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He’s just like: “I am so much cooler, hotter, talented, and damned better than you and you fucking know it, you peasant”

And he is


BEST OF 2014 TRINIDAD SOCA - 180 Big Tunes

0:05 Bunji Garlin — Carnival Tabanca (Shot Master J Roadmix)
1:53 Bunji Garlin — Truck On D Road
3:20 Machel Montano — HMA (Happiest Man Alive)
4:45 Kerwin Du Bois — Too Real
6:10 Shurwayne Winchester — Carnivalian
7:10 Bunji Garlin — Soca Run Town
8:30 Destra — Just a Little Bit
9:42 Erphaan Alves — Ram and Full
10:53 Farmer Nappy — Big People Party
12:17 Erphaan Alves — Bumper Bounce — Addictive Riddim
12:53 Patrice Roberts — Pull Me Over — Addictive Riddim
13:40 Machel Montano — Bruck It — Addictive Riddim
14:46 Machel Montano — EPIC
16:23 Machel Montano — Haunted
18:16 GBM Nutron & Shal Marshall — Addicted
19:06 Erphaan Alves & Blaxx  — Contagious (We Drinkin)
20:11 Kerwin Du Bois & Lyrical — Lockdown
21:27 Benjai — Come Out to Play — Vintage Riddim
22:49 Kerwin Du Bois — Galavanting
24:09 Patrice Roberts — Somebody — Festive Riddim
25:12 Ronnie Homer — Bouncing Up
25:53 Machel Montano — Ministry of Road (M.O.R.)
27:23 Patrice Roberts — Turn It Up Loud
28:45 Destra — Mash Up — Emergency Riddim
30:23 KES The Band — Ram Jam
31:20 Shurwayne Winchester — Raise It Up
33:03 Machel Montano & Major Lazer — Sound Bang
33:58 Patrice Roberts — Di Most — Buggy Riddim
35:09 Fay Ann Lyons — Done D Party — Oil Stain Riddim
36:30 Noey — Thick Gyal Army
37:32 Giselle D Wassi One — Wassi
38:19 Farmer Nappy Ft Imani — Addiction
39:07 Patrice Roberts — Pong It
39:54 Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick — Monster Wine Remix
41:03 Machel Montano — Shameless
42:11 Timaya ft Machel Montano — Shake Up Your Bum Bum(remix)
43:11 Farmer Nappy — All Ah Dat
44:10 Kerwin Du Bois — Spoil Myself — Titans Riddim
45:20 Machel Montano — She Coming — Titans Riddim
46:01 KES The Band — True Masquerader — Titans Riddim
46:54 Destra — State Of Mind — Titans Riddim
47:48 Blaxx — Carnival Virgins
48:53 Patrice Roberts — Bomb Drop
50:12 Nia — No Body
51:06 Denise Belfon — Challenge
51:55 Ravi B — Gyal Wukkin
52:29 MR Famous — Play More Local
53:22 KES The Band — Never See Come See — Chuku Chuku Riddim
54:06 Denise Belfon — Chuku Chuku — Chuku Chuku Riddim
54:45 Farmer Nappy — Family — Sando Riddim
55:36 Isaac Blackman — Soca (Soul of Calypso) — Sando Riddim
56:22 Preedy — Wining Champion — Sando Riddim
57:10 GBM Nutron & Jaiga — Gyal Season — Sando Riddim
57:48 Machel Montano — Drop It Down — Sando Riddim
58:36 Patrice Roberts — Doh Rough Meh — Sando Riddim
59:09 Destra — First Time
1:00:19 Farmer Nappy — Down Low
