Ball and Buck

You, 40's Boys.

Bucky Barnes/Reader/Steve Rogers.

Warnings: SMUT. Threesomes, filth, oral sex (MR), sloppy seconds, Bucky and Steve being kinky fuckers, dirty talk, lots of pet names, unprotected sex (this is fantasy, y’all know you have to use protection), lots of manhandling, literally Steve and Bucky passing you around like a rag doll (because that’s my jam).

Word Count: 2071.

Rating: 18+


Ummm… Well @kittykitty-mewmeww sent this and this last week for @bucky-plums-barnes Sinful Sunday and I just had to write it, here y’all go.

And I’m spoiling my wives too @thecrownedrose and @sexylibrarian1

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Min Yoongi

**REQUEST: if you are taking requests can i ask a yoongi smut where you ask him to teach you how to give a bj? ( sorry for my bad english 🇦🇷)**

Type: Smut

Summery: Theres no need to be nervous around Yoongi, he’ll take care of you and make you feel good no matter what it is you’re doing. 

W/C: 1881

You’re not doing it right if your not doing it!

‘What a bullshit article’ You thought tossing your phone across the couch. There was no reason why giving a blowjob would be something that made or broke your sex life, especially with Yoongi. He’d never asked you to do it so why should some stupid article make you feel like there was something wrong with you? That you were boring him?

You scoffed and got up from the couch forgetting about the show you were watching before you stumbled across the article. As you made your way to the kitchen you couldn’t help but glance into the home studio Yoongi had just finished putting together and smiled.  He had insisted in turning the guest bedroom you never used into an office for him just so he could be at home with you more. You stared at him for a half second too long as he bobbed his head to the music that could faintly be heard through his headphones, now feeling even worse about never returning the favor when it came to oral.

“Hey babe.” He said with a sweet smile before turning back to his computer.

“Want anything to drink?” You said shaking your head, wanting to rid yourself of the feeling that you weren’t pleasuring him enough.

When he nodded and threw you another sweet smile you turned, he must be onto something since he usually never talked to you when he was working. You grabbed his usual drink of choice out of the fridge and walked across the hall over to him. He thanked you before pulling your hand softly so your cheek was in kissing distance.

“You look upset, why are you upset?” He said, the smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth dropping.

“Its nothing. Just stupid thoughts.” You said smiling sweetly before standing straight again and running your hand down the back of his head.

“If it was nothing you wouldn’t be thinking so hard.” He said crossing his arms.

“Its just… Its nothing, don’t worry about it Yoongi.” You said smiling to try and get him to drop it.

“Jagi just tell me, you know I won’t be able to focus if you don’t.” He sighed.

“Why don’t you ever ask me for Oral?” You blurted out. Your sudden forwardness caught him off guard, his eyes widening slightly before falling into their natural state.

“I just figured it grossed you out… I didnt want to make you uncomfortable.” He said while reaching for your hands.

“Thats very sweet.” You said biting your lip. You were torn now. Part of you wanted to try it, just to see if you liked it, but part of you were nervous, you’ve never really done it before.

After a few minutes of letting you think Yoongi squeezed your hand and watched as you stood up straighter, making your decision on what you wanted to do.

“Yoongi I… Ive never given a,” You cleared your throat, now was not the time to act like a school girl. “Blowjob before.” You said watching as he just nodded.

“Id like to try it, but id need you to be honest with me and tell me what to do.” You said, proud of how you kept your composure.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He said, there was an excited spark in his eye that was telling you that he was more than ready to let you try this out.

You nodded making him smile and bite his lip gently. He looked back at his screen and hit the space bar to pause what ever music he was listing to before standing up, pausing only to look at you slightly before leading you to the back of your home where your bedroom was located. Before you couldn’t even close the door and turn around he was already sitting up against the end of the bed, his jeans and shirt on the floor next to him. You chuckled at how eager he was and couldn’t help but notice all your nerves were gone. He held up his arms for you and when you were close enough he wrapped his arms around your waist and dipped his head into your chest

“If you don’t want to do this, or at any time feel uncomfortable just tell me. But know you’re in for it.” He’d say making you chuckle as he pinched your butt before pulling you down with him as he laid on his back.

He kissed you like he always kissed you, with so much passion and love it made your head spin and your heart flutter. The feeling of his bare chest underneath you was enough to make you  want to pleasure him that much more, to be that much closer to him. You were the one to pull out of the kiss first and slide down the bed till he was sitting back upright and you were kneeling on the floor in front of him.

You looked up, your hands now on each of his hips, only hooking your thumbs under the band of his boxers when he gave you a sweet smile and a nod. You didnt even realize how hard he had become and pulling the thin material off of his lower half only seemed to make it harder. You looked up to him again and he took a deep already shaking breath as you wrapped your hand around his member.

“Lick the tip.” He said so quietly that it took you a second to realize what he had said.

You immediately responded by just placing enough of the tip in your mouth that he couldn’t see your tongue, but you still had full use of it. You started by going clockwise and every four full circled you’d change direction. Each time you did this he’d take another deep breath, as if to silently praise the simple pleasure. You changed it up, remembering something you saw once and started to flick your tongue quickly over the center where you could already taste him leaking. If anything boosted your confidence, that was it.

“Take it in your mouth.” He growled, now propping his body up by his elbows.

You seemed to have no concept of space and your eagerness took over you causing the tip you had just been caressing to hit the back of your throat just hard enough to make you extract him quickly. You looked up covering your mouth to see him covering his eyes with one hand to try and hide the back he was chuckling.

“Dont hurt yourself Jagi.” He finally said moving the hand to reach for your cheek.

You tried again, this time taking him in your mouth slower so you could figure out just how deep you could get him before it got uncomfortable. Although you weren’t looking directly at him you could still feel  him shift under you and groan once more. Going back to what you had already known about blowjobs and thinking about the few tips the article you had read early gave you you started. You pressed your tongue against the bottom of his member and curled your lips just slightly before starting to bob your head slowly. You could feel him fight the urge to buck his hips up, at first it was just a few but as you started to try different things with your mouth and including his balls, the bucking became more frequent. Soon he was sat back up and his hand was weaving its way into the messy bun you had been sporting.

The feeling of his hand lightly guiding you as you increased the pace got you hot, you did love it when he was controlling your every move, seeing him in a place of power was a huge turn on. He started cussing under his breath to the point where you let your eyes trail up his now overly flexed body. Seeing you like that, with your lips wrapped around him and looking up into his eyes was enough to send the rapidly building orgasm to the top of the ladder.

“Baby- ah, baby I’m going to cum.” He said in a broken breath before trying to pull your head off of him.

There was no point though. You were here giving your first ever blowjob, why not get the full experience. You ignored his tugs and quickened your pace once more as you gripped harder to his hips. He came so hard you were shocked, thankfully the feeling of his release hitting the back of your throat wasn’t nearly as harsh of a feeling as his dick, but still it caught you off guard. You hadn’t even realize you were holding your breath till after you swallowed every last drop and sat back to see him better.

He was now fully collapsed on the bed, arms outstretched on either side of him. Small chuckles kept leaving his mouth as he came down from his high, causing you to bite your lip in anticipation. You didnt care that he just came, you wanted to know how you did.

Finally he propped himself back up and looked at you with those same gleaming eyes. You couldn’t tell what was running through his mind but as he stammered to find the right words you were hoping that they were all good thoughts.

“Fuck y/n.” He said through a smile. “Fuck.”

You bit your lip nervously and watched him as he held a hand out to you. Taking it you let him pull you up the bed till you were laying right next to him. He chuckled again and rolled his head too look at you allowing you to pin the look in his eyes as admiration.

“Are you sure that was your first time?” He said rolling over so he could slip a hand under your shirt and trace circles across your skin. “Fuck.” He said again with another chuckle pulling your hips towards him as you nodded.

“Good fuck or…” You started, taking your lip in your mouth again.

He looked at you like you were crazy for even asking such a thing and instead of verbally answering you right away he pulled you across the blanket till you were pressed up against his naked body and his lips were feverishly intertwining with yours.

“Amazing fuck.” He finally said before pushing you on your back so he could kiss you even deeper.

He was quick to return the favor, the song he had been working on completely forgotten as he trailed kisses down your body. He would make sure you’re pleasure matched what he experienced. The moment your legs started to quiver around him he’d be back up to eye level readying himself to finish what you had started. For the rest of the day every very time the two of you rolled over panting while wrapping your naked bodies around one another to catch your breath you’d only find yourself smiling at one another for a split second before another round would start.

I Wanna Be A Toy

Prompt: ive been thinking abt phil cumming in dans ass and plugging it to keep it in,,,

Author’s Note: a plot? character development? I don’t know her. Meaningful dialogue? i think the fuck not.. sooo I got a little carried away and this fic is pretty much me taking all my kinks out on a nice drive through the country tbh I added neko cause why not. Also i was gross with cum again surprise surprise (1.7k words)

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Warnings: smut, daddy kink.

