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okay, how about this as the set-up for bobbi’s spinoff:

  • jemma is overwhelmed by all of the guilt for the loss of life she can’t seem to stop causing. she’s hit the peak saturation levels with it now – she just can’t carry it anymore. it feels like it’s bleeding out of her constantly. so she has to take ACTION. she has to take action to prevent people from being hurt in the first place, and if they do get hurt?? she needs to be better equipped to help them to heal. to keep them alive. so she gets to work.
  • she has so much data at her disposal – all the leftover stuff from centipede, the gunk that cal was injecting himself with, and even some leftover gh-325 data. there has to be something in all of that with healing properties. there has to be something she can work with. so, slowly but surely, she develops a healing serum. it hasn’t been trialled, of course, but she feels as though she’s getting closer and closer. she devotes so much of her time to this secret project that she barely sleeps, but everyone else just puts it down to her coping with trauma. they don’t realise what she’s doing. they don’t realise how close she is to a breakthrough. how she might have already made it.
  • then, bobbi is injured out in the field after a run-in with lash; horrifically injured. she doesn’t look like she’s going to pull through. jemma has been in this position before, after daisy got shot, and it was ill-advised then and it’s even more so now, but bobbi’s going to die. she’s going to die. and jemma just can’t let that happen. not another one. and there would be no beating around the bush – this would be on jemma. just like will. just like trip. just like so many others.
  • so jemma gives bobbi the untested serum.
  • and it works.
  • bobbi pulls through, but now she must bear all of the effects and enhanced abilities that she has as a result of this serum (much like she has in the comics)
  • because it’s the closest anyone’s actually come to recreating the super soldier serum, it’s in high demand. bobbi is in high demand. she’s a high-profile target, especially in this rising civil war situation surrounding the accountability enhanced people. it’s a hostile environment.
  • so she has to leave. she has to run – to keep herself safe, to keep her loved ones safe, and to keep this from all other interested parties, for the good of the world.
  • and that is how bobbi becomes Most Wanted.