The Raqs Baladi: An Aurake Fic (Part One)

The music started, upbeat tamburas and drums filled the room, and Aurora, beautiful Aurora, she began to dance.

Her hands twisted above of her, the silken cuffs draping around her as her hips rocked to the upbeat music, the sweat glistening on her rolling stomach.  Her foot reaching out, the single strand of jewels around it shimmering in the fae light. Slowly she slid away, her arms twisting at her sides. Sliding back up, she brought her hands in. Rolling her shoulders, she twisted her waist, working her way low to the floor and twisted back up. His breathing had gone shallow, his mouth dry, but he kept his eyes trained on her.

She smiled, fully aware of the affect she had. With her eyes trained on him, she slid an ankle around the other and slowly twirled. With a hand above her head and the other draped towards him, her cuffed sleeves cascaded pink and gold hues around her. It took everything to stay seated and let her dance.

Her stomach rolling, Aurora brought her hands together, letting the slid upwards as she twisted her hips. Feet and arms apart, she bent over, shaking her head side to side. Reverting herself, she threw up her hands, letting them trace down her sides as her hips shimmied.

Hands above her head, twisting rhythmically, she shot her hip out towards him, Aurora’s skirts falling away revealing smooth tanned skin, naked up to her hip. His breathing had gone shallow as she rolled her hips thrusting towards him.

With one last smile, she turned away popping her hips, her tanned back shining as she lifted up her midnight hair, her hips popping, the silks around her cascading down her legs. Blake gripped the arms of the chair, keeping his ass planted.

Twisting back around, she lifted her chin, taking small steps toward him, her hips thrusting to each side. Careening to the side, she snapped back upright, an arm around her, the other upright.

Grasping the sides of her skirts, she lifted them up, the silks cascading around her as she shimmied her hips faster and faster, her eyes on him. Twisting the fabric around her, Aurora released them as she spun, the pinks fanning out around her.

Turning back to him, she stepped foot in front of the other, letting her hips rock back and forth, faster and faster. His heart pounded through every fiber of him, with each drumbeat. Dipping in front of herself, her arms fanned out around her. Bringing them back together, she slowly righted herself, her hair falling in front of her, but Blake could still see her dark eyes looking back at him as she smiled.

She clasped her hands over her head, she rocked her hips, drawing closer and closer to him. Inches from him, she turned her back to him, spinning in a circle. When she faced him again, she pulled a silken fabric around his neck. His control on himself snapped when the scent of Lotus blossoms and honey hit his nose. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his lap. A bubble of laughter erupted from her.

Pulling his face up to her, she kissed him on the lips. Her skin burned against his, as his arms wrapped around her back, drawing her closer. Burying his nose into her neck, he looked back up at her, “What is that called?”

She frowned, “The dance?”


“It’s called the Raqs Baladi.” Her accent rolled on her tongue. Blake could let her speak nonstop for days, just to hear it. “It’s well known in the Dawn Court.”

He grinned at her, “Teach me?”


I created this ship where it’s the Moriel’s son and the High Lord of the Dawn Court’s daughter. I created a new trash bin and permenantly moved in. If you like, please, please, leave a comment XO