You slowly let go of the safety handle in Ethan’s truck once again as he backed into the driveway of the lake you visited a week ago. The trucks headlights lit up the green trees and bushes surrounding you. The truck jerked as he put it in park with a deep sigh,
“Finally. I hate that road.” Ethan sighed, leaning back in his seat. He placed a hand on your thigh, giving it a light squeeze. “I have a surprise for you.” He bit his lip, smiling. Your mind raced, trying to think about what he would have done. He interrupted your thoughts as he quickly got out of the truck, gesturing for you to follow him. Ethan lead you to the tailgate of the truck, the moonlight once again illuminating the area. Ethan slowly opened the tailgate and your mouth dropped open,
“Ethan! I love you!” You squealed, wrapping your arms around him. The bed of the truck was decorated with fairy lights, a queen sized mattress with lots of pillows filled the trunk. You gave him a long kiss on the lips as he picked you up to sit you on the tailgate.
“Ethan, this is so amazing. You’re literally the best boyfriend ever.” You smiled, planting another small kiss on his lips.
“I know.” Ethan shrugged and you playfully slapped his shoulder. With a dip of the truck, Ethan joined you in the bed of the truck. You both lied down on the mattress staring at the stars.
“So how did you manage getting this mattress back here without me noticing?” You asked, looking over to your boyfriend.
“Oh you know, twin powers.” You both giggled. You watched Ethan reach over and pull out a Bluetooth speaker as he hooked his phone up and started playing the song love faces by trey songz. He slowly set the speaker down beside him and turned over on top of you.
“You remember how last week you said we should take it to the back of the truck next time?” He nibbled on your ear gently.
“Mmm, maybe.” You hummed.
“Well I’ve always wanted to fuck you to this song so I guess we’re both in for quite a ride tonight.” You felt him smirk against your neck as he grounded his hips on yours roughly. You wrapped your legs around his torso as you got hung up into a heated make out session. Ethan slowly trailed wet kisses down your neck, slowly pulling your shirt over your body. He groaned at the sight of your red lace bra.
“Fuck baby, you’re so sexy.” He roughly sucked at the skin of your breasts as he reached a hand behind your back to unclasp your bra. With a smirk, he slowly discarded the bra as he massaged your breasts. His mouth attacked your nipples, nibbling lightly as your hands pulled at his dark hair. He trailed his kisses down lower and lower until he was at the top of your jean shorts. He popped the button of them and slid them slowly down your legs, revealing a matching thong. He discarded your shorts as he kissed your hip bones, then down to your thighs, skipping the place you wanted him the most. You wiggled beneath him in anticipation.
“Patience baby girl, let’s take it slow and rough tonight.” He gripped your thighs as he kissed your clit through your panties. Ethan slowly used his teeth to pull down your panties as he looked up at you, lust filling his deep brown eyes.
Just then as if on queue, pussy is mine by Miguel came on the speaker as Ethan mouthed the words,
“Tell me that that pussy is mine.” He cocked his eyebrows, smirking up at you.
“It’s all yours, daddy.” You sighed, feeling his tongue lick slowly up your slit as your hands flew to his hair. Ethan softly sucked on your clit and hummed, sending vibrations through you. You arched your back and moaned. His hands slowly snaked up to hold your hips down, his left hand trailed up to your breast, squeezing your nipple as he teased your entrance with his tongue. He slowly pushed his tongue in as far as he could, moving his tongue up and down at a fast pace. Your nails gently massaged Ethan’s scalp as you gripped at his hair, moaning profanities. Despite Ethan holding you down, you couldn’t help but grind into his face, feeling his right hand go down to join his tongue. He licked your slit at the way up to your clit, flicking his tongue on your clit repeatedly, making your hips grind into his face even more. He slowly slid his pointer finger into you, starting slow but sucking on your clit in the process. He knew how to work you better than you knew yourself.
“More, daddy, please.” You begged, aching to feel more. He hummed against your clit, adding another finger. He pumped his fingers in you at a moderate pace, curling his fingers up to collide with your g-spot. At this point Ethan was done holding you down, he let you loose. You moaned loudly, angling your hips up so he hit your g-spot right on every time.
“Fuck daddy! Don’t stop!” You moaned, your hips bucking, wanting even more. Ethan added another finger, picking up the speed a bit as he nibbled on your clit. Your hands moved from his hair to grip the sheets, your knuckles turning white as Ethan ate you out profusely.
“Daddy I’m close.” You groaned, arching your back.
“Cum for daddy, princess. Cum all over my fingers.” He pumped his fingers in and out as you moaned loudly. You clenched around his fingers repeatedly until he finally sucked harshly on your clit, pushing you over the edge. Your body convulsed as you came all over your boyfriends fingers, moaning all for him. You looked down at your boyfriend as he slowly took his fingers out and sucked on each one until it was clean.
“You taste so good baby girl.” He hummed, popping a finger out of his mouth. He slowly licked up your slit, your hips buckling from over sensitivity as he flicked your clit. He slowly brought his body back on yours as he took off his shirt, grinding his hips onto yours again. You felt his hard-on through his ripped jeans and you quickly flipped him over so that you were on top.
“Now it’s your turn, daddy.” You whispered in his ear, sucking on his neck as you worked on the button of his jeans. You slowly got down in between his legs and you pulled his jeans off. You lightly gripped his cock through his black briefs, earning a small groan from his lips. You licked the outline of his cock, feeling it twitch beneath your tongue. You slowly pulled his briefs down as his cock dripped with pre cum, the head painfully red. You trailed kisses up to the tip of his cock as you kitten licked the pre cum from the tip. You looked at Ethan in the eyes as you slowly took the tip in your mouth, humming and sucking lightly. He threw his head back in relief, his hips bucking up, wanting more.
“Mmm, patience daddy, we’re taking it slow, remember?” You smirked, licking a line up his cock. Ethan let out a frustrated groan as he pulled your hair into a makeshift pony tail. You hummed, licking your lips as you reached up to grab his phone, changing the song to drunk in love by Beyoncé. You raked your nails down his chest and torso, returning to his member. As soon as the first verse started, you took Ethan all the way in your mouth. Ethan let out a surprised moan, his hands tightening around your hair, his toes curling. You sucked slowly, forcing yourself all the way down, deep throating him to the hilt. He groaned as you started bobbing your head up and down his shaft, using an extra hand to follow your movements on his length. You reached you other hand down to massage his balls as he guided your head up and down, letting you work on him. You moved your tongue back and forth while deep throating him, feeling the veins on his cock.
“Fuck.” Ethan whispered, panting helplessly as he watched your mouth work on him. You slowly came all the way up, running your tongue across the slit, softly sucking on the tip, hallowing your cheeks. You looked up through your eye lashes up at your boyfriend, his hair was a mess as his chest heaved up and down, the veins in his arms protruding from gripping your hair so tightly. You lowered your mouth back down on him again, not breaking the eye contact as he moaned quietly, throwing his head back against the pillows. When you brought your mouth back up to his tip, you hummed along to the song, sending vibrations through his length.
“Fuck baby. You’re such a dirty girl.” He growled, his biceps flexing as he pulled your hair. You decided it was about time to pick up the speed. You took him all of the way, bobbing your head up and down at a faster pace, hallowing your cheeks. You used an extra hand to stroke the rest of his length you couldn’t fit in your mouth, paying extra attention to his balls. Ethan moaned loudly, bucking his hips up. He bit his lip, abruptly pulling you off his throbbing cock.
“Fuck baby, I don’t want to cum just yet.” He breathed deeply, trying to catch his breath. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand as you crawled your way up to straddle his lap. Ethan quickly found his jeans and pulled a condom out of the back pocket. He slowly slid it down on his length. You leaned down to pull him in a deep kiss as you ground down on his cock. You slowly rode his cock, rubbing yourself on him. Ethan reached a hand down, positioning himself at your entrance as you slowly slid down on his length with a gasp, feeling him fill you up. You began bouncing on his cock, the truck rocked with every bounce. Ethan’s hands rested on your hips, guiding you up and down his length. He pulled you down, catching you into a kiss as the song what you need by the weeknd lightly blasted through the speakers. Ethan gripped your ass, thrusting up to meet your bounces. He began sucking on your neck as he flipped you over, thrusting inside you. He began whispering the words in your ear,
“I'mma love you girl, the way you need.” He nibbled on your ear as he pinned your hands above your head, thrusting himself inside you. You locked your legs around his torso pushing him deeper inside you as you made love. He slowly let go of your wrists, gripping your hips to fuck into you at a slow but rough pace. He threw his head back as you watched his abs flex, a thin layer of sweat made him glow under the moonlight. You gripped the sheets beneath you, moaning and arching your back as he hit your g-spot.
“Fuck daddy, right there.” You moaned as he came down on top of you. You pulled him close, clawing your nails down his back as he moaned into your ear, his hips bucking.
“So tight for daddy, so beautiful.” He whispered into your neck. He started picking up speed, chasing both of your climaxes. You felt his rough thumb begin rubbing circles onto your clit making you clench tightly around him. A moan emitted from his mouth as your hips lifted off the bed as he pounded into you, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. The truck rocked roughly as his hips collided into yours, your skin slapping together.
“Daddy I’m close.” You moaned, clawing at his strong back even more.
“Me too baby girl, cum all over my cock, c'mon baby.” He grunted into your ear as he rubbed your clit faster. His thrusts began to get sloppy as he moaned, gripping your hips tightly.
“Cum with me baby.” He growled. You both moaned together as you felt him twitch inside you as you clenched tightly around his cock, coming undone together. His hips stilled inside you as your legs shook around him. You both breathed heavily as he thrusted slowly inside you, riding out your highs. He breathed heavily, slowly sliding out of you as he discarded the condom. He lied beside you as you both tried catching your breath.
“We’re coming here,” Ethan breathed deeply, “every week.” You nodded, smiling over at him. “You know.” Ethan trailed off, switching on the song sleeping on the floor by the Lumineers. “I think it’s about time that I ask if you want to move in with Gray and I.” He turned over to face you, twirling a piece of your hair in his fingers.
“E, I would love to!” You squealed, excitingly. Ethan flashed a big smile, he knew that you were the one he wanted to grow old with.

