My boyfriend test fired my Bailey’s red glaze in an electric kiln a few days ago and the result was pretty sweet. The glaze turned out great, except it ran and sealed my mugs to the kiln shelves. In the process of chipping them off, all the mugs cracked.

What amazes me is that the glaze looks totally different than the firings in our gas kiln, but it is the same glaze. I guess the ability to control the cooling rate with an electric kiln affects the outcome a lot. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but in the photo of the mug, the background color is a translucent brown with bright red crystals growing. In the teapot photo, the background color is opaque poopy brown with red blotches (don’t really look like crystals).

All these were fired to cone 9 and have the same glaze.


Experiments in Mokuhanga. (Japanese Woodblock printing)

“Poppy” , 2016

4 x 6in. Two color woodblock print on Washi paper.

Edition of 10

I recently took up the medium of Japanese woodblock printing with the help of April Vollmer’s book “Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop” and supplies from McClain’s Printmaking Supplies. Japanese printmaking is great for its flexibility and non toxicity. They use water soluble inks and printing is done by hand without the need of a heavy press making it easy to do at home. 

I have never printed before so there was quite the learned curve to overcome in this process. Blocks are carved by hand with a set of varied Japanese knives and gouges. Once a block (or blocks) have been carved, they are cleaned and then inked with a mixture of liquid pigment and nori, a rice paste binder that helps distribute the color evenly. The ink is brushed across the block with a soft brush known as hanga bake. Depending on the pigment mixture and the way it is brushed, printers can produce a variety of effects, many which I find difficult to control. Printing is then done on handmade paper known as Washi, made from kozo, the white inner bark of the mulberry tree. 

Having a greater understanding of how mokuhanga is made makes me appreciate works by Japanese printmakers even more. The sensitivity of the materials and the process is amazing and I am excited to try my next print despite the difficulties. 


Here are the first of the larger teapots for my order. This glaze is Bailey’s red with 8% red iron oxide. I was hoping it would be a little redder, but I am pleased with the result. Brown is also good :)  You can see the pretty red iron specks in the close-up, though. I have read that I will need to find some way to cool the kiln more slowly to get a redder red, and that if I add more RIO (up to 14%), I will get a more tomato red color. 

I have eight more teapots to go, and I will glaze three of them with this Bailey’s red 8%, then possibly add more RIO and test it. I am hoping to get 5 of the teapots reddish or orange. Wish me luck.

My friends were talking about us doing an Undertale cosplay group some time, and apparently everyone wants me to be Flowey

One day (hopefully soon) I will have completed my pack. I will wander the hills I live in followed by a swarm of bees, Bailey in a little red wagon (assuming his legs stop working by then) and two other dogs, a Flemish giant rabbit, a Maine coon, and a goat. No one will ever talk to me and we’ll rest in the forest. Maybe a deer will join us occasionally and a few birds will bring us gifts and sit on the goat’s horns.

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