1:01:13 Super Jigga TC — I Feel — Early Bird Riddim
1:01:44 Destra — Aye You! — Early Bird Riddim
1:02:48 Benjai — Give It All To Meh
1:03:27 Bunji Garlin — All O’ Dem — Soca Hero Riddim
1:04:30 Shurwayne Winchester — All Inclusive Jam — Soca Hero Riddim
1:05:34 Bunji Garlin — Red Light District
1:06:43 Kerwin Du Bois — Doh Beg
1:07:25 Kerwin Du Bois — Forget About It
1:08:16 5 Star Akil — To Meh Heart
1:09:58 Kerwin Du Bois — Press A Button — Coconut Shell Riddim
1:10:41 Fya Empress — Cool Scene — Coconut Shell Riddim
1:10:58 Shurwayne Winchester — My Team — Coconut Shell Riddim
1:11:48 Kerwin Dubois — Fight D Feeling — Old Thing Riddim
1:12:58 Blaxx — Ten To One — Old Thing Riddim
1:14:01 Rayzor & Leonce — Bess Fete
1:15:16 Cali — Push It Back
1:15:58 Lyrikal — Conquer Meh
1:16:55 KES The Band — Play De Music
1:18:04 5 Staz — Handle It
1:18:53 Jamesy P — Hit n Run
1:19:45 Juby & Chingee — Soca Fighter
1:20:12 Ravi B — Break Away
1:20:58 Bunji Garlin — Find Me In Trinidad
1:22:11 Benjai — Lick It In
1:23:39 GBM, Shal Marshal, Nutron & Reina — Come Over
1:24:45 Jungle Ft. Diamond — All Night
1:26:15 Fay Ann Lyons — Gimme That
1:26:58 Super Blue — Champion Daddy
1:27:59 MR Renzo — Take Control
1:29:16 Shurwayne Winchester ft Farmer Nappy — We Doh Sleep
1:30:09 Swappi 4D  — 4D Carnival
1:32:03 Avinash Maharaj — End Of The Day
1:32:47 Fay Ann Lyons — Whine Nah Boy — El Dorado Riddim
1:33:20 Swappi 4D — Don’t Let Go — El Dorado Riddim
1:33:55 Nutron — Bubblin
1:34:46 Orlando Octave — Keep Ya Body Movin
1:35:46 Destra — Road Call
1:36:36 Shal Marshal — Drink Something
1:37:23 Shyann Bailey — Feeling Good — Red Rum Riddim
1:38:17 Patrice Roberts — Carnival Spirit — Red Rum Riddim
1:39:13 KES The Band — Feel It
1:40:00 KES The Band — Siddung
1:41:04 Benjai Come Nah — Come Nah Riddim
1:41:57 Chucky — Take Your Time
1:42:50 Destra — Give It All To Me
1:43:35 KI — Professor Feter — Bad Influence Riddim
1:44:30 Lyrical — Part Ah Yuh Nature — Bad Influence Riddim
1:44:53 Nadia Batson — Bad Influence — Bad Influence Riddim
1:46:04 KI & 3Veni — Ranaway (Soca Chutney)
1:46:49 Nadia Batson & Lyrikal — Loose
1:47:35 Patrice Roberts — Make Me Out
1:48:41 Shal Marshal — Feel 2 Wuk
1:50:03 Cassi — Man In Yuh House
1:51:10 Drupatee — Dulahin
1:52:08 Darnella — Can’t Get Enough
1:52:51 5 Star Akil ft Nadia Batson — Never Done
1:54:08 Nutron — Just 1 Wine
1:54:41 Nadia Batson — Prisoner
1:55:30 Patrice Roberts — Hold On Tight (Madahouse Remix)
1:56:23 Dil E Nadan Ft Blaxx & Dr Seales — Carnival Nice
1:57:29 K Rich — Go Down
1:58:19 Kahblis — Don’t Disturb Mi
1:59:12 KES The Band — Country Gyal
2:00:03 MR Smooth — Ah Like Dat
