Baking Bread

We discover a new way in which Unicorns are awesome almost every day. Today, thanks to UK baker extraordinaire Lou Lou P’s Delights (previously featured here), we discovered how unicorns instantly make any cookout magical and majestic: Unicorn Burger Buns, of course! 

Pugloaf and Catloaf both make great bread for toast and sandwiches, but when it’s a bun you need, no loaf will do, Unicorn Burger Buns to the rescue!

[via Lou Lou P’s Delights]

Six Things Meme

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one song: Thanks to the Whoettes, I have Safe & Sound by Capital Cities stuck in my head. At least it isn’t totally heinous.

two films: Woman in Gold and Paul Blart, Mall Cop 2 (Don’t judge. I laughed. A lot. And the Whoettes laughed, which has been rare lately. So any film that can do that makes the list. And yes, it is ridiculously stupid.)

three shows: Currently, Poldark, The Crimson Field, and My Fair Wedding

four people: Mr. Who, the Biggest Whoette, the Littlest Whoette, and my neighbor

five foods: The loaf of homemade sourdough that is baking right now; romaine salad with blue cheese crumbles, lots of raw veggies, and homemade dijon vinaigrette; Sweet Chili flavored “Popped” rice snacks; watermelon; cantaloupe 

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Things I love about life #10

Baking Bread

I love the smell of baking bread.  I love the feeling of pride when I create something.  I like how I think about grandma when I cook from scratch, and I enjoy preparing - thinking through the recipe, gathering ingredients, walking to the store… I enjoy kneading bread, taking off my ring and lightly covering the table and hands and dough with flour.  I enjoy watching it rise, and serving hot slices of bread to my friends or family.

thesongofloreley asked:

As I'm rather recently out as pagan to my parents, they still disapprove and don't let me really express my religion in their presence :( but, I am still celebrating Lammas for my first time by baking a loaf of bread (I can smell it as I type this!) and having a little meditation and walk out in nature later today!

That is awesome, you make me want to bake some bread, enjoy your day many blessings to you

Amorra Week - Day One

Title: Sweet Tooth

Word Count: 1038

Summary: Korra visits the city’s most famous bakery shop during her break.

Every week day, during her lunch breaks at school, Korra would take a quick stroll down to Republic City’s authentic water tribe bakery, better known as The North Brothers’ Bakery. Without fail, she would show up at exactly half past noon, bag slung over her shoulder and hair in slight disarray from her quick and sprightly movements.

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Happy First Harvest/Lammas/Lughnasadh!

Mother Earth becomes the Harvest Queen, harvesting the fruits of Her labor and manifesting Her desires. We celebrate our hard work over the past year. We celebrate our success and consider what lessons we may learn from our failures.*

Let us celebrate the mystery of First Harvest,
the season of the Harvest Queen.
What most we love we must give back again,
the dance of life may spiral on and on.
From death comes forth new life, and thus rebirth;
from joy to grief and sorrow, and back again to mirth.

I will be celebrating today by baking fresh bread, enjoying outside,
I will ponder on my own, personal harvests, and the sacrifices I also must make to pave the way for new beginnings.

*Original Goddess-centered view by mygoddessmusings