[TWM] Park Jimin & Baek A Yeon ep 1.

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what made you shipp kd recently after kxk i mean cuz for me i've been shipping them for 2 years but sometimes i was wondering what if they are not lovers but after seeing how sad they were on 1/4 i don't have a doubt that they are real

i was around on tumblr when the insider post was going around originally! i remember it from before the scandals. but i still doubted kxk. when baek_yeon happened, people were like ‘kai_stal will be next’. and it was. statistically, you’ll have to realise how improbable that is. pair that with dispatchs obviously faked article. i looked into theories and stumbled on well written thoughts, ideas, with visuals/evidence to back it up.

if you cross referenced kaista_l with the gay blind item couple, you’ll see plotholes. you’ll see how rumors that sounded kxk were released when bi information was. that’s exactly what i did. i started digging. watching videos of kd interactions and analysis because those theories (kaisooology, cckaisoo, jongsooyah) led me to them. it was so obvious. there was something btw them not seen between any of the other members. not se_kai, not se_soo. why weren’t they promoted, they’re a golden otp. sm pimps out chan_baek and xiu_chen.

honestly all it really took was that video of kd on 4x1 to cement my belief and the following events that followed days later. ks through the chinese music awards and ji looking at him the entire time, unsure. ji near crying singing along with ks and only his verse. come on.

everything fell into place and not only did i start believing in kd, i started shipping too.


[TWM] Jimin singing Blackpink’s Whistle

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