2:01:19 Bunji Garlin — Gi Dem Dey — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:02:24 Jaiga ft Shal Marshall — Juice — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:03:24 Lyrical — Party Nuh Dun — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:04:00 Olatunji — Wa Yuh Drinkin —The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:04:45 Swappi 4D — Tek Wine — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:05:34 Christian Kalpee — Doh Wanna Go
2:06:24 Fay Ann Lyons — Catch Me
2:07:21 K Rich — Las Lap
2:08:21 KES The Band — Bad Habbit
2:09:37 Machel Montano — HMA Remix
2:10:28 Makamillion — Wuk — Soca Antidote Riddim
2:11:22 Pamputtae — Shake Um Bumper — Soca Antidote Riddim
2:11:55 Yankey Boy & Dev Gimie — Liquor — Soca Antidote Riddim
2:12:42 MR Renzo — Anywhere
2:13:24 Nadia Batson — The Anthem
2:14:28 Destra — Trailer Load — wildness Riddim
2:15:30 Jaiga — Hard Wuk — wildness Riddim
2:16:10 Lyrical — Soca Beast — wildness Riddim
2:16:47 Shal Marshal — Wining Partner — wildness Riddim
2:18:00 Bunji Garlin & Major Laser — It’s a Carnival
2:18:58 Syo — In the Air
2:19:44 Asten Isaac — Lean — Optimus Riddim
2:20:39 Benjai — Dance — Optimus Riddim
2:21:31 Collis Duranty — Pave The Road With Love — Optimus Riddim
2:22:07 Sexy Trisha — Duh Stop Meh — Optimus Riddim
2:22:54 Blaxx & Macka Diamond — Mash Up D Road — Stupse Riddim
2:23:44 Terri Lyons — What Will You Do — Stupse Riddim
2:24:15 Blaxx & Skinny Fabulous — Extra Bad Pon De Road
2:25:01 Jaiga — Keisha
2:25:42 Nadia Batson — Agressive
2:26:18 Swappi 4D — Last Forever
2:27:50 Blaxx — Fettin Away
2:28:53 KI & 3Ven —i No Conduct
2:29:21 KI & 3Veni  —Carnival Symptoms
2:30:15 Denise Belfon & K Rich — Jammin With You (King & Queen)
2:31:11 Lil Bitts — Roll It
2:31:37 MX Prime & Kerwin Du Bois — Welcome To Carnival
2:32:50 Denise Belfon & Prophet Benjamin — Ah Comin
2:33:38 Blaxx — Hooray — Carnival Riddim
2:34:38 JW & Blaxe — Somebody — Carnival Riddim
2:35:36 KES The Band — Spirit — Carnival Riddim
2:36:27 Nikita Browne — Solo — Carnival Riddim
2:37:25 Olatunji — What We Know — Carnival Riddim
2:38:32 Super Blue — Spankin
2:39:50 Olatunji — Fete Ram (Chutney soca)
2:41:20 Daddy Chinee & Gayatones ft Fya Empress — Tassa Jam
2:41:57 Lyrikal — Bumper Dystruction — Lava Lamp Riddim
2:42:50 Cassi — Hearing Ah Talk
2:44:02 Shal Marshal — Touch D Road
2:45:00 Fya Empress — Doh Linger — Faze Juan Riddim
2:45:55 Nadia Batson — Rated R
2:46:40 K Rich — Masquerade
2:47:52 Ronnie Mcintosh — We Bringing It
2:49:00 Olatunji — Mad Up In This — Jab Jab Riddim
2:49:58 Iwer George — Jab Jab — Jab Jab Riddim
2:50:43 Destra — Dutty D Road
2:51:45 JW & Blaxe — Going
2:52:35 Ms Alysha — On The Truck
2:53:45 Swappi 4D — Run To D Front

