(TRANS) 180809 Baekhyun’s Twitter replies

1:49 PM Fan: Ah I’m going crazy, today Baekhyun’s clothes are a fashion that makes me remember what he said during the fanmeeting
Baekhyun: What did I say again?…kekekeke

1:53 PM Fan: What he said was because his hips are wide, he liked loose fitting clothes that cover his hips when he’s not performing? I think that’s what he said, Baekhyunnie said that right or not
Baekhyun: woah..your memory…woaah..

2:12 PM Fan: I wonder what it feels like to just talk to yourself on twitter like normal but then Baekhyun replies to you…I’m jealous
Baekhyun: This is what it feels like!!

2:12 PM Fan: Baekhyun,,are those who received your mentions still alive
Baekhyun: Knock knock. Are you alive?!^^ kekekekuk

2:12 PM Fan: Baekhyun, this guy, has excellent skin
Baekhyun: This guy…does he have good skin??

2:14 PM Fan: Baekhyun-ah international fans exist
Baekhyun: I’m here too

2:15 PM Fan: It’s so cute how Baekhyun sends replies ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he’ll appear and peek in then reply then ppyong disappear ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Baekhyun: I’m still here though?..

2:15 PM Fan: Seriously Baekhyunnie is so this point, 70% of his body consists of honey rather than water
Baekhyun: Ah. I’m bleeding honey..please (give me) some ointment

2:16 PM Fan: I had a bad dream but I became happy when I saw Baekhyun’s mentions 💗💗 He’s so kind,,
Baekhyun: No bad dreams~~🙅🏻‍♂️

2:17 PM Fan: Give us Baekhyunnie’s ASMR
Baekhyun: (Ha Heellooo ooh~~)

2:18 PM Fan: I feel like when Baekhyun is typing it will make click click noises
Baekhyun: 뽀쨕뽀쨕뽀뽀쨧쨕. 뽀로록록록쨔자작쨕 (a bunch of clicking noises)

2:18 PM Fan: I mean if I keep posting a ton of tweets maybe Baekhyunnie..will someday…also (reply to) me..
Baekhyun: If you can confirm your tons (of tweets)..I’ll acknowledge..

2:19 PM Fan: Baekhyun-ah I’m waiting for the collab ㅠㅠ I’m really really anticipating
Baekhyun: Please just wait a little bit more!

2:19 PM Fan: Seriously if it was for me I would like to take this opportunity to spill all my feelings from my 6 years of stanning. Baekhyun-ah please just know that you’re receiving lots of love. I love you a lot and cherish you
Baekhyun: Thank you!🙆‍♂️

2:20 PM Fan: If i receive a reply from Baekhyun I’ll dance in our school hallway,, I’ll dance monster,,
Baekhyun: Alright now it’s time to verify..let’s go!! you can call me mongster!!

2:20 PM Fan: It’s definitely clear that Baekhyun is searching ‘Baekhyun’. Baekhyun-ah if you see this post please say 'We will all become happy’!!! EXO! EXO-L! Let’s all be healthy and happy and let’s love
Baekhyun: Woah..correct..what else do I have to search?!

2:21 PM Fan: Seriously Baekhyun’s replies are so amazing,,,I was hit and killed,,
Baekhyun: Let’s not die.. ㅠㅠ

2:21 PM Fan: Not being able to get Baekhyun’s attention neither on Instagram nor V App nor Twitter
Baekhyun: Oh you are upset!?


Happy 4th anniversary EXO-L ♡
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