weird forgotten tumblr things

- don’t hug me i’m scared fandom with the humanoid notebook and clock
- fluffy chicken day
- those blue pictures that said ‘reblog if you’re in the ______ fandom!’
- all the tumblr island, tumblr university, etc. plans that eventually led to the planning of a tumblr convention which is what gave us the beautiful shitshow that was dashcon. the dashcon ballpit was overall tumblr’s best meme in my time on here imo, second only to sonic for real justice
- tumblr trick or treating on halloween¿?
- everyone remembers mishapocalypse but remember the all-out war that went down a year later when people couldn’t decide if there should be another one?? that was honestly almost as scary as the actual mishapocalypse
- speaking of misha collins, when he posted his phone number online and this entire website collectively lost its shit. everyone had to post their text convos w/ misha
- “the only adult supervision we have on tumblr is john green” (yikes)
- the time everyone was gonna purposely not post anything the sunday after the guy who played uncle vernon in the harry potter movies died because of the quote “no post on sundays” but then everyone like……forgot and posted stuff anyway
- the tumblr version of some nights by fun
- moreos guy
- when the 50th anniversary of doctor who fell on the same day as some one direction thing and everyone got really offended at this facebook post someone had screenshotted that said like “1d will be around way longer than ur shitty alien tv show” lmao
- “swiggity swag, what’s in the bag”
- when yahoo was buying tumblr and everyone was flipping shit and making posts saying shit like “yahoo better not go ToO fAR!!! they have an army, but we have a hulk!!!” honestly if i was yahoo and considering buying a website for more than a million dollars and then saw that that was what the userbase was like i would have backed the fuck out of that business deal
- those “men of tumblr” posts, you know the ones i mean
- when everyone hated miranda cosgrove?? was there a reason behind that or,,
- back in 2013 everyone was planning to do this “tumblr day” on march 5th where you were supposed to write a big t on your hand and then if you saw anyone else with it you were supposed to “hug and exchange urls” lmao. im pretty sure no one actually did this but if that doesn’t describe the general social climate of tumblr back then idk what does

BTS Reaction to you drowning in a ball pit-

(for anon)


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He’d see you “drowning” in this children’s ball pit and immediately, Drama! seokjin would come forth. “Ahhh my baby!! I’M COMING!”


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As you screamed and called out for Yoongi, he’d turn in his seat to see you disappearing into the ball pit. He’d only shake his head and sigh before turning back around to the boy’s judgy looks. “Whaaaat? It’s not like she’s an actual child. She can pull herself out.” 


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As Hoseok saw you “drowning” in the ball pit, he started laughing before running to “save you”. “On my way baby, hold on!” He screamed before diving in for the fun.

Rap Mon-

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When you begged Namjoon to come into the ballpit with you, he refused and said he’d rather mess around at the go karts. Of course once he heard you screaming and yelling out for him to “save you” he became 100% done.”I knew we shouldn’t have come here.”


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When Jimin heard you scream and begin to watch you claw and tear away at all the colorful balls in the pit, he couldn’t help but laugh loudly. “Oh my god baby, do you really need help??”


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A day at an adult arcade filled with other fun games seemed fun to Taehyung until you wound up in the giant ball pit, slightly tipsy and screaming for him to help you. Taehyung went up to the karaoke station and grabbed the mic. “Attention everyone! Do not help the screaming woman in the ball pit, she is fine. That is all!”


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When Jungkook saw and heard you drowning in the ballpit, he laughed and shook his head no. “You either come out in ten seconds or I eat all your food babe!”

only tru tumlr users remember
  • the onceler fandom
  • people shipping a notepad with a clock
  • discourse of said notepad and clock about how it was too hetero
  • dashcon
  • the guy who pissed in the ballpit at dashcon
  • the homestuck cosplayer who almost killed themsellf by trying to dye their skin gray
  • WHAT NOW????
  • homestuck fandom in general
  • “peasent”
  • 2014 4chumblr raids
  • “superwholocks fans grab your tardis. 1D fans, grab harry. attack on titan fans, gra-”
  • january 2015 where the entire website broke
  • sonic for real justice
  • “always reblog the creator”
  • people calling danny divito “daddy”
  • people calling david karp daddy unironically
  • people changing john greens posts with the “cock is one of my favrouite tastes” copypasta
  • do you love the colour of the sky
  • mishapocolypse
  • doge
  • the time they changed the colour by like 2 shades
  • moreos guy
  • tumblr user pizza discourse
  • mario kart meme
  • flappy bird
  • i give you a hamburgur

thats it im in hell remembering all of theese fucking goodnight

Why is Dashcon constantly used as an example for Why We Can Never Have Any Meetup/Con Again That Isn’t Already Established Ever when its failure was actually the result of its unbelievable level of mismanagement, and not just an inherent quality of tumblr/fandom specific conventions?

Even the infamous ballpit itself was almost entirely just the management’s laughable attempt to compensate attendees when panelists (rightfully) walked.

I feel like tumblr has really succeeded in somehow convincing itself that it was those Awful Cringey Fandom Teens, and not the adult managers who literally scammed people out of thousands of dollars, who made Dashcon such a mind-blowing failure.