Things Baekhyun did at MAMA2016

looked hot af

held hands with Suzy

really held hands with Yeol

did not hold hands with Suzy and thus disappointed Junma

had a EunDeok reunion

had a dance solo and killed us all

touched the sebooty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

caressed Yixing’s knee

hugged his son Taehyung

danced along to other performers while being the cute little piece of shit that he is

failed to act cool

snatched everyone’s souls

won things and retained his title of eyeliner king

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Songs to consider your otp singing to at 3 am:

• Bruno Mars - It Will Rain
• Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
• Fergie - Fergalicious
• Adele - Someone like You
• Big Sean - ASS
• Any Disney song
• Ke$ha - Tik Tok
• Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
• Hyun a - Bubble Pop
• Jonas Brothers - Burnin Up
• Any Britney Spears song
• U2 - With Or Without You

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Any other fics to recommend? Did you find any Sulay ones? :/

I can now answer both these questions!

A Prince and his Guard ~ Krisoo

This one was recommended to me and now I’m recommending it to you. Please read this. it’s a one shot but over 30k words and honestly it’s the best thing you will not regret reading. There’s smut as a bonus. Junmyeon is Kyungsoo’s brother in this.

Description: Prince Kyungsoo is far more fond of his books and his garden than he is of people, and the last thing he needs is a new guard to babysit. Regency AU.

Coming up from behind ~ Xiuris/Krismin

This was also recommended and I’m glad it was! Kris works as a body guard for Minseok because he became blind after an attack on him. They fall in love and what not. Minseok slowly regains sight throughout the one shot. No smut.

Description: Bodyguard au! Kris’ new charge is everything he isn’t expecting and everything he needs.

Face to Face ~ Sulay

EXO just debuted and Suho has feelings and tells Lay and I’m gonna let you guess what happens. No smut, but this is a nice read. A really nice one.

Description: Junmyeon accidently reveals something, that forces him to have a conversation he never wanted to have. 

Crushing on the Captain ~ Xiusoo

36 chapters so far and wow! So much drama. Experiments with sexuality. Secrets. Homophobic parents. Crushes. Misunderstandings. The whole plot is amazing. Each member and couple have a story and I really like this one. Suchen, Layhan, Taoris, Baekyeol, Sekai, Main pairing Xiusoo.

Description: Xiumin, the quiet soccer star at SM High that loves to dance when nobody is looking. Kyungsoo, the simple minded wallflower who has a passion for singing and acting. Kyungsoo gets stuck in dance class and takes a liking to Xiumin but then ends up as the equipment manager for the soccer team. They grow close but Xiumin isn’t being honest. (In this fic, who is?)

Meet Me Again ~ ChanBaek

I’m not okay. Chanyeol keeps getting lost and ends up finding Baekhyun every time. If you read this, feel free to hmu with your feels. I’m not over this. Based of off “She’s Dreaming”

Description: Baekhyun loves making paper cranes under lilac skies.

Minus 12 ~ Kaisoo

One shot that is my top ten faves! Baekhyun becomes ill, Kyungsoo has to get medicine off Chanyeol. Goes into the elevator and Jongin turns up. They’re strangers and then the elevator stops and it gets colder and so they use each other for body warmth. Really cute but they are really awkward. Please read!

Description: Kyungsoo and Jongin get stuck in an elevator and it’s really cold.

Before Graduation ~ ChanBaek

22 chapters and most - if not all - have A++ smut. There is even kinks involved. Not bad ones just stuff like dressing up and toys. Cute though. They make a list of places they are gonna fuck before they graduate and if you squint, you can see the list sometimes gets longer than it’s suppose too.

Description: (It’s long but i’ll sum it up) Baekhyun and Chanyeol are studying and Baekhyun accidently comes across a list of places Chanyeol wants to fuck him.

The Mafia Wife ~ Sulay

One shot that I accidently came across and hehe its some good shit. There’s smut. Suho is actually married to Kris but he’s in China cheating on him so he does the same. Suho is also a mafia leader. Kris went to china for ‘business’. Lay is a hitman.

Description: The Wu Mafia was the largest, most feared mafia business in probably all of Asia. The mafia had two major leaders, Wu Yifan, or Kris, who lead from the outside and his ‘wife’ Kim Junmyeon or Suho, who lead from the inside. Yixing, who went by Lay, was a hired hitman who had become a secret of the mafia boss’ wife.

This is all I have for now but ask me for any other ships and I can find what I can XD


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