“I hope it all ends with a bang, as the softest and gentlest things tend to do.”

Because i do hope that my final exams will end with a wonderful bang on wednesday with my math exam


( week 16: 4/16 - 4/22 )

with work & finals looming in the distance, my week has become rather gray. this week was inspired by the cloudy days i had, plus the sad skies i’ve been seeing around. the little quotes were the little beams of sunshine that peeked through throughout the week.



28th April 2017

This is my most favourite spread so far and done in honour of:

a) Pristin’s debut and month-long promotions

b) NU'EST’s participation in P101 S2

c) Han Donggeun’s comeback on 5th May

d) and Seventeen who started it all for me

Have a great weekend everyone!(^∀^)