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oh great meme lord @ciniga of this fandom and everyone else, did I do the meme right? XD the finished product of that wip yesterday. XD I’ve really got to get out more haha XD (let’s be honest now, we’re ALL Cedric on this one XD Poor guy got assaulted by cuteness overload)


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I saw the coloring book at the store today, and remembered this one other drawing that someone posted, so…of course I unironically bought it.  🙃

I’ve also scanned the original if anyone wants to commit sin too. 

Imagine an Episode were the royal kids get kidnapped and Roland and co have to team up to get them back. 

-Ceddi is forced to go with them and would be a (cute) coward
-Roland is all protective and stuff, but has to hold Miranda back bc
-Miranda goes all berserk since someone took her babies
-Baileywick keeps calm since he knows his little Buttercups will do fine

Pls give me tis episode. pls

So, it’s official: September 8th will be the Series Finale of “Sofia the First”!

It’s been a long run, and it was quite a fun one.

Now, I wonder when it will be aired on other parts of the World (between them, all of Europe).

(And of course, I wonder too if Lucinda will be there, even if the chances are low).


Stuff I Still Want From Sofia the First

King Magnus and Rudistan Episode: Rudistan is in a crisis since all of King Magnus’ staff have quit. Lesson about being a good boss, dangers of being impractical, not appreciating employees. Greylock and Slickwell redemption?

Overworking Episode: Sofia has princess duties, a call from the library, and a protector mission all on the same day. Lesson about having it all, but not all at once. Dangers of multitasking, overworking yourself.

They could also make some episodes from storybooks: Pearl the unicorn, Lucinda’s rabbit Hexie, Hildegard being turned into a mouse, Vivian’s house for Christmas (not Wassailia).

Just other questions I want answered, worked into other episodes or their own stand alones:

-Birk Balthasar’s fate (pretty sure being a sailor he was lost at sea, but would like confirmation)
-Roland’s first wife, the twin’s mother, and her fate (also think she’s dead, but need that confirmed. It doesn’t make sense that she and Birk are never mentioned. Modern families being what they are, pretending the bioparent never existed isn’t helpful to kids ((excepting if the parent was a deadbeat but Disney just likes to have them dead)))
-Why Baileywick dislikes Cedric
-How Goodwyn and Winifred got together
-Cedric quits being Royal Sorcerer to become Headmaster of Hexley Hall (don’t stay in a toxic job)
-Sofia decides to go to Hexley Hall to become a sorceress (I still feel this makes the most sense storywise given Sofia’s relationship with magic - I thought that her obvious third thing in the School Fair episode)
-More amulet related bits. Again, it’s getting back to the show’s “roots” in a sense. The Amulet of Avalor is supposed to be so powerful but it’s not utilized enough. Pocahontas is due an episode, and I guess Moana now too (tho not necessary). 
-Ivy’s sister and her kingdom.
-Maybe Sofia is called by the amulet to a problem when Tilly wore the amulet? Or called to a point in the future where we get a glimpse into Sofia’s own fate. Something sweet like she helps her own grandchild or step-niece. 
-Sofia revealing the amulet’s powers to her family either by telling them herself or having Cedric tell on her for her own safety (like about to run off on another dangerous mission). Maybe he even gets in trouble again for keeping the secret from her parents.
-Sofia and Miranda’s life in Dunwiddie village. The pilot made it seem like after Roland and Miranda met he told her to go home and get her things cuz they were getting hitched immediately. 
-Cedric without his robe. (I’d also like a different outfit, but I dare not dream too big)
-Desmond’s kingdom and which country it’s based on (holds true for other princes/princesses)
-Magical rules (as it seems stf really skimps on this - ideally I’d want a Cedric spin-off that focuses more on the magic in the stf/eoa magic set in Cedric’s early teens/early evil days)
-Cordelia’s kingdom and husband/Calista’s daddy (she doesn’t live in Enchancia but does live in a castle… so is she a royal sorceress somewhere else or independant?)