1TYM - WITHOUT YOU M/V (by YGEntertainment)

This song is like a faucet; instant waterworks all over my face…

I know they’re probably never getting back together but good gracious if I don’t miss 1TYM! I miss them with the white hot intensity of a 1000 white hot suns burning white hotly…and intensely.

Minwoo spotted on PRHYME’s Instagram:

_____prhyme_____: 새벽 12시 4분에 전화해서 생일노래를 불러주었지. 12시 정각엔 수많은 누군가 경쟁하듯 전화할테니 4분쯤뒤가 최적일꺼라는 나의 과학적인 데이터 분석 으하하하하. 아무튼, 노래 다 부르니까 대뜸 보자네. 스케쥴로인해 꼭두새벽 세상 난리나는 특수머리를 겨우 완성하자마자 거지꼴로 난 얘를 만났어. 생일은 이 녀석인데 갑자기 깊고 진하게 나눈 10분정도의 우리만의 대화에 맘속으로 눈물이 뚝뚝 떨어지는데… 이녀석 기쁜생일에 내가 울순없잖아.그리고, 저머리꼴로 울면 무슨 서양공포 호러물이야 증말… 아무튼 근데, 난 괜찮다는데 아닌거 다안다면서 진짜 막 짠하게 바라보는데, 난 화제 돌릴라구 내반지 빼서 얘손가락에 껴보면서 반지하나 선물하겠다고 일부러 다른 얘기했지.선물도 주고싶었고… 그랬더니 지가 주고 싶은 반지가 있다네… 아놔 이런 눈물샘같은놈… 친한 사이라면 그런것같다. 서로에게 좋은모습을 보여주기위해 노력하는것도 중요하다고 생각해. 서로 말하지 않아도 아픈곳 쓰다듬어주고 기쁠때는 함께 더 크게 웃어주는… 아무튼, 정신없는 몇일을 보내고 다음 스케쥴을 준비하려고 하다가, 이 사진이 지금 생각나면서 그때 상황을 떠올리게되었다. 소중한 내친구…이민우. 우린 한시절을 둘도 없는 사람처럼 밤낮 붙어다녔고, 그 시간은 돈주고도 못살거다. 앞으로도 서로에게 선물같은 우리가 되자. 언제 어디서 무얼해도 우린 한결같이 열심히 뛰고있는 서로에게 좋은친구일꺼야. 태어나줘서 고맙다. 사랑하구 생일축하해.

For those who don’t know, prhyme used to be part of Moo Ga Dang under YG, with Song Baekkyoung (1tym), Eun Joo (Swi.t), Kim Woo Geun(Bounce)

[Trans] Junjin and Song Baekkyoung ^^

1. Song Baekkyoung

Look at that jawline. It shines. Heaven-made looks. Tearing up while looking at someone else’s photo, this is the first time ever since I was born and grew hair. He’s so handsome. There’s no way to express it. There aren’t enough adjectives….God-given face, God-given talent, God-given body…Although the world is fiar but in front of “Jun Jin”, these 2 words, everything becomes unfair….

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BaekKyoung - 131130 Facebook Update!

(ON IMAGE) ‘Yang Sajanim’s Trainee Instructions’

1. Before becoming a singer, become a human first.

- All of the trainees should greet anyone who is older than them including YG artists and staff with a 90 degree bow and loud voice.

2. YG can make a gem shine but doesn’t have the ability to make a stone shine.

- Will you be a gem or stone? This will only be possible through your blood and sweat of effort. Don’t forget that you’re trainees with only potential at the moment at 5 points [out of 100] and don’t forget to use one hour of practice to the fullest like its ten hours worth. At the end of the month, all of the trainees will be reviewed so always be on alert.

Those who are lacking in effort or potential will be sent home.

BaekKyoung: “On my way to Sangamdong because of a wedding ceremony, I made a short visit to YG, it’s been a long time since I last visited. Someone was noisily gathering together and practicing at the practice room so I knocked on the door and carefully opened it. I said, "Hi, guys! Do you know who I am? I am 1TYM ahjusshi… And scarily just like the Samsung Anycall flip phone a long time ago folds up, they yelled out, 'Hello. How are you?’, like a knee-jerk reaction. Upon the group introduction, it was to the level that I would say, "Specialty: Greeting well”, that they did not just bow 90 degrees but 120 degrees. The kids do an acrobatic movement through their greeting.. I don’t know how their backs don’t hurt.“

Right! Each one of the kids of 'WIN’s Team B all seem like kids that became people. Although it’s Saturday, I was touched by how they immersed themselves into practice. There was a kid with the last name, 'Song’, from Team B and a kid named 'Jinhwan’… That is why my heart goes out to them. Kiddos~ hehe I want to see Team B debut together as soon as possible more and more.”

 A long time ago, Hyun Suk (YG) hyung would personally kick us with his Timberland walkers to help make people (If we get hit by the Timberland walkers, it hurt every time). These days, he makes people through this warlike decree. I think this method is better. The world became a better place to live in. Anyone can be a singer but to be a singer that no one else can be, it is definite that this world has become harder than before. As I was on my way back, I was filled with memories so I turned up N.R.G’s 'I Can Do It’, while listening to it on my way back.- feeling safe at YG Entertainment"

Translated by: AKP


YG Opened the comment box!! ^_^ Go comment 1TYM fans! 

BaekKyoung: “별다른 설명이 필요하겠냐만은…

Meeting for the first time in a while 1TYM~만세 뭘 더 바래.

now it’s 15th time fo yo mother ***** mind 불을 키지~ㅎㅎㅎ 즐겁네요 역시!!

Next time, we’ll see each other along with Teddy hyung too.

This Photo has a "Jinhwan & Kids” concept hehe"


1TYM - Can’t Let You



papa YG, PLEASE~~~ T___T