Part 1 Masterlist

snuggsthebunn  asked:

have you done edging/overstim with the rfa gang + saran cuz binch plz make a thirsty hoes dreams come true you're giving the earth what god wants ily thank u

I’m gonna try writing short little ficlets for these! Doing the bulletpoints would just make this so damn long.


He swallowed thickly as you got on your knees behind him, squeezing his ass cheek.

“How many times did I beat you, Yoosungie~?”

Ahh, he loved that nickname, but not in this context. He pushed his face against his bed, ashamed at his pose: Face down ass up with a pillow between his legs.

“S-Seven times.”

“Mmmhmm,” You dug your nails into his ass cheek and he tried hiding his little mewl against the mattress. “Seven times. I thought you were such a good gamer, hm?”

You had challenged him earlier to a game, but on the conditions that if he lost, you got to have your way with him. He still couldn’t figure out if he lost on purpose or not.

When you first spanked him, he let out a surprised yelp, his lubed up cock rubbing against the pillow between his legs. God, he was already so hard after you putting the cockring on, and now you were going to spank him too?

You kept it up, each harsh smack causing him to rub against the pillow, trying his best not to more or let out little begs as you degraded him. You took your time too, taking turns on each cheek

When you finally were done, you planted a little kiss on his reddened cheek.

“You need to get better at games, Yoosung.”

He nodded against the bed, happy at the cool sensation against the pain. You started a few little kisses, promising to help soothe his sore ass, but without warning you reached between his legs and started fondling his balls. He gasped, bucking against the pillow again. He was already so riled up, why were you teasing him so much?


You giggled, but helped him switch positions and lay on his back. You laid on your stomach, planting a kiss on the tip of his cock.

“I guess I should make you feel at least a little good, huh?”

Oh god, he wanted to feel good so bad, but…He was still wearing the cock ring. He watched you take his cock fully into your mouth, working quickly on him as he squirmed and whined out. He was already backed up already, before tonight! And he finally gets to have sex with you again and this is what you do?

The whole blowjob was painfully amazing. He just wanted to cum, he just wanted to so bad! But you were dragging this for so long! His fingers threaded through your hair without thinking, his nails digging in as he tried not to fuck your face.

Without any warning, you undid the cockring for him, and then he couldn’t stop himself. He quickly thrusted into your mouth, letting out such a loud moan as he finally came down your throat.


During the whole ride to the restaurant, you were in the back, teasing him with your lips and hand- Constantly palming him as you bit his lip in between kisses, making him let out a low groan.

It wasn’t often you were able to take control, but when you did it was exhilarating. Really, you could always ask to switch the roles around, but you really, really, liked him being in control. 

As you teased your tongue against his, your hand reached to start unbuckling his pants when you noticed just how hard he had gotten. However, before you could even start to loosen the buckle, the car slowed to a stop, Driver Kim already opening his door to get ready to help the both of you out.

Quickly, you pulled back, straightening yourself up as he tugged on your coat.

“Let me hold your coat, or else it’s going to be obvious.”

WIlling yourself not to have your cheeks redden now, you shrugged it off, handing the garment over to him to hide his erection with.

The whole walk inside, getting to your seat and everything, was a constant teasing. Your hand would wrap around his waist, purposely brushing against his ass enough to make him clear his throat. He’d lean and whisper in your ear- Pointless things, but his breath there made you shiver.

When the two of you finally sat down and ordered, he stared you down as the waitress walked away, you giving him a innocent smile.

“What is it, honey?”

A flicker of annoyance crossed his eyes, but he showed a strained smirk instead.

“I’m still…Excited.”

“Ooh, about that new business deal?” You teased.

He knew your act, trying to pretend nothing hot and heavy had just went on. “Yes, the… Other side is being quite provoking.”

“Are they now?”

“Yes. Just taking away what I want the most at the last second, making me bargain for more.”

You blushed a bit, being interrupted by the waitress again for drinks. Once she left, you looked around the restaurant. No one was looking at the two of you, and…you were in a quiet, dark, corner…

You set your purse to hang off the back of your chair, looking at how long the table cloth was. If you were quick enough…

“Cover me,”


You quickly ducked under the table, quiet for a moment and trying to hear if no one noticed. Fortunately, Jumin was whispering harshly to you, letting you know how foolish you were and how lucky the both of you were that no one saw.

Holding back a giggle, you started working on his belt like you had been in the car, and he instantly went quiet. Smiling, you worked his cock out of his pants, surprised it was still as hard as it was before, even leaking a bit.

“Ooh, you weren’t lying.”

How long had he been like this? Was he teasing himself mentally the whole time, unable to calm down? He must be aching.

You held it as you ran your tongue from the base up, hearing the table clatter a bit as he reached under and grabbed a fistful of your hair. It hurt, but nothing too bad. It certainly made you unable to keep your excitement at bay. 

You heard footsteps and saw his straighten up. The waitress must be back.

You heard them talking, the waitress wondering if she needed to wait until you had came back from wherever, and you could hear him clearing his throat, trying to sound calm….

Until you took the tip of his cock in your mouth, swirling your tongue to lap up the precum. You heard his voice hitch, the waitress question him, his hand tighten with your hair again. It was hard not to let out a noise, but you managed to hold back as the waitress walked away.

You didn’t have the upperhand for long. As soon as she was far enough, both of his hands slipped under the table, pushing your head down and forcing you to take him all at once. 

Your eyes teared up a bit, and you felt something hot spurt down the back of your throat. You let him hold you in place until his grip loosened, then you carefully pulled back, kissing his cock for good measure.

After you wiped your mouth, you carefully snuck back into your chair, thankful no one had noticed. Unfortunately, Jumin still looked riled up and his face was a bit red.

“We’re going home.”

“What? Was it that bad?”

“No,” he cleared his throat, pulling out his wallet to leave something to pay for the wine the two of you had hardly touched. “I need more, now.”


Watching Seven ride you was amazing, and you understood why he loved you riding him so much.

You had recently gotten a vibrating dual strap on. On your end, you had a nice little bit that rubbed against your gspot, and on his end he got a thick dildo to bounce up and down on.

You watched his cock move along with him, bobbing a bit with a thick steady drip of precum working its way to the cockring around his base. When you looked at his expression, he was completely blissed the fuck out. Glasses skewed, mouth open and drooling a bit, eyes half lidded and nearly rolled back.

The dildo must have been hitting him in all the right places. God, at this rate, you wouldn’t even need him to get you off, the little vibrating bullet in you able work well enough with the visuals he was providing.

You felt your heart nearly stop as he let out a strangled moan, seizing up and rocking a tad. He had stopped pumping the fake cock in and out of him, his eyes squeezing shut.

“Are you close, baby?”

He nodded, biting his lip. “So close, so so close.”

It was the third time he had gotten this close, but this had came quicker than the others. You reached out, your thumb teasing the tip of his cock, a disgusting and open-mouthed, tongue hanging moan escaping him.

“You can cum if you want to, baby, it’s fine.”

He leaned back, willing himself to open his eyes and look at you with an unsure expression. When you reached for his cockring, he nodded, and you took it off slowly.

Once it was completely off, you started pumping his cock as he lightly bounced on the dildo again, breathing deeply. After just a few moments, he finally came, his cum shooting out so hard that some even landed on your cheek.

You were completely content with just that being the end of it, but after he barely caught his breath, he was fixing his glasses and slipping between your legs.

When you tried to protest, he stopped you.

“Let me make you feel good for doing that for me.”


The two of you stumbled into the dressing room, hardly able to keep your hands off each other before so. He slipped his hands expertly up your shirt, bringing it along and flinging it to the side, groping at your breasts.

“You really don’t have any self control, do you?”