An Author’s Odyssey

I just finished the fifth book in the Land of Stories series and once again I am in awe. Chris Colfer is a fantastic writer! Each of the characters is so well developed. Like it would have been really easy to make Red a bitchy brat, but you can see under her shallow exterior she does have a good heart. The books are marketed towards kids but, going into college as an English major, I am in awe. These books start off so simple and grow on each other. The characters grow. The themes develop at a rate that makes sense. Nothing is ever forced. The fighting is always in the right place, Conner’s off handed references and often dumb comments are almost always perfectly placed, the romance is always good without being overwhelming.

Something I need to gush about is the fabulousness that is Jack and Goldilocks. It is fucking canon that they have had sex, not something you’d see in a children’s series. But more than that they love each other. Not the idea of each other or the idea of the future they can have. No. Jack is completely and utterly smitten with his now wife. He proposed while they were in the middle of battle because he knew she’d think it would be romantic. They talk to each other. Not just flirt like other characters, they actually communicate what they’re thinking. Jack knows she has walls and knows she has secrets. That doesn’t piss him off, it infatuates him. Goldilocks is literally the epitome of femenism. She can kick ass, she can save the day, she can be the girlfriend for Red, she can be a wife to Jack (SPOILER) and mother to her son, she can lead by example and follow those who she thinks are worth following. Plus how often does a couple like this:

A. Get together

B. Stay together/ get married

C. Have a kid

Especially in a genre that’s becoming more and more about unattainable love this is a rare and much needed win. (I need more fan art of them stat)

More than that both the main characters, Alex and Conner, are evolving. They were passable in The Wishing Spell but in the books since they’ve both grown away from their tropes as the studious one and the slacking joker (seriously does every set of twins have to be like that). Alex has gone through very relatable issues. She’s grown up different, very studious and therefore mocked by her classmates. Once she’s in the fairy tale world, you’d think that suddenly everything is good and grand. But it’s not. She is walking a very thin line between good and evil since book three. When she loses her temper, she loses her motherfucking temper. She’s gone from a nobody to the fairy godmother. She’s also an emotional teenage girl. As much as I hate saying this, hormones make you do stupid shit. (I’m a teenage female going off my own experience). But she’s also facing the most frustrating thing ever- adults that won’t listen to her. Yes there are more frustrating things, but the entire first part of the fourth book is no one believing her about the Masked Man. She wants to help people but to help them she has to make questionable decisions. Decisions that other people- Ezmia, the evil queen- have made and suffered for. 

Then you have Conner. Conner Jonathan Bailey is my son I swear to god. He is awkward and clumsy and wants the world to make sense. He cracks jokes at inappropriate times, often getting his foot in his mouth, but his writing. The fifth book is exploring his writing. It was all so interesting. As a writer myself, I love how he viewed his worlds. With pride and awe. There are times that writing a story doesn’t seem that exciting, especially when you’re writing fiction. Because a writer’s job is to create worlds and people and events that paint your mind with black words on white paper. That’s mind boggling and it’s my job. Conner goes from a little boy to a far more mature young man. He has a passion for writing. He was inspired by people in his home world and in the Land of Stories. He took personalities and altered them for the setting. He has a lot of doubts about himself which is what any artist has. But my god, his imagination is spectacular (also there was a great part where Alex asks Conner what he would do if a guy showed up and said he was the author of their story. A+ self insertion joke, Mr. Colfer). Conner still uses humor as a coping mechanism, but he is also more courageous. He’s willing to run into a fight even if he’s terrifed.

Plus the themes that Colfer explores are done so beautifully. Everything is just so beautiful. The characters that are in love are genuinely in love. The characters that are just best friends act like best friends. The women are beautifully written and the men just as well. But more than that, this is the kind of book series you could read as a kid and as an adult.

Overall, this series is (as much as I don’t want to say it) just as good as Harry Potter. If not better. Harry Potter is obviously amazing and got me into reading and writing, but this series explores stories not just magic. People are beginning to understand how important stories are. Anyone can be a hero or a villain, depending on whose telling the story. The Land of Stories explores both sides. Perfect princesses are violent and short tempered. Dashing princes and knights can be afraid, cower, and sew. People that achieved something in their childhood don’t always grow up to get what they want. And best of all, ANYONE CAN BE A HERO! I work with kids a lot, so when they tell me they aren’t good enough or that they can’t do something because someone can do it better, I want to cry. I once had a 6 year old boy tell me there was no such thing as magic. This series shows that you can do so much to help peopl even if you don’t have powers. You can do things that scare you and that counts as being brave. IT TEACHES YOUNG GIRLS TO LOOK UP TO THEMSELVES AND FIND THEIR CALLING AND TO BASICALLY TELL ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY CAN’T DO SOMETHING TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES! YOUNG BOYS ARE ALLOWED TO CRY AND BE SCARED AND BE HUMAN AND STILL BE BRAVE!!!

