Balloon Animals

@huxloween day 22: watching scary movies

I spend my night on this but it was worth it ! Hux, you little f*ck….. Those two are jerks, I love them.

THIS delightfully fucked up creation of god is the Bulldog Rat. Native to Christmas Island, their entire bodies were covered in two whole centimeters of fat. They lived in packs in hallow logs, were sluggish and likely nocturnal.

Great, you say, where can I buy one I want to poke its fat tummy immediately.

Unfortunately they were last spotted in 1903. They likely died because of something uncouth ship rats passed on to them. This is why I love biology. I have to revive this species so I can hug it.

Please fire me. I’m a bouncy castle operator and was yelled at today by a parent because I wouldn’t let their 10-year-old 160 lb. kid on the bouncy castle with the 3-year-olds.