He almost whined at your teasing, letting go of your breasts and squeezing your ass, forcing your hips to meet his as he bucked against you without any shame.

“M-Mc, come on, I need this,” His breath was hot against your ear as he begged. “All those texts, those looks during rehearsal, you’re such a damn tease.”

You tried keeping your cool, but with how he was grinding against you, you couldn’t even attempt to.

“Y-You need to be tamed, Zenny- Ah!”

His mouth was at your neck, sucking past bruises, his moan nearly sounding like a growl. “Let me take it off.”

You reached a hand in between the two of you, groping him and causing him to gasp and groan. Before you could tease again, he picked you up and had you sitting on the make-up table, yanking off your pants a bit clumsily, but fast. As soon as it and your underwear was off, he was undoing his own pants, pulling his hard and flushed cock out.

You bit your lip, seeing the precum dripping off of him already, the cockring at the back of his cock begging to be removed.

“Tell me it’s okay, Mc, tell me I can-”

“Do it.”

Instantly he was on you, pushing his tip into you, waiting for your telltale moan to allow him to push in all the way. You whined, tangling your fingers with the fabric of his shirt as he pounded into you harshly. It didn’t hurt, but god the two of you hadn’t gone this quick and rough before.

You quickly bit his shoulder, his wet moan in your ear as you muffled your noises. He was going so fast- so fast!

“Letmecum, god please, Mc. Letmecumletme-”

You wrapped your legs around his hips, clamping them down and forcing him deeper into you. As you did so, you wrapped a hand around that damned ponytail of his and pulled, making such a choked guttural moan leave him.

That was it, that had to be the breaking limit for him. He was still bucking into you, but they were wild, uncoordinated. It felt good, but you hadn’t felt him so fucked up before. Clumsily you reached in between the both of you, managing to get him to pause long enough for you to undo the latch of the cockring. 

You couldn’t even grab it. Once it was undone, he forced your hips to meet his, the ring falling onto the floor as he completely slammed into you, letting out such strangled noises as he finally came into you, panting against your neck.

After the two of you composed yourselves, Zen having to help you stay steady on your legs, you decided it was best if you waited outside for him to finish up with practice.

It wasn’t until the two of you got home that you both realized you left the cockring in  the dressing room.


The two of you had decided to try overstimming together. It was something you were curious about, and a kink he had always wanted to try out. But, he wasn’t expecting that you wanted to use it on him as well.

After a few rounds of normal doggy style sex, you couldn’t stop clenching so tightly around him. Somehow, in this position, he was able to keep rubbing perfectly against your gspot, making you bite into his pillow.

Of course, this was having a toll on him as well.

Normally, he didn’t have issues lasting a while, which is why he was so surprised you wanted him to wear a cockring, but since he didn’t mind he wore it anyway. Now, as you hit your third orgasm- squealing into the pillow and letting out such a lewd ass moan afterwards- he was nearly at the brink of just begging you to let him cum inside of you.

He couldn’t think straight. All he could focus in was the feeling of your wet heat around him, his balls feeling tight as all hell. He was so damn close, he couldn’t even focus on sitting upright. Now he his forehead was against your back as he groaned into you, forcing your hips to meet his thrusts.

“Nnngh, I’m so fucking close, Mc, I’m so fucking close, just a bit more, jus-Ahn!”

He stopped mid-thrust as you reached between the yours and his legs both, groping at his balls. He made a deep whine in his throat, and then suddenly he couldn’t stop snapping his hips into you. The sound of skin slapping together so harshly was nearly enough to make you cum again, but you were so weak and so over-fucked, your mind felt numb.

“T-Take it off, god damnit, nownownownow! I can’t- I need to cum inside of you, I need to right nowrightnow!”

His voice was deep, guttural, and with clumsy fingers you undid the latch on his cockring. As soon as it slipped off, he was biting your shoulder hard enough to break the skin, a loud groan barely being muffled rushing out as he thrusted a handful of times more. He came with a deep final thrust, keeping his cock in you and he sloppily panted against your back.

After a few moments, he slowly slid out, the both of you groaning before flopping on the bed. He reached an arm out, quickly pulling you to him and placing small and lazy kisses against your head.

“Once I catch my breath, we’re going again.”

When you looked at him shocked, you could see a tired but stern and commanding look in his eye.

“You didn’t let me cum that whole time while you did. You really didn’t think you were getting away with that, did you?”

Going to the Movies

Summary:  Reader and Dean go out to the movies.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1553

Warnings: SMUT (oral male receiving, fingering, unprotected sex), fluff

A/Nt:  This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge.  Congratulations Kari!  My prompt was “Going to the movies” and I chose Dean, obviously.  This is unbetaed so all errors are mine alone.

Originally posted by yofidfids


You walk into the bunker library to find Dean sitting in front of his laptop with a huge smile on his face.

“What’s up babe?”

“Look what I found,” he says, turning his laptop toward you.

You look at the screen; it’s a website for a drive-in movie theater a few towns over.  You grin back at him.  “I have a feeling were taking a drive tonight.”

“Y/N I’ve always wanted to go to a drive-in.  Sitting in Baby watching a movie with you sounds like a perfect night to me.”

He pulls you into his lap kissing your back.

“What do you say?  Can I take you to the movies?”

“Of course,” you say leaning sideways to look at him.

He dips you down, his lips trailing up your throat before he captures your mouth with his.  Your hand grips the back of his neck and his free arm pulls you closer as the kiss deepens.   You break away to catch your breath.  “What’s showing?”

“Who cares?”

You laugh.  “Ok, well when do we need to leave?”

“It’s a two hour drive, if we’re on the road in a half hour we could make the nine o’clock show.”

“I’ll get ready,” you jump off of his lap and dash to your room.

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Punishment (M)

Words: 1358

Jimin X Reader

Warning: Smut (M), Sub!Jimin, Dom!Reader

Based on this request

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He was late, again. It was the fourth time that week he got home late. He was probably drinking with the boys. It’s not like you didn’t like to see him with them, but his time was already restricted, he used to spend all day in the company, so the period of the night was the only moment he could stay with you, with his girlfriend, and what he did? He didn’t stay with you. Argh! Was it this bad that you wanted your boyfriend to stay with you? Of course not. We would pay for it. You would remember him that you were his lover, not the guys.

 You looked at the clock beside your bed as you heard the front door being opened. It was already 2:48 a.m.

 You weren’t sleeping tho, you were laying waiting for him, reading your book as if the fact he was late again was nothing. You heard him getting upstairs till he opened the bedroom’s door, his eyes widened when he saw you were still awake.

“Was it a good night for you, Jimin?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him as he slowly took off his jacket. You could feel the smell of alcohol filling up the room.

“Hey, Jagi. I…hm… It was fine. I’m sorry i’m late again, but Namjoon called us all to go to that new bar that opened recently-” he started saying, his words dying as he saw you getting up and walking towards him.

“I waited for you. You promised you wouldn’t be late again and you didn’t keep your promise. That is not nice, Chimchim” you said as you approached your body to his. He stepped back, leaning against the door as your lips made contact with his jaw. You felt his entire body tensing up.

“Are you mad, Jagi?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fucking mad. I waited for you on that bed, thinking about what I would let you do to me when you arrived home” you said, your lips placing wet kisses along his jaw as your hands were playing with the waistband of his shirt. He let out a low groan as you ran your fingers through his chest. “But now, I’m the one who is gonna do something” you whispered, “I was so horny… but you didn’t give me what I wanted” You finished your sentence and kissed him. The taste of vodka hit your tongue and you pulled away.

“Drinking vodka? Is that correct?” you teased, lifting up his shirt and taking off.

“N-No” he whispered. Ah, you liked to see him that way. All yours.

“So, you have been a bad boy. Bad boys get punished, don’t they?” you asked, your lips traveling down his chest till you got to your knees and started unzipping his pants. His eyes were locked with yours in an intimate stare. You took off his pants and underwear, licking your lips as you saw his already hardened dick dripping with pre cum.

You gave it a quick lick before standing up and whispering:

“Go lay” you said. He did as you said, and you managed to take off your shirt and pants, so you were in your underwear and bra only. He gasped with the sight of your semi naked body. You opened the drawer, searching for your handcuffs. You fucking loved when you were the one in charge. You loved when he was there, all submissive to you. You could feel your wetness dripping down your legs.

“Don’t complain, or I won’t touch you” you said as you handcuffed him to the bed. He whined a little but stayed quiet.

 You sat on him, your clothed pussy making contact with his pulsing dick. God you wanted him so bad but you couldn’t let that go this easily. You kissed him, licking his bottom lip and then kissing his neck. You traveled down his chest again and when you reached the place he wanted you the most, you stopped. He looked at you, his eyes begging you not to stop.

“Watch me” you said and took off your underwear. You were naked now and he was dying to touch you.

 You sat in front of him with your legs opened, giving him a great view of your soaked pussy.

