Ugh none of you care about Perfect Strangers and it’s making me very unhappy.

Like, Larry and Balki are such adorable sweethearts and you don’t even know about it. YOU COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND THE WAY I FEEL.

And I can’t even show you really because now they’ve taken it back down off of YouTube….

*plunges into a sea of melancholy*

The Man Who Would Be King

I’m still doing my rewatch of S5, but it’s taking longer than I expected and I really wanted to do The Man Who Would Be King by itself since it is such an amazing episode, and to me marks the first real deliberate nod to a potential relationship between Dean & Cas. And not just in parts, but the whole episode. It really is the story of how Cas loves Dean. And, just to really make it even more awesome, it was both written AND directed by Ben Edlund, so it’s not like there was some disconnect between the writing and the direction. It is all pretty pure. So here it is, giffed and everything. I’m also going to apologise for the length. I’ve been working on this for about a month now, and it got a little out of hand.

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Perfect Strangers: Balki & Larry dances to MC Hammer

Did I tell you the joke about the three sheepherders? This is the funniest joke in all of Mypos!

These three sheepherders want to find out who has the most beautiful sheep in all of Mypos. So they decide to bring each the prized animal to be judged by the others. And so, then the first one presents his sheep and the other said, this is a very beautiful animal….so big, so white, so fluffy, good gums.

So the next one brings his sheep, even more beautiful. And then the next one presents his sheep…but it’s just a horrible-looking animal! Skinny, dirty, wrinkled face. And they say this has got to be the most ugly animal in the world! And the sheep looks right into their faces and the sheep says, you think I’m ugly? Well, I’m not!
—  Balki Bartokomous