Did I tell you the joke about the three sheepherders? This is the funniest joke in all of Mypos!

These three sheepherders want to find out who has the most beautiful sheep in all of Mypos. So they decide to bring each the prized animal to be judged by the others. And so, then the first one presents his sheep and the other said, this is a very beautiful animal….so big, so white, so fluffy, good gums.

So the next one brings his sheep, even more beautiful. And then the next one presents his sheep…but it’s just a horrible-looking animal! Skinny, dirty, wrinkled face. And they say this has got to be the most ugly animal in the world! And the sheep looks right into their faces and the sheep says, you think I’m ugly? Well, I’m not!
—  Balki Bartokomous

I don’t see a lot of stuff from ‘Perfect Strangers’ on Tumblr.  And I think that’s sad.  It’s not incredibly well known because only the first two seasons are available on DVD (maybe because of licensing fees for the songs the characters constantly start singing?).  But oh those seasons.  They’re gold.  Balki and Larry meet, Balki plays baseball, Larry’s surprise birthday party, Balki learns to drive, Balki’s first love, Larry meeting Jennifer…I love this show.

It’s silly, it’s fun, the physical comedy is fantastic, but it’s also capable of bringing the feels.  Such a great balance.


The #Influence of Perfect Strangers ~>

Who could forget the charm furnace that was Balki Bartokomous? If your life is so vacant that you have somehow not thought about this for a while, these Perfect Strangers Bloopers will bring it all right back.