“See how wet I am? that’s your fault” you said and started rubbing small circles on your clit. You could hear him pulling against the handcuffs. Ah, poor boy.

“Y/N, please…” he said.

 You ignored him and pushed one finger in, and soon another one. You started pumping it in and out of you, arching your back in pleasure and making sure to moan his name as sexily as possible.

 One of your hands started playing with your nipples and you felt your climax already approaching. When you were about to cum, you stopped, only to see Jimin struggling with himself. His dick was almost purple and you thought it must be even painful.

“Y/N!” He groaned. Aw, poor boy.

 You took his erection in your hands and started pumping him really slowly, and he immediately bucked his hips against your hand.

“Don’t do it, unless you want me to stop. You don’t want me to stop, do you?” you said, leaning in and licking his tip, but then pumping again, making eye contact with him.

“Fucking hell, Y/N! Do something, please!” he groaned, begging for your touch. You smirked to yourself at his reaction.

“As you wish, daddy” you said and took him into your mouth. He let out a loud, deep groan as you massaged his length with your tongue, your hands squeezing his balls softly. He bucked his hips up, what made his tip hit your throat and occasionally making you gag. By the way he was twisting his face, you could say he was close so you stopped. He looked at you, silently asking you why had you stopped.

“Now it’s your turn to pleasure me” you said, “If I let you go, will you make it worth the wait? Will you fuck me the way I like, huh?” you tilted your head to the side. The truth was you were dying for his touch. For his dick to be inside you.

“I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t be able to remember your name, now let me go” he groaned. Once the handcuffs were of, he automatically pulled you to lay on your back, he on top of you. He placed himself between your legs and started placing kisses on your neck, sucking your skin.

“Don’t fucking tease me, Jimin. I wanna fuck” you groaned, needy. “Besides, I am in charge here. I say” you said. He smirked and laid on his back.

“So, how are u gonna punish me, huh?” he teased. Ah…

 You got on top of him, leaning in and sucking his lip. “I’m gonna ride you” you said. He grabbed his dick, keeping it and place as you lowered yourself. You let your head fall back, pleasure hitting you by the moment he filled you up. You started bouncing up and down, he let one of his hands grab your boob as the other circled small circles on your clit.

“Ah, fuck” you groaned. A few seconds later, he pulled your down, your chest colliding with his as he held your back. He started moving, your hips meeting his aggressive thrusts. The sound of both your skins slapping against each other mixed with your moans and groans, and you momentarily thought about the possibility that the neighbors maybe could hear you two. But you didn’t care, Jimin pulled you from your thoughts when he slapped your ass cheek.

“Fuck, you’re so good at punishing me” he groaned. He slowed down, his thrusts became erratic and you knew he was as close as you were.

 It didn’t take long your walls to clench around his thick dick, and when it did, he came, you both cumming.

He kept moving, your orgasm washing you over.

 You laid beside him, catching your breath.

“So… you forgive me or want to punish me more?” He asked cockily.


Steve Rogers/Reader/Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: SMUT. M/M/F threesome, polyamori, blow jobs, coordinated Captain America underwear.

Word Count: 980.

Rating: 18+


I know this is a little late, but here is still Steve’s birthday.

Tagging @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose (please don’t hate me for writing another threesome after you just wrote yours, I’m sorry) @ryverpenrad @papi-chulo-bucky @supernatural-girl97 @brokenanxiety @palaiasaurus64 @marveldcmistress 

And last, but not least @plumfondler Who turned 1 Tumblr year on June 26, I love you and you’re the best! I know is not much and you’re way better than me, but this goes with a lot of love.

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Not That Drunk

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Drunk confessions

When you go out for a friends birthday and get a little too hammered, Buck to the rescue to bring you home, that is till you make an out loud confession in your drunken state.

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More doodles of Bucky and his service dog FUBAR!

Top Left: FUBAR on a walk with his Human and his Human’s Best Guy!

Top Right: Bucky really loves to lie around in the sun (because it’s the opposite of being in cryo or literally and figuratively living in the shadows), but FUBAR is like 80% floof so he prefers to lie around in the shade. This is how they compromise! 

Middle Left: Sometimes Buck isolates himself a little too much and FUBAR can be a good conversation starter. However, Bucky also sometimes gets nervous around people and FUBAR knows this so he’s always On Duty and ready to protect his human! (I couldn’t resist throwing in a cute Kobik Alternate Meeting cameo because I love her relationship with Bucky!)

Middle Right: Buck loves to go to the library to help supplement his journaling and FUBAR is super helpful and holds Buck’s books while he juggles his apartment keys! FUBAR is very poised. 

Bottom: Sometimes Buck gets a lil overwhelmed and cries and that’s okay but sometimes he has trouble stopping so FUBAR will bring his Human his favorite ball and it makes Buck smile a little, which is good! (Loosely based on this beautiful post, originally sent to me by @doveloves!) 


Issues [h.s]

It’s not his fault. It really isn’t his fault and he’d like to say it isn’t anyone’s fault either. It just happened and he couldn’t control it because this type of situation isn’t something you can choose to have– it’s not something you can think away. However, Harry will admit to one thing: he does get horny at the worst possible times.

He wouldn’t necessarily call it a habit because habits are something you do consciously– something you have restrictions on and you can manage if it occurs or not, like biting your nails. But getting turned on? He’s absolutely powerless over that. Harry really wishes he could just make it stop but no matter how hard he tries (no pun intended), he’s never successful. Much like now.

There’s nothing around him that can contribute to the sudden occurrence but the lack of action didn’t affect him either way.

He and Y/N are laying in bed, nuzzled up in the warm, flocculent duvet with The Polar Express playing on the flat screen television that’s mounted on the wall. Y/N is tucked securely into the crook of his side, his left arm slung loosely across her shoulders while his long fingers play at with tips of her soft hair.

She’s snuggled up in a pair of fluffy pajama bottoms that have pink polar bears riding sleds, paired with one of his favorite t-shirts– the white one with the doodles of the hands holding cigarettes. It fits him a bit baggy so she’s almost drowning in it, the sleeves stopping at the dip of the inside of her elbows as the hem reaches her mid-thigh, decapitating a random polar bear. Her hair is tied up in a careless bun, silky strands sticking up here and there while others tickle her cheeks but Harry loves the way she looks– loves how relaxed and naturally limpid she appears, the beauty she exudes being at its purest and most untainted form.

He finds himself with a small smile tilting the corners of his lips, absentmindedly fonding over this simple girl. He catches himself doing this often, just sitting there in slight awe and admiring the small things about her, like the way she snorts loudly when she laughs a bit too hard or the teeny twinkle of childish excitement that sparks inside her eyes when Harry offers to take her to see a film. Y/N is the type of person who appreciates the little things in life and those people, he believes, were made to be cherished. And, fuck, does he cherish her– considers himself incredibly lucky to have such a positively radiant person in his life to keep him anchored.

Y/N now cuddles further into his body, one of her legs slipping in between both of his as her head sinks further into his clothed chest. He snakes both his arms around her, squeezing her reassuringly and laying a gentle kiss on the very top of her head, reveling in the faint saccharine scent of clementine he knows too well.

“My favorite part’s coming up.” She murmurs gently, smiling as the conductor in the animated movie offers the kids refreshments. One of her hands runs under the hem of Harry’s Packers sweatshirt, following the tiny slopes of his stomach, rubbing affectionately.

His abdomen instinctively tightens at her cold touch, small ripples of heat flashing down to his groin and up his clenching thighs. The action is one of innocent adoration because Y/N always loved touching Harry’s tummy– liked the way the skin felt hot and smooth under her fingertips as it rose and fell rhythmically with his breathing. But it had managed to convert into something much more explicit in Harry’s perspective, her feathery fingers igniting sudden fireworks of sensual turmoil within his docile body.

His throat constricts, his words solidifying in his windpipe and preventing him from communicating. He forces the syllables out of his vocal chords, his sentence coming out croaky and strained. “The hot chocolate song?”

Y/N hums quietly, a certain giddiness lacing the sound. She looks up at him from her cozy spot in his chest, a smile peeking through as her eyes light up with delight. Her legs shift as she pushes herself up into a sitting position, her hands digging into the lower section of his ribs as her knee unintentionally applies a small pressure against his girth. The change in movements startles his suddenly sensitive cock and he has to swallow down a garbled squawk as she stares down at him with excitement.

“When I was younger, one of my primary school teachers taught gymnastics and she brought in a couple of her students to do some tricks for us. It was right before holiday break and they would go around the room doing cartwheels and hand springs! It was incredible, Harry.” Y/N leans forward and folds her arms against his upper chest, resting her body against his side as she plops her head onto her arms, her nose a few inches from his chin.

Harry wants to warn her that her leg is really starting to become an issue. He can feel blood starting to drain towards his crotch, a familiar itching filling the underside of his balls as a tiny twitch bucks his knee. His inhales of air turn bitter, the oxygen stinging the back of his throat as it goes down into his lungs and the way Y/N’s big, harmless eyes gaze at him with childish glee makes him want to tear out his hair by the fistfuls. He feels the edges of his eyes begin to water as he grows more desperate, the bulge in his sweats starting to throb for attention.

