the first photo is of course the one going around ( i actually in the photo, the chick in red ) is what a lot of you all see and of course shitting on ( for a pretty good reason i have to admit ) and of course giving the people a hard time. ya dash con sucked, it really did fucking suck. i should know, i spent around 200 dollars for damn tickets because this was my 18 birthday gift. when i Went to this con, i didn’t think it would be this terrible, but you know what. i still loved it. hell, i would do it again and spend the money! while the con blew fucking chunks, i got to meet wonderful people and got to talk to random strangers who were absolutely adorable and polite! While people can rag on how there were soooo many cishet’s and white rich kids, i actually got to talk to a lot of people and surprise surprise they were really nice.  alot of people who didnt go to the con only see one side of this story, the first picture, while i and many other who went ended up having a pretty good time minus some very large inconvenience. So what if a bunch of people hung around a shity blow up castle and even shitter ball pit, the point was we were all able to get together and make the most out of a bad experience! ya we look childish, but hell you make due with what you got, and we had all of us to make the most out of this crappy little convention.

also if anyone see themselfs in the pic, tag yourselfs kay! i would love to follow you all!

I feel so bad for all DashCon goers, but especially the poor Homestuck kids in that “Greetings From DashCon” photo

From what I’ve heard these kids really enjoyed each other’s company, and some of them are really embarrassed to be part of that photo that became a symbol of DashCon’s bullshit

Don’t worry guys, I don’t judge you at all, I’m just sorry this convention turned out to be so fucked up in the end! I hope you kids at least got to make cool new friends, and whenever you go to another con, I hope it’s a legitimate awesome one!

today would’ve been a normal day

but then i decided to educate myself about dashcon and lmao 

i mean on the one hand i see that the organizers were woefully underprepared and that somehow $17,000 just went missing and they weren’t able to pay the creators of nightvale to come to the con when they took time out of their busy schedules to go only to be told they had to pay for everything themselves and the panels are laughable and they’re a poor representation of a juvenile side of the internet

but on the other hand seeing the pictures of everyone who’s there cosplaying and having fun makes me excited for the atl cons coming up and they’ve made their own great time out of the abominable train wreck that dashcon became so kudos to them for making dashcon an individual experience outside of what everyone already knows happened and just good job guys ^u^