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yesterday this video surfaced showing a #baltimore police officer planting drugs in an empty lot, walking away to turn his #bodycam back on, and then retrieving the drugs & ultimately charging a suspect with PWID. Little did the officer know, but the camera records 30 seconds before it’s activated. The BPD gave a joke of a press conference earlier today in an attempt to explain the matter but only ended up contradicting themselves 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ you’d think they would want to do away with a bad cop, but when the entire force is corrupt, this is what you get. Someone call #McNulty asap (at Baltimore, Maryland)

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Baltimore Police Caught Planting Drugs In Body-Cam Footage, Public Defender Says
The officer has been suspended and two others are on administrative duty, Baltimore Police say. The public defender's office is questioning the officer's involvement in 53 active cases.

A Baltimore man was held in jail for months after police found a stash of drugs — but the officer who found the drugs also seems to be the one who hid them in that spot, according to footage from his body camera.

Police cameras have a feature that saves the 30 seconds of video before the camera is activated, The Baltimore Sun reports.