You can’t go to jail and not have a good mugshot. So I’m handcuffed, and they’re really tight, and I was like, ‘officer, can you please loosen these?’ And he was like 'sure!’, and I was like, 'okay, do you mind if I just fix my hair?’, so I do a little fix. And I go back, and the guy’s like 'look up - one, two, three…’ and I’m like…
Jake: BAM!
Max: Giving all angles.