He wonders momentarily how it is possible for him to feel how warm her body is through her clothes, the heat she radiates reflecting off his own flesh and making beads of sweat pop out along the nape of his neck. She’s blabbering on about the similarities between the dancing servants in the film and the gymnasts she had met back when she was ten and, honestly, if she had offered the story any other time he would have loved to listen to her go on about it but his dick’s too hard, it’s too hot around his proximity and he really just wants some relief.

“…and this one boy– I think his name was Steven but don’t quote me on that because there was another boy with the same name but it was spelled with a ‘ph’ instead of a ‘v’, which would technically be pronounced ‘Stefan’ but it’s all about personal preference, right? Anyhow, he could juggle– just like you– and he was tossing around some pencil pouches and I guess he miscalculated a move and it socked him right in the eye!”

“Did it, now?” Harry’s breathing is coming out shallow and labored in tiny puffs, his sweatpants seeming to shrink around his hips and he starts to squirm. His prick is pulsing underneath Y/N’s knee and he doesn’t understand how she can’t feel it. “Hey, listen, doll, I really don’t wanna interrupt you but I’m– uh– having a little issue…”

“Harry, he had to go to the nurse! His eye got swollen shut although he wasn’t really cryi– wait, what?” Y/N’s expression molds from one of comical amusement into one full of concern. She leans in closer to him, her hair falling across her face and tickling his neck, only making the whole situation more unbearable. “What’s wrong?”

“I know you’re probably gonna be a bit pissed because you told me I had to learn some self-control but…” Harry trails off, one of his hands moving down her spine to cup the back of her left thigh. He hooks it up higher, moving her kneecap away from himself and onto the other side of his hips so that’s she is half-straddling, half-laying on him.

He hums, his eyes fluttering shut as he feels her muscles slide over his thighs, the momentary weight giving him a tiny spoonful of the ecstasy he is so badly craving. His eyes gaze up at her, her brows furrowed in misunderstanding. Harry softens his eyes to make them look doe-like and glossy, knowing very well that Y/N is a sucker for when he looks unsullied. His confession comes out panted and small but persistent nonetheless. “’M hard.”

Y/N stares at him for a few seconds with her eyes owlish and blank, her hands gripping the loose cotton material of his jumper in her fingers. Recognition seems to surge into her, the palms of her hands quickly lifting from his chest to smack back down, hard and angry, her expression cracking into one of inflamed disbelief.

“Ow!” Harry jerks against the bed, his eyes going wide with unsettled shock at her spontaneous reaction.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Y/N’s voice crackles with outrage (something he rarely sees in her) as she digs her nails into his collarbones. “I can’t believe you, Harry! After all I’ve told you about this happening you still won’t listen?”

“It’s not on purpose!” He counters, squeezing the thigh of the leg that had just been propped against his ballsack. “You’re the one that was rubbing me through my joggers! You weren’t really aware of it but–”

“Don’t pin this on me! Was I touching you last time you decided to go full on hard at your Mother’s birthday party? Or that time I had to suck you off in Niall’s coat closet because you had one too many beers at his FIFA World Cup Game Night?” She’s flapping one hand in the air for emphasis as she crawls off of him, heading for the edge of the bed with a look of utter disgust scrunching up her nose.

He knows he shouldn’t– he really shouldn’t because it’ll probably make her more upset– but his naïve instincts kick in at the sensitivity of the event she had taunted and he reaches out and grabs her ankle, his hand tightening around the knobby bone near her foot with his fingers tangling in the flimsy material of her pajama bottoms. Harry gives it a rough tug, the waist band of the pants giving out and gliding down her thighs and bottom to expose her baby blue panties with little blueberries dotted across the fabric.

“What are you–? Stop!” Y/N fumbles with her nightwear, glaring so hard at him that he feels he’s being sliced down the middle but he returns her grimace with one of his own.

“You said you wouldn’t bring that up!” Harry whines, kicking his legs out in what he knows to be a bratty, childish manner but he had sworn her to silence on that subject after it had happened. The boys already had a knack for pestering him on his low tolerance level on alcohol and the last thing he needs is his girlfriend using that weak link in his self-esteem to try and rid him of his erection. It’s not his fault that anytime he consumes liquor it tends to send his hormones into a frenzy.

“Yeah? Well, you said you’d try to keep this–” Y/N stares pointedly at the rising tent in between Harry’s legs, “– at a minimum. And look at you now, barely a week after your last ‘issue,’ doing it again on our movie night!”

“I didn’t mean for it to– oh, for fuck’s sake! Will you just suck me off real quick and this can all be over and forgotten?” Harry pushes himself up until his back is fully pressed against the headboard of their bed, his colossal hands drowning in his burnished curls. He quickly twists the slightly damp mess of strands into a disheveled bun, tying it off with an elastic he had on his wrist. It is insufferably hot in the room and he feels like he’s just opened up an oven and been blasted with waves of rigid heat.

Harry pins his eyes to Y/N’s, sexual rashness expanding into the shiny jade of his irises as he wordlessly begs her to aid him. Her aspect is smoldering, her lips tilted down in a disapproving frown as she gives her head a firm shake.

“I’m not going to get you off. If I keep giving you what you want every time this happens it will never stop. I’m sorry, H, but you’re not getting anything from me.” Y/N’s voice is steady and stern as she locks gazes with him, her legs crossing beneath her body where she resides across from him– to far from reach– arms folding across her chest with finality.

Harry keens loudly, his lower lip quivering with frustration as he watches her turn her attention to the dancing characters on the television. Her back turns to him cruelly, the excess material of his t-shirt she’s wearing pooling around her waist and exposing the curve of one of her shoulders as she settles herself comfortably away from him.

“Are you really doing this?” He whimpers brokenly (he knows she feels guilty anytime he whimpers– it’s worked miracles before), pouting his crimson lips at the back of her head, hoping she turns around.

Y/N’s body doesn’t react at all– not a twitch of an arm or a shake of her head– but continues to sit stiffly unresponsive, her back frigid with defiance.

Harry looks down at his pulsing center, feeling precome slowly oozing out against his underwear briefs and wetting the entire head of his hyperactive cock. His sweaty thighs squeeze together futilely, complaining about the lack of release that is being provided. He heaves a sigh, fingers curling into his palm with his nails digging crescents into the mounded flesh, his body threatening to implode on itself.

“Fine.” He huffs gruffly, reaching behind him and tugging at the hood of his grey sweatshirt until it is removed from his skin and discarded in a pile beside him, goosebumps washing down his inked arms and chest as the significantly cooler air caresses his pores. “I’ll do it myself.”

He smirks triumphantly as he sees his girlfriend’s right knee buckle for a second, the reaction showing that she is indeed aware of what he was doing. The silent treatment she is bent on following won’t be lasting for much longer, Harry concludes. Not if he has anything to do with it.

His back is sticky with sweat as he shifts, his legs stretching out fully before him so that the tips of his toes brush the curve of Y/N’s lower spine. Her back spasms momentarily but her head keeps itself trained towards the flat screen across the room. He widens out his knees a tad, enough so he can feel his balls settling against the cushioned surface beneath him. A teeny wisp of relief slips his lips as he feels his prick rubbing against his joggers, cool air flooding the crevices of his groin and airing out all of the pent up arousal.

Harry proceeds to shimmy his way out of his bottoms, kicking them off and scooting them towards Y/N. The piled up black cloth ends up right next to her, tempting her to look back to see him promisingly pantsless. When she doesn’t oblige he just shrugs, peeling of his undergarment and tossing it into the tiny mound of clothes adjacent to his stubbornly unshakable girlfriend.

‘She’s got stamina, I’ll give her that.’ He thinks to himself, glancing down at how his dick is flushed against his abdomen, standing up proudly as if celebrating its freedom. He takes a hold of it, purposely not filtering the shaky hiss that streams through his gritted teeth.

“’M slick and hard,” he calls towards her invitingly, one of his brows lifting up curiously to see if she would finally give in. “Won’t even need lube. Would be a shame to let this go to waste.”

No answer. The colors from the ongoing movie wash across Y/N’s slightly slouching form, casting a dull blue shadow behind her to be Harry’s only physical companion. She’s holding up her end quiet strongly and he wishes for her to just agree to his suggestive actions and fuck him senseless so they could move on, but he knows she won’t. Y/N has too much strength of will and when she wants to prove something, she will go to the ends of the universe to accomplish it. But Harry will be damned if he doesn’t at least try to shackle her loose.

His fist begins to move steadily against himself, his palm stroking against his veiny foreskin as his index finger swipes over the slit of his glossy tip. He begins to rub circles around the head with his thumb, milky precome bubbling freely from his tip to cascade down his whole length, dripping over his balls and onto the creme beige sheets of their queen-sized bed. The tortured moan that pours from inside him is so raw it makes his throat ache, the sheer need for climax clawing at his lungs.

