Fic Idea for Adoption

This popped into my brain, but I’m not at a point to write it right now, so if anyone wants to play with it, feel free.

Bail/Breha/Obi-Wan - AU-no Empire

The War comes to an end and Obi-Wan is on Alderaan with Bail for whatever reason and the news comes over the holonet that Palps is the Sith and he’s been caught/killed/whatever and the Seps are agreeing to peace talks and the war is over! Huzzah! Bail and Obi-Wan have been growing close and getting flirty with each other and Breha’s like hot damn, nice pick Bail, so when the news comes through they have some oh-god-we’re-not-dead-we’re-all-gonna-be-okay sex.

But Bail and Breha have been trying (again) to have babies and have both been off birth control for a while. Obi-Wan never expected to be in that situation, so he wasn’t on anything either. So some time later Breha starts noticing things and sees her specialist and congrats! Pregnant!

Except the doc pulls Breha aside and is like…. uhhh… not sure how to put this, but according to this magic space scan, the other genetic make up is not your husband’s?? I mean, Breha’s cool with this because she’s wanted a baby for ages and Bail’s cool with this since he’s been half-courting Obi-Wan for years now, but they decide to keep quiet with it for a while. I vaguely recall something saying that Breha had miscarriages before they decided to adopt in the canon universe, so they opt to not tell people about the pregnancy for a while out of fear-sad-caution.

But everything seems to be progressing well (and will continue to do so because this is a happy story and the baby will be born healthy).  And when Breha starts to show, they know they need to make an announcement, but they can’t say anything until they talk to Obi-Wan first.

Obi-Wan’s just like… what. *politely flusters* I- what- h- *blinkblinkblink* And when his brain starts back up he helps them spin the story for the press about opting to use a genetic donor to fertilize the eggs and stuff. No one had to know that Obi-Wan was the donor and he’d get to stay in the Jedi life without controversy. In his mind, he kind of decides to be this kid’s doting uncle who’s away a lot.

(Breha and Bail just kind of look at each other and decide to start making a place for Obi-Wan in their home because, really. Bail, at least, has seen some of the extent of Obi-Wan’s devotion to those he considers family and that man will find every chance to come see this baby. They’re both also open to continuing the romance between the three of them, but accept that if Obi-Wan does stay a Jedi, they may not have that and will be very close friends regardless.)

But then Obi-Wan has to go back to the Temple with that kind of news rattling around in his brain and Anakin flails himself into Obi-Wan’s quarters like OBI-WAN I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING IMPORTANT. SO UH PADME AND I ARE MARRIED AND WE KEPT IT A SECRET, BUT THAT’S PROBABLY GONNA COME OUT NOW THAT THE WAR’S OVER AND PADME TOLD ME THIS MORNING THAT SHE’S PREGNANT. –I’M GONNA BE A DAD. –

And Obi-Wan’s just like…. me too.

And then they stand there staring at each other just like… what. 

And that’s as far as my brain got. :D


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anonymous asked:

I wish we could have seen Luminara's reaction to her padawan Barriss turning against the Jedi Order. I'm sure it's something they would have explored later if they'd had more seasons but I would have love to seen Luminara, strict and follows the Jedi Code to the letter Luminara, dealing with the aftermath. Assuming Barriss was given imprisonment for life, would she have tried to help turn her padawan back?

I think about this a lot too, Anon. Not to say that the focus shouldn’t have been on Ahsoka during The Wrong Jedi, but the fact of the matter is that Barriss betraying the Jedi Order also means she betrayed her Master too.

And though Luminara constantly tries to put on a strong front, I cannot help but feel she cared for Barriss a lot.

Sometimes, when I’m rewatching episodes after that event, I look for Luminara and stare at her like, “Are you okay?

i mean…

no but seriously…how’s it going???

heeeey guys, whatcha talkin about? padawans? are we talking about padawans that aren’t here with us anymore? 

cuz i wanna know

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