El famoso millonetis Gianluca Vacchi bailando Despacito, pero… Wait for it… porque viene con surprise.

It’s easter which means I’ll be dragged to family meeting, forced to lie about how pure family is, pretend I’m praying for 5 minutes, eat, leave, forget half of the racist/homophobic/transphobic shit that will be said and sleep for the rest of the day

Sometimes I like to imagine an au where Anakin and Obi-wan and Padme have been plotting against the mysterious Sith lord since Geonosis, and Anakin makes the decision to go deep cover and play along with Palpatine’s weird manipulation in order to get close enough to the Senate to figure out who’s calling the shots.

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Mark Hamill: Luke has worn black before, of course, in Return of the Jedi, and Mark wore black yesterday, too. But for this panel he pulled out the shiny satin and that reads VADER all the way. 

Kelly Marie Tran: I am SO EXCITED for her character!!! She’s playing Rose, ‘a very big part of the action’  – but introduced in this second film, just like Lando, and Bail Organa:

who also consistently wears blue! (And both brought in new, necessary, diversity, too, as Kelly does now)

John Boyega: Look, I may overthink these things but his look is CLEARLY inspired by Finn’s trooper past. Notably, also, wearing black and white links him to the Skywalker twins. 

Daisy Ridley: That dress is so Padmé it hurts. Like, physically hurts me (the biggest Padmé fan and stan you know). 

And as the color John’s outfit ties him to Luke and Leia, Daisy’s ties her to Padmé, and Anakin (the flame red of Mustafar, Sith lightsabers, the Emperor’s and Vader’s personal guards). 

And just, ICYMI, Daisy wore Rey’s hair and I cry:

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