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etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 3.24.17

scottish buttermilk + blueberry scones by xocolatlchocolate

ok, i’ve been on a scone kick all year so far … i think i’ll need to treat myself to some of these delectable organic blueberry scones made with scottish buttermilk! xocolatlchocolate has a ton more flavors, too — chocolate chip, cherry almond, honey lavender, rosemary citrus, white chocolate hazelnut, and more! NOM.


After binging through the tv show “Stranger Things” a few months back, I instantly felt the need to draw something based on it’s greatness. I doodled out all of it’s little characters, posted the drawing and went on about my business.

Then something amazing happened. I received a message from Claire Bush of Halifax, West Yorkshire. She said she had seen my “Stranger Things” print and loved it. She asked if she could make a cake based on my drawing. I couldn’t reply fast enough. First, I sent her a paragraph on how my my family loves CAKE!!!! Then I told her absolutely yes!

Yesterday I woke up to see these pictures in my inbox and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything quite as cool (and delicious looking). Claire of “Sweet Sugar Sixpence” Bakery made this cake for her son’s birthday (Awesome job Mom!). I bow to you Claire, you are amazing. Thank you so much!