happy late birthday, ovens!

it was a toss-up between her and tina but I went this route because she shares subtle similarities with one of my own characters, so I figured I’d have more fun with her!

sorry for the lazy coloring, I seem to be having some problems with one of my eyes lately and I didn’t wanna strain it;;

siraaronramsey  asked:

Loved your idea about the next female protag being a Pokemon Racer, and allowing pokemon to use moves and dirty tricks would not be too extreme. It would be epic! Just imagine Mario Kart but with pokemon instead! A Racer orders his rhyhorn to use Rock Balst to overtake an opponent, or a Scolipede uses Sludge Bomb on the ground to make the Racers behind slip and crash (of course the Rider would need a lot of protection equipment for this to be anywhere close to safe). Lots of potential here!

First of all, thank you!!

I’m not sure, to be honest. I mean, it would be amazing to see, but I feel like that kind of race would be considered too ‘dirty’ for this anime since Pokemon anime is always above cheating and stuff and using moves on your opponents could be considered as a sort of unfair way of gaining advantage (even if it is technically legal in-universe itself). 

And yes! There’s tons of potential, now all it takes is for the writing staff to recognize that potential lol .