If you haven’t read the story, please do. You will not regret it.

Ignition Part 3

Part 2

It wasn’t really fussing, Owen realised, as he opened the doors of the ambulance. It sounded more like loud, painful groans. The first thing he saw when the doors opened was the windshield wiper lodged dangerously close to her sternum. He stood frozen in his spot as the paramedics took her out and gave him the usual bullet points.

“34 year old female, passenger to exploding ambulance. Large head lac which might also be a serious head trauma, can’t find the source of blood. Shoulder dislocated and lac bad but managed. Stomach wound…” the paramedic drilled. Owen heard the words coming out of the paramedic’s mouth, but he didn’t listen. All he could hear was the sounds of her groaning and moaning as she fought against the grip of the gurney. Her blue eyes were wide with fear and her breathing was laboured, fogging up the gas mask that covered her mouth.

Don’t move, she told herself, you’ll only make things worse. Just keep calm. Let them do their job.

“Doctor?” the paramedic called, pulling Owen out of his trance. They were in a trauma room, now, with Jackson, April, Bailey, Jo and Stephanie. He didn’t even realised they’d moved from outside to here.

“Sorry,” Owen said, blinking a few times, “have you given her any pain meds? She seems to be in a lot of pain.”

No pain meds. I’m fine.

“She’s refusing anything except tramadol,” the paramedic said, “She’s tachycardic and tachypnoeic.” He nodded at Owen and left the room. As a form of comfort, Owen held onto the hand that was unharmed, her left hand, and smiled at Amelia with glistened eyes.

I wish you didn’t have to see me like this. You look so, so sad.

The next ten minutes was absolute chaos. Doctors were arguing, handing instruments, IV bags and other objects to one another as they worked to save one of their own. There was blood all over her face and hair, a peculiar contrast to her bright blue eyes. Around her, Amelia could see the doctors yelling, her painful headache distracting her and preventing her from hearing much. Stephanie shone her penlight in both Amelia’s eyes and prodded around her head, saying something incomprehensible to Owen after she did her check-up. Amelia noticed there was a worried look on her face as she analysed the source of all the blood on her head. She winced and groaned at one point when Stephanie touched a certain part of head, and the resident glanced Owen’s way.

“Shoulder with the glass is dislocated,” Jo said, “I need you guys to hold her down so I can pop it back in before it becomes a problem.” Hearing Jo say the words dislocated and pop was enough to spike Amelia’s heartrate, and everyone saw it on the monitor.

Maybe some drugs wouldn’t be so bad.

“Okay guys, stop,” Jackson interrupted. They all looked up at him, each pausing what they were doing, “She’s a doctor, she can understand what we’re saying. Try to keep the medical jargon to a minimum. High blood pressure is not a very good combination with these wounds.” They all nodded and resumed their tasks. Jo agonisingly removed the glass in her shoulder without any excessive bleeding, much to Amelia’s displeasure.

Fucking hell, Wilson. If I survive this, you’re getting scut for the rest of your life.

Owen could only imagine how much pain she was going through, being on such a weak, non-opioid, pain med like tramadol. The pain would only get worse from here. He admired her strength, but this was a suicide mission that she was on and it would only make things harder and more painful.

“Dr. Avery, hold her legs,” Jo instructed, “Dr. Kepner, keep her torso steady. Stephanie, keep her head stable. Dr. Hunt, hold her other shoulder.” All the doctors moved into position and Jo closed her eyes momentarily.

“I’m so sorry, Dr. Shepherd,” she whispered to Amelia. Jo rested one hand on Amelia’s shoulder and the other held onto her arm. She held on tight and pulled like Callie had taught her to, relieved when she heard the cracking sound of Amelia’s shoulder being put back in place. Amelia, however, was not relieved. She had a death grip on Owen’s hand as she felt the intense, piercing pain shoot right up her neck, stiffening the muscles in her jaw as she tried to stifle her incessant screaming. The world seemed in hyper drive as adrenaline pulsated through her veins with loud booms, every sound magnified to the point where her head hurt. Amidst the pain, she’d somehow managed to slip loose of Jackson’s grip and kick him in the face.

