Balenciaga bag

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Omg yes, KIC #11 for the I love you prompts

The way you said “I love you.“ | With a shuddering gasp

“Careful, careful,” Yuuri mumbles, ducking his head into Victor’s neck.

He hears Victor laugh above him, before getting pulled closer by the arm around his waist. “Everyone’s watching you. Don’t hide,” Victor says into his ear, warm breath grazing his skin.

Yuuri pokes him as they continue to waltz around the dance floor of the ballroom. “They’re only watching me because you,” he glances up with a pointed look, “you keep nearly stepping on my shoes, and you know Michele got me these on loan from Gautier, you want me in trouble—”

He stops talking when Victor starts laughing again. “Yuuuuuri,” he coos, nuzzling his cheek. “Listen to you right now. Why, if someone told me Yuuri Katsuki would one day be lecturing me on shoes—”

“I’m lecturing you on your dancing.”

“I wouldn’t have believed them! It’s like… it’s like…” Victor searches for words, twirling them around all the while.

“It’s like Balenciaga releasing an IKEA bag?” Yuuri prompts.

Victor grins at him, squeezing his waist. “Exactly.”

Yuuri rolls his eyes, then yelps a second later. “Victor,” he says through gritted teeth, “The shoes.”

“Mmm, sorry,” Victor says against his forehead, not sounding sorry at all. He says after a moment, “I love you.”

Yuuri keeps his mouth firmly shut, fixates his eyes on a statue at the mouth of the room’s entrance. It’s a pair of winged angels, naked and beautiful and leaping towards the heavens.

“Yuuri.” He can practically hear Victor frowning above him. “I love you,” he repeats.

He waits a beat before replying sincerely, “Thank you.”

Yuuri.” The hand on his waist travels to his side, fingers digging in and tickling.

“Stop,” Yuuri can’t help the laugh that he barks out. “Victor, hey, stop.”

“Say it.”

“Sto-hah, stop it.”

Say it.” The fingers are merciless, brushing tortuously against his weak spots. Yuuri’s halfway between laughing and wheezing, and they’re not even dancing anymore, just frozen in one spot as Victor holds his body flush against his, Yuuri giggling in his arms.

“I lo—please, I’m saying it, I am,” he gasps out. “I love you.”

And as fast as he takes a deep breath when the assault finally ceases, Victor’s mouth is on his, taking it away again.