Harry’s hand picks up its pace, jerking him off spastically with short pumps that have his legs thrashing against the comforter as cries for mercy scrape from his throat. “Y/N, baby, please…Help Daddy, yeah? Need your warmth– mmhhhh…”

Harry can see the way her body is quaking at his words and he leans his head farther back against the wooden bed-piece, a smug grin creasing his cheeks and making his dimples pop into place.

Y/N’s smaller hands fist at his rumpled mound of clothes, trying to keep her composure but he can see her collectedness dwindling down to a scarce drop. It’s obvious from the way her breathing has become fretful to how her legs buckle under her and the muted light of the TV reflects off of a few beads of sweat that glide down the side of her neck that she’s done for– signed, sealed and delivered.

“You can punish me, if it suits you fit.” Harry’s words carry over in airy groans, his toes curling against the sheets as his knees intuitively spread open wider, hips thrusting up into his palm while his other hand reaches behind him and grips the edge of the headboard. “Feelin’ it kinda rough tonight, actually. A little bit o-of– fuck– choking, maybe some spanking– you know where my belts are, angel. Knock yourself out.”

Y/N finally caves in, whipping around onto her hands and knees, her eyes shiny in the dim lighting of the bedroom. Anger swirls with lust within her, all control over herself being flung across the room and forgotten.

Harry stares down at her over the tops of his cheeks, teething at the corner of his lips as he waits for her to advance onto him. His hand doesn’t seize its movements, his cock twitching within his fingers and she stares at it with an ominous hunger he recognizes too well.

Y/N’s glare grazes his willing body, tracing the outlines of the muscles in his arms and along with the sharp structure of his glistening collarbones. His head is thrown back, his jawline on full display as the tendons along his jaw tick with excitement. The veins in his neck bulge under his skin, ready to burst spurts of euphoric kerosine, flames lapping across his wet arms and fire boiling inside his bones.

Harry gives her a conceited snort. “Why don’t you come over here and teach me how to be a good boy?”

She’s toppling him over before he can realize what is happening, clothing items flying around him in a blur of polar bears and light blue. He is slammed back against the headboard with an extreme force, Y/N’s nails digging into his throat and making it a bit difficult to breathe, but he enjoys it– lives for it. He feels her weight sitting into his lap, cold, bare thighs brushing the warm skin of his own as she towers over him a few inches.

Harry stares up at her with an arrogant, lob-sided smile as his eyes gleam with hazy victory, a small cough grinding from his strained jugular. Her eyes are alight with desire as her arms wrap around his neck, her bare crotch dabbing against his shaft as it is pressed against his thigh, neglected.

“I’ve been so bad, Y/N. I know I don’t deserve this…” He speaks shakily to appeal to her weaknesses but a part of him really means it. He knows she was excited to see this movie with him because she had finally gotten a month off for her holiday break from uni and her job had given her an early rest as well so, naturally, she wanted to cuddle up with him to enjoy the film. His irresponsibility had ruined their movie night but he swears it to her he’ll make it up– he’ll rent a load of Christmas movies and buy mounds of junk food and they’ll pig out an entire night just watching anything and everything she wants to. But as of right now, he was going to get so fucked over his balls would be numb for the next hour.

“I hate you.” Y/N states flatly, digging her nails into his shoulder blades as her heat rocks against his awaiting hard-on. “But I don’t care about it right now. Just tell me how you want it.”

Harry dwells lovingly into her eyes for a few scarce moments, thanking her silently for understanding his problem. He then snakes his arms loosely around her waist, pulling her down by her borrowed t-shirt (which she had decided to keep on) until they are at eye level. He kisses all over her face, along her nose and cheeks and across her eyelids until a small smile plays with the edges of her rosy lips.

“Can you bounce on my cock, moppet?” He huffs out against her right cheek, swallowing the lump in his throat as she shifts herself steady onto her knees on either side of his hips. “Think you can do that for me?”

“Yep,” Y/N answers swiftly, reaching down and gently tucking the swollen head of Harry’s prick into her tight, hot hole. She eases her way down his length, savoring the watery whine that gurgles deep inside his throat. “Yeah, I’ve got you.”

“Good– s'good…” Harry leans the back of his head against the hard surface of the headboard again, soft weeps gulping the tense air around their heated bodies.

Y/N burrows her face into the dip of his neck, her teeth biting into the side of his throat and he cries out, gritting his own teeth as delicious pain twists into his nerves.

“You need to learn to keep yourself in check.” She rolls her hips in small circles, drawing herself up slowly only to allow her walls to sink back over him at an agonizing pace. “You’re impossible sometimes, goddamnit.”

Harry gazes up at her, pleadingly apologetic, his large hands groping her sides to help her ride him to subspace. He nods his head furiously, promises of better behavior gushing from his mouth without restraint as his eyes flick to her bouncing breasts under the thin material of the shirt she’s wearing, the outline of her nipples standing up nice and perky. “I’ll be good, I’ll get better, I swear.”

“I’m sure you will.” Y/N hums, raking her nails over his shoulders and down his chest to leave angry red scratches in their wake, a satisfying pain rippling across the affected skin.

“Close– ’m close.” Harry swallows down pitiful whimpers, his voice coming out gravely raspy. His release is radiating in his girth, threatening to spill into her at any second.

Y/N has picked up her rhythm, slamming down onto him unforgivingly as his body begins to come apart at the seams. Climax is burning through the air as her thighs twitch against Harry’s, the sweet caresses of his skin against her’s tearing her down layer by layer yet she knows she won’t fully come undone in time, but she doesn’t mind. Her full focus is on Harry and only Harry.

Y/N pulls at the messy bun he has put his hair up into, snapping his head back so that the front of his throat is exposed, pliant and vulnerable. She gently suckles at his bobbing Adam’s Apple, winding her fingers ‘round and 'round in his silky ringlets.

His mouth falls open with spastic intakes of air, whole body beginning to flail and wriggle under her own. His eyes are flooding with sensual relief, brimming over to the point where tears squeeze out of the edges. “O-Oh, yeah– right there, kitten, right there! Oh, God, baby girl– fuck Daddy raw! Fuck me so hard, so g-good– ahhh!”

Y/N trails one hand down to Harry’s chest as she bites down on his quivering lips, her index finger and thumb tweaking at his right nipple as he grapples around. “So, apparently, you have a pain kink?”

“That obvious, h-huh?” He jerks against her, hips ramming up unconsciously to try and reach his tipping point. His nails are indenting crescents into her sides, secret evidence of this encounter that will mark her for days to come.

Y/N squeezes his nipple a little harder, revering in the carnal scream that tears at the atmosphere around them. “A bit, yeah.”

Harry’s eyes seem to shatter into a billion shards, splintering from the intensity of the orgasm that rocks his being to the core. He floods her insides with his load over and over, spurting out until a tugging sensation writhes at the pit of his stomach. A feeling of being submerged in a vat of pure warmth washes across his limbs and numbs his face, features going slack as the last of his release drains away.

“Well, that didn’t take very long.” Y/N pants out, giving his shoulder a playful shove and then pressing her chapped lips against his damp forehead to soothe him.

He leans his head forward into her soft chest until she tumbles onto her back, him following suit. Harry tangles his legs with her’s and cracks a wry, tired smile. “Told…told you it wouldn’t…”

Y/N smooths back the loose strands of hair that had dismantled from his up-do, kissing the tip of his nose as his eyes flutter shut. He slowly withdraws himself from within her slick warmth with a sharp hiss, feeling a slight suction as she slips away from his hypersensitive, softening dick.

She leans over and picks up his briefs from the pile of his clothes, crawling over to his feet to help him slip back into the undergarment. The soft cotton glides over his knees and up his thighs, causing a shiver to vibrate down his spine. Y/N carefully takes hold of his flaccid, fluid-glazed prick, tucking it into the briefs and patting his thigh when done. She flings back next to him, cozying herself against his side.

Harry takes comfort in the steady rise and fall of her chest as she focuses her attention back onto the once-forgotten film, it being about three-fourths of the way over by now. He pays it his full respect, a wistful residue of his gut-twisting release lingering in the pit of his stomach as he lays there in full relaxation.

When credits roll around he has finally recovered enough to sit up onto his elbows, his body flipping over onto Y/N’s as she stares up at the ceiling blankly.

“You didn’t come.” He sighs blatantly, one of his hands squeezing the curve of her bum while he brushes his swollen lips up and down her left shoulder. She just shrugs, seeming indifferent to the conversation.

His brows dip downwards, mind confused. “You don’t wanna come?”

Y/N shrugs again, sighing lightly as she passes one hand over his bare chest, pressing her hot lips to his jaw. “Don’t really care. Not that horny right now.”

“Wanna eat you out, though.” Harry murmurs, turning his head so that her lips smear against his.

She laughs into the kiss, bopping their foreheads together. “What’d you say before? 'Knock yourself out.’”

