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Weekly Fanfic Recommendations: Jimin’s 23 Edition

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jimin is a cute fluff ball, dont lie to me, he’s a walkie mochi ahhhh but its his birthday today !!!!! so first of all happy birthday to this cutie right here although we all know his charms are of a real man ( coughs have you seen his dancing )

jimin is always down to earth, taking care of the other members especially his 95 liner taehyung and always being a parent to jungkook lmaO, ahhhh its because of him did i find myself supporting bangtan since then, and ive never regretted my decision. thank you so much for existing and bringing so much joy and happiness to bangtan and did i not mention his voice ahHHHHHH

anyway, again happy birthday to park jimin. so to celebrate his birthday, heres my all time top 5 favourite one shots and series that i will always read time and time again. 

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lets start~


1) Damned

by @jessikahathaway

a demon au 

2) Maybe It’s The Full Moon

by @jessikahathaway

3) Poseidon

by @emboyz

a greek god au, part of the greek god au series

4) Cupid’s Bow

by @tayegi

5) Fuck, Marry, or Kill

by @tayegi


Where the Lines Overlap

by @chinnychimchim

soulmate au 


by @btsinned

hogwarts au 

Candy Corner

by @taemyg


1) Sin City

by @btssmutgalore

ongoing series with 11 parts out 

2) Into Eternity

by @jessikahathaway

ongoing series with 2 parts out 

royalty au 

3) Between Otherworldly Creatures 

by @btsjeonjazz

jimin x y/n x taehyung fic 

ongoing series with 2 parts out 

4) Labyrinth

by @taechubs

completed series with 40 parts and a finale

gang au 

5) It’s Okay, That’s Love

by @chinnychimchim

ongoing series with 4 parts out 

split personality au



by @starboyjxmin

alien au 

ongoing series with 2 parts out

The Secret Trilogy

by @avveh

ongoing series with part one out 

office au, dominant au 

once again, happy birthday to this mochi right here, let’s give him more love.

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon

Chapter 103-104

Deku: okay man, we gotta stay together.
Kacchan: FUCC YOUR SHIT *leaves*
Deku: No, Kiri dont go- BOTH OF YOU COME BACK HERE
Todo: Im gonna go be a attention whore now
UA: *screaming and throwing balls around and trying not to get hit*

You tell em’ SHEED!!!

Now here is a man that I cannot EVER recall agreeing with any call made by any referee. Here is an analogy that seems fitting. 


Whistle:Rasheed Wallace

No matter what age, team, arena, or mood Sheed was in/at, you knew one thing was for sure: Sheed’ was never going to respect ANY calls. Here’s to you Rasheed Wallace. You brought new meaning and life to post-whistle antics. It’s a good thing you retired this year, because I don’t know if you’d last 30 games with the new “Tech-happy” league we’re in.

BTW: If Rasheed Wallace ever became president of the NBA/FIBA referee committee, there would be no more whistles or a need for 3 officials at every game. All calls would be made by players, and the player making the call would simply go to the 3-point line, where anyone; opposing player, teammate, coach, heck even a random fan, or even president RASHEED WALLACE himself, would hand the player the ball and tell him to shoot. Whatever outcome, in or out, everyone would know, just like Sheed’ has known forever. Ball.Dont.Lie.