Commission Info

Sketch - bust $15
- fullbody $20.

(extra character $20). 

Colored sketch - bust $25
- fullbody $30
(shading $10)
(extra character $20).

Lineart - bust $30
- fullbody $35
(extra character $30).

Colored lineart - bust $35
- fullbody $40
(shading $10)
(extra character $30).

Lineless - bust $30
-fullbody $35
(shading $10)
(extra character $35).

Character sheet $50+ :depending on complexity of the character
Includes fullbody and fullbody with an outfit of your choice,
head bust and two extra images.

Badges $35+ :depending complexity of the design.

I’m open currently 10 slots, please send me an email if interested to to discuss on your particular piece you’d like me to create :) 

Thank you for taking your time to look through, and I appreciate it so much if you shared this post, it really helps and makes me very happy <3


Kalos Gym Badge Set Giveaway

So these badges are a bit different from how I made the previous gym badges. I went for a more simple and larger design for ease of assembly. I hope they’re still to everyone’s liking! They’re available for purchase in my shop for preorders, but I’m giving you guys a chance to win a set here.


  • 1 winner will receive a set of Kalos gym Badges


  • Reblog this post once for an entry to win
  • Likes/Follows do not count, but appreciated