“Alright.” He grins at her brightly, sponging his lips down the slope of her neck, following her chest further down. “Gonna tongue fuck you, yeah?”

Y/N stares at him with awed surprise, the subject completely foreign to her. “Tongue fuck? Like, put it inside?

“Yeah. Heard it feels real good. Like, good g-spot stimulation and what not. Y'know, since the tongue is flexible.” Harry’s sentences are muffled by her flesh as he is halfway down her stomach now, suckling the skin along her navel into his mouth and biting gently. He sneaks a finger into the band that is keeping his hair out of his face, pulling it loose so that his stringy curls fall down against his jaw. He knows Y/N can’t resist diving her hands into his hair because she always tells him how much she likes feeling the softness against her fingertips so he looks up at her through his heavy lashes, waiting.

“Sounds promising. Think it’ll work for the g-spot, though? It’s kinda high up in there, innit?” Y/N is rolling around in the pillows to adjust herself correspondingly to him, spreading her legs wide open for his taking. She notices his change in scenery and immediately goes for his roots, curling her fingers in so tight it makes Harry let loose a sharp little whine.

He rests himself between her legs, rubbing his knuckles tenderly against the fleshy skin of her inner thighs and then pushing his t-shirt up onto her soft tummy to expose her fully to him as he eyes her. “Guess we’re about to find out.”

A few moments later Harry is nose deep into her cunt and from the way she’s screaming and thrashing, he thinks it’s safe to say it worked.
A/N: heyooo! Thanks for reading my imagine :D I really hope you enjoyed it and I apologize for any typos or any other flaws. As always, all the love! x
– Andrea :-)

Its Always Been You

Prompt; Steve has flashbacks of you and Bucky from before he went down and doesn’t know what it means..

Pairing(s); steve x reader , some Bucky x reader x Steve

Warning(s); angsty/fluffy - none

A/N; since I missed out dear stevies birthday :( and I sweaaaar I'm not all angst this is just– 

He sat up from his bed in a cold sweat despite the heat of the Wakandan air enveloping him. No matter how much time went by he found himself falling back onto the same dreams, onto the memory of you. Even if he had Bucky back, Peggy, had formed a new life from the one he left behind. He couldn’t seem to leave you behind with everything else from the 40′s.

“Why can’t I forget you YNN” he grunted. He was still breathing heavy as flashes from his dream played over in his mind. You voice, Your screams, they all just still seemed to echo in his brain.

‘Stevie! Come on!’ He growled and shook his head, but the action never actually made them go away. Her voice was taunting, hypnotizing as he found himself falling into the memory again.

“Steve what do you think you’re doing?” Your voice was light as you looked at the skinny man suspiciously. He froze from where he was standing, never turning around to face you. Although he could see the angry face you supported from your reflection in the glass.

“I was just… I was just uh-” he stuttered, but coughed awkwardly when Bucky suddenly also appeared from behind you. 

“You’re really gonna try and enroll into the army?… Again” his voice was teasing as he spun around to face his friends. His cheeks were a brilliant red as he balled his fist. 

“Buck!” He hissed, but the man only began to laugh hysterical as you gave him a disappointed look. You punched Bucky in the arm to shut him up before turning to look at Steve again.

“You were gonna ditch us to enroll in the army?” you questioned, Steve awkwardly looked away, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Well, you see I-” you could only huff and stomp towards him, pinching his little arm until he squealed - a manly one of corse - and glared up at you. You returned the look, the both of you staring intently at each other until Bucky finally decided to intervene.

“Alright, Alright doll, Steve where are you gonna say your from this time? Kansas? Come on we can all go dancing tonight” Bucky laid a hand on your waist while pulling Steve close by the hand. 

You sighed and pushed away Bucky’s arm to reach out and pull Steve to your body, wrapping him up in a hug. The hug was warm and held emotion as you squeezed him tight, holding in tears at the thought of Steve actually leaving you both to join the war.

“Its just, I love you so much Stevie, I’d hate to see you hurt.. ” you whispered. He would have sighed, held you back just as tight, wipe away your tears with a kiss but he didn’t. Something in him just clicked.

He didn’t shove you away, he just pulled away and refused to give you the furious glare he was sending at the poor wall. 

“That doesn’t mean i should be sitting around while good men are lying down their lives for us” He hissed. You sighed softly, Bucky placing a gentle hand on your shoulder as a signal he would handle this from here on out.

“Just… don’t do anything stupid punk” Bucky teased again, knowing that neither he or you would get through to the man unless it was as moral support. That was all you two could give him until he realized it just wasn’t worth it.

“How could I? You’re taking all the stupid with you” he found himself saying almost as if instinctively. You smiled as the pair hugged and he forced himself to look over at you. His blue eyes softened when he saw the worry on your face before it was switched to one of complete and total support.

“Just be careful, Don’t need to bail you out again” you teased lightly again. He chuckled and pulled you in for a kiss this time. slow and sweet, just like him.

“Good Luck Stevie” 

He forced himself to get up after that, tossing the covers aside and moving to the bathroom. The sun was just beginning to rise anyways, the soft orange glow filtering through the balcony windows as the jungle outside began to come to life.

He was just pulling on a shirt when Natasha, Wanda and Sam came bursting through his door, singing an off key version of Happy Birthday. He gave them a smile and laughed at the shield cake they presented him with.

“Happy Birthday Steven!” Nat shouted, scooping a bit of frosting and smearing it across his cheek. He chuckled and entertained them for a while before Wanda stepped forward, a shy almost embarrassed look on her face.

“I-I have a present for you, If its alright” she asked softly, so that Natasha and Sam wouldn’t hear over there arguing if Steve could still ‘do the do’ at just 99 years old.

“Thats perfectly okay Wanda” he smiled, but something deep down ached in him as the memory from earlier popped up, as with another one from his own birthday a near century ago.

“Rise and Shine Boys!” your voice filtered through his dream as you burst through the bedroom where both Steve and Bucky laid cuddled in bed. You wore one of Buck’s night shirts that posed as a dress on you, you were also holding a tray with breakfast on it. 

Bucky groaned from Steve’s neck, tightening his grip around the smaller males waist. Steve chuckled and tried sitting up but Bucky just pulled him closer to his chest, peppering wet kisses all along his bare chest.

“She won’t bother us if she thinks your still sleeping” Bucky whispered, but yelped in pain when you kicked him from the side of the bed. That seemed to wake him up as he sat bolt right in bed, rubbing his side as you glared at him, a pout on your lip.

“Shut up Buck, I’m celebrating Stevies birthday weather you like it or not!” you told him sternly before returning with a bright smile. Bucky muttered under his breath while Steve laughed out, allowing you to feed him the strawberry you’d cut up for him.

“You gonna feed me too doll?” you rolled your eyes as you flicked the older male in the forehead.

“When its your birthday you’ll get more than just a feeding” you told him as sultry as you could, smirking when a wolfish grin curled at his lips. Steve rolled his eyes now, pushing Buck off the bed when he saw you were taking up all your attention.

“Go away Buck, its my turn” you giggled, leaning forward to press a long and warm kiss to his lips while Bucky huffed on the floor.

“Come on Steve! she gave you plenty of attention last night with that early birthday present” he waggled his eyebrows as you struggled to maintain a laugh while Steve threw a pillow at him to shut him up.


“So whats the surprise Wanda?” Steve asked after she’d led him to one of the empty conference rooms. She hesitated for a second before pulling out a worn red journal from within her sweater. At first he looked at her in confusion until she showed him just who exactly it belonged to.

“How’d you get this?” he hissed, snatching the journal from her a little harder than necessary. Wanda didn’t flinch or back away, she expected this from him as much.

“From a woman while I was being held captive by Hydra years ago…” she began, watching as he flipped through the worn and yellowed pages with tears in his eyes. All dating back to the time you’d all been together, when you were all happy.

“..She was held with James in a different, more secure part during our imprisonment, she was weak and-and dying.. I-I didn’t know who she was until we first met” her voice was weak, as if telling Steve would ruin the trust between them but she knew she had a duty to hold by you. 

“Who was it? why did this woman have YN’s journal!” he snapped, as if finally after years of being plagued by your voice, he’d get answers.

“The woman.. was YN, Steve” he felt as if the wind had been punched out of him as he staggered back into one of the seats. Wanda reached out to help him but he held a hand up to stop her.

“What.. she never came up in any of Hydras reports, B-Buck would have helped her, he would’ve saved her, he would’ve told me!” he finally snapped, slamming the journal to the table as a sudden fury overcame him. This time Wanda did step away from him, holding a hand up in protection from his wrath.

“She told me to tell you she was alive, to give you that and that when she was ready to see you both again, you’d know” 

The dreams, the memories, it all made sense now. He placed his hands on the wall to keep himself from breaking anything out of anger. He took deep breaths to calm down, while Wanda waited patiently for his next move.

“We have to get Bucky”

aaaand scene :) hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!