Dog at Aswan Dam by Shek Graham

So, I recently learned that indigenous Egyptian dogs are called “baladi” ( بلدى‎ ), an Arabic word whose closest English equivalent is “folk.” Lots of things can be baladi: music, dance, food…and yes, dogs. 

Sometimes the word carries a lower-class, pejorative connotation; sometimes it simply means ordinary or commonplace. At the same time, local fruits and vegetables are often labeled baladi and marketed positively as being native, natural, un-engineered, special. Sounds like a perfect pariah dog slogan if I ever heard one…

On 29th Jan 2014 there was heavy rain in Madinah and the Fajr adhan was modified to say “assalaatu fi rihaalakum “meaning “prayer is in your homes” instead of “hayya alal falah.” This has been part of sunnah of Rasoolullah SAW but was revived after a long long time. Subhanallah!!