Baltimore photos


Eclipse over the Washington Monument
Baltimore, Maryland
July 23, 1945
A. Aubrey Bodine (1906-1970)
5x7 inch negative
Bodine Collection
Baltimore City Life Museum Collection
Maryland Historical Society

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Night street scene
Bolton Street from Dolphin Lane, Baltimore, Maryland
Hughes Company
8x10 inch glass negative
Baltimore City Life Museum Collection
Maryland Historical Society

Photo of the Day: Todd “Dammit” Kerns and Myles Kennedy of Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators — Rams Head Live! — May 13th, 2015 [x
The BMI's Online Photo Collection

Old pictures of Baltimore, the way you like ‘em. I would post some of them here, but they’ve got big hideous watermarks on them. Still, I would highly recommend taking a look—so many scenes of people doing interesting things.

I keep trying to upload pictures of my visit to the Baltimore Museum of Industry, but keep getting error messages.

“Young Hucksters”
Baltimore, Maryland
Elinor B. Cahn
8x10 inch photograph
The East Baltimore Documentary Photography Project
Baltimore City Life Museum Collection
Maryland Historical Society

Copyright Elinor B. Cahn, 1977

“In 1976, Maryland Institute College of Art photography professor Linda G. Rich, and two of her students, Joan Clark Netherwood and Elinor B. Cahn, began work on a project documenting the large swath of neighborhoods collectively known as East Baltimore. What was intended to be merely a project for Rich’s class on social documentary photography, instead evolved into a four-year undertaking, resulting in over 10,000 photographs, and a unique portrait of a neighborhood in transition.” Read more about the background of The East Baltimore Documentary Project.

[Baltimore] City Hall, Centennial Illumination
[100 Holliday Street, Baltimore, Maryland]
Unidentified photographer
8x10 inch glass negative
Glass Plate Negative Collection
Maryland Historical Society

Google Maps Street View of Baltimore City Hall from Gay Street:

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This Day in History: June 23

In 1956, Baltimore City opened its public swimming pools on an integrated basis for the first time. Above, James Hunter, 11, and Louis Harris, 16, jump off the high board together at Druid Hill Park Pool No. 1. (Ralph Robinson, Baltimore Sun photo)

1868: Christopher Latham Sholes, a Wisconsin journalist and state senator, received a patent for an invention he called the Type-Writer.

1892: The Democratic convention in Chicago nominated former President Grover Cleveland on the first ballot.

1931: Aviators Wiley Post and Harold Gatty took off from New York for a flight around the world.

1938: Congress created the Civil Aeronautics Authority, predecessor to the Federal Aviation Administration, to regulate air traffic.

Compiled by Laura Lefavor and Paul McCardell.