Play With Me (BaekYeol)

Title: Play With Me (aff)
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol 
Rating: M
Word Counter: 1,721
Summary:  Baekhyun played dirty, with kohl rimmed eyes and red lips and dressed all in black looked like the reincarnation of every bad thought Chanyeol would have ever had in his entire life. His hands shook with the force of holding himself back when Baekhyun would unbutton his shirt just slightly, skin showing and glinting under the lights…

This was submitted by an anon :)

  • YX:baekhyun had this picture of his family in his room, if you have the same picture, that means you're...
  • CY:*inner thoughts* DOES HE KNOW? he must have figured it out the truth about me and baekhyun by now, after everything we had been doing, he must have realize we have something on.
  • YX:that means you're a photographer!!

editor: haley (kpoppinedits)

Soulmate au where instead of having the first thing they say tattooed on each other, they instead have a random sentence tattooed that that person will say around them. And so you know it’s not just a coincidence when they say it, the tattoo stings and fades away. 

Just imagine all the scenarios. 

Best friends just hanging out like usual and Person A says something like “I wonder if fish get thirsty?” and Bam the tattoo on Person B disappears and they just scream. 

Person A going out with someone and just waiting for them someday to say the sentence they have , but then the barista at Starbucks says it instead. 

Person A really really really hates person B but then that idiot has to go and say the sentence, and how can they be their soulmate they’re stupid and loud and too good looking for their own good. Like who needs that good of lips? 

Just imagine