“The comics arm of the Baltimore Book Festival creates space for the underrepresented”

Check out the whole article about the Baltimore Comic Con concurrently happening Baltimore Book Festival and underrepresented artists over at City Paper!

Excerpt: “"The reason I was drawn to science fiction was because I felt that I could talk a lot about a lot of the issues that mattered to me more freely within science fiction than I could with more ‘mundane'—to borrow from Samuel R. Delany—[genres],“ Bill Campbell, a comics creator and head of Rosarium Publishing, participating in the Baltimore Book Festival this year, writes via email. His "Afrofuturistic” works engage the fantastical while taking on serious issues. Rosarium Publishing has put out books such as “DayBlack” by Keef Cross, about a former slave turned immortal vampire after being bitten in a cotton field, and “APB: Artists Against Police Brutality,” a charity comics anthology addressing the scourge of police brutality on black lives.“


Three Deadpools from Baltimore ComicCon