Oops, sorry Avery.

“I’m okay,” Jackson alerted everyone although no one asked. His eye was already beginning to swell.

Oh, that’s a nasty bruise.

The vitals monitor had begun to beat erratically as her blood pressure skyrocketed. There were dark dots flashing in her vision as the pain made her gasp and stagger for breaths she couldn’t catch. Owen saw it before anyone else and looked up to April for help.

“Crap,” April hissed as she noticed Amelia’s lips turning blue, “I think she has a tension pneumothorax.” Before April could grab a chest tube, Bailey beat her to it, cutting away Amelia’s navy blue scrub top and making an incision above her second rib. She stuck the chest tube in and waited for the air to be released, but nothing happened. Bailey stuck her finger in the incision and tried to feel what was wrong, but was distracted by April stabbing a tension relieving needle into Amelia’s stomach.

“What the hell are you doing, Kepner?” Bailey yelled at the red head.

“Hoping,” she responded as she eyed Amelia’s torso anxiously.

“You have got to be out of your damn…” Bailey began, but was cut off by the sound of Amelia exhaling.

“Tension gastrothorax,” April said, answering Bailey’s gaze at her and silence, “the windshield wiper must have cut her diaphragm. Saw it in my most recent tour a few months ago.”

“April you could’ve killed her,” Jackson berated angrily, “you don’t eyeball those kinds of things.”

“She would’ve died anyways, Jackson,” she countered, “What else was I supposed to do?”

“Not that!” he scolded, “This is so typical of-“

“Alright, enough,” Bailey shouted, “Now if you haven’t noticed, somebody is stretched out on this table here, fighting for her life. There is no time for the two of you to be having a marriage counselling session.” Amelia blinked her eyes wearily as she watched the doctors around her squabble like a bunch of high schoolers on a group project.

I can’t believe they’re having a counselling session while I’m here dying on a table.

She felt Owen suddenly let go of her hand and, in the corner of her eye, leave the room.

“Pulse ox is low,” Stephanie said abruptly, trying to stray away from the topic of April and Jackson’s doomed marriage, “we need to get a CT and intubate her.”

Finally, someone with their head on. This is why you’re my favourite.

“Jo, book an OR,” Bailey instructed. Jo ran out of the room to dial the number for the OR floor.

“We need to get a CT,” Stephanie insisted once again.

“We don’t have time for that,” Jackson thoughtfully answered.

My head is bleeding like a waterfall, how could we not have time for that?

“Jackson is right,” April agreed, “The needle I stuck in her stomach isn’t going to relieve the pressure forever and the object impaling her is of more concern than a supposed severe concussion.”

“A supposed severe concussion?” Stephanie accused angrily, “How could this ever be considered just a concussion?!”

“Edwards, how sure are you that she needs this CT?” Bailey asked. She believed that Stephanie knew what she was talking about, considering the fact that she’d been basically breathing the oxygen, that came out of Amelia’s lungs, for over a year. Sometimes residents picked up on things that attendings were usually too busy or stressed about other parts of the body to notice.

90% sure. I could have a subdural hematoma.

“I’m 90% sure that she needs the CT.”

Just go in blind; you’ve done it before with me.

Considering all the bleeding coming from her head,” Stephanie continued, “ and the fact that her pupils aren’t equally responsive, ranging from dilated to contracted very quickly, I’m almost certain she has a subdural he-“

Amelia’s eyes rolled back in her head and her body arched upwards and stiffened at the same time the vitals monitor began beeping again.

“Think she just has a concussion now?” Stephanie sarcastically said.  All the doctors held Amelia’s body down and worked to control the seizure and avoid brain damage.

“OR 1 is free and booked,” Jo said as she came back, horrified by the image in front of her. She tried her best to hide it though, despite the sickness she felt coming.

“Push 1 gram of phenytoin,” April instructed, “there’s definitely no time for a CT, Edwards. Page Nelson, tell him to meet us there.”

“Nelson left for the day,” Bailey recalled, “Shepherd was covering his shift for him.”  The monitors became regular with their noises again as Amelia came down from her seizure.

“I’ll do it,” Stephanie said as she drew her penlight from her lab coat to check Amelia’s eyes, “I’ll go in blind.” Her blue irises glistened breathtakingly against the light. “Her left pupil is blown. I’m 95% sure it’s an acute subdural hematoma. If we don’t move now…” Stephanie was cut off by the monitors beeping again, this time notifying the doctors that Amelia’s heart had gone into ventricular fibrillation.

“Damn it,” April cursed under her breath, “can’t we just get a break for once?”

From the other side of the window, Owen watched with bloodshot eyes as they filled Amelia to the brim with drugs and epi, charging the paddles and shocking her. He exhaled a breath he didn’t know he was holding and watched as they basically ran out of the doors and through the ER with her body.

“Wilson,” Owen called hoarsely when she came through the doors, “what’s going on? Where are they taking her?”

“OR 1,” Jo responded as she followed the gurney. Her heart went out to Owen. She could only imagine how much of a mess she’d be in if Alex ever got seriously injured like Amelia had. “They’re going to operate, simultaneously, on her brain and abdomen.”

“Has she been to CT?” Owen asked as he followed Jo, ensuring that Amelia was getting efficient care, “and they should get an MRI too so they know where-“

“No time for that,” Jo responded, “Dr. Edwards is going in blind. She’s suffering from a tension gastrothorax and an impaled abdomen, on top of a head trauma which may or may not be a subdural hematoma. She’s already had one seizure and coded, if we take her for a CT and an MRI, she’ll die.” It was good that Edwards was operating, he thought. It was almost the same as having Amelia there herself. The going in blind part was what worried Owen.

“Okay,” he said. Wilson was right, he knew it. He was too worried to think properly and was glad Jo had taken the time to explain to him, like a patient’s family member, what was going on with his loved one. When they got to the elevator, he watched all of them squeeze into it, with Amelia’s gurney in the middle of them. Just as the elevator doors were about to close, the monitor went off again, signalling another v-fib. The last thing he saw was April straddling Amelia and commencing CPR.

When he came to the realisation that what he’d seen just now might’ve been the last thing he’d remember about her, Owen went outside of the hospital and threw up in a nearby grassy area.


 The Land OF Stories: The Enchantress Returns illustration ^-^~

The first one*here* was like the most important painting I have ever done and this one is just pure fun ^^ 

this time it went without any emotional trauma. the process was so smooth that I actually managed to make a video of it *watch it here*


My boyfriend test fired my Bailey’s red glaze in an electric kiln a few days ago and the result was pretty sweet. The glaze turned out great, except it ran and sealed my mugs to the kiln shelves. In the process of chipping them off, all the mugs cracked.

What amazes me is that the glaze looks totally different than the firings in our gas kiln, but it is the same glaze. I guess the ability to control the cooling rate with an electric kiln affects the outcome a lot. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but in the photo of the mug, the background color is a translucent brown with bright red crystals growing. In the teapot photo, the background color is opaque poopy brown with red blotches (don’t really look like crystals).

All these were fired to cone 9 and have the same glaze.

First words-CLOSED RP-my12percentofamoment.

Tony came down stairs with Bailey and Logan in each arm. Baileys red hair tied back in two as Logan’s head rested on his shoulder. “Hey look there’s mommy and Ruby” he came down softly putting Bailey on the floor to crawl over to her sister and play as Logan refused to get down and cling on to tony. “You want cuddles now buddy” he grinned toothlessly in his blue onesie. Tony kissed his head. Ruby crawled over to pepper and started mumbling. “Mm” she kept repeating. “Are you trying to say mama sweetie?” He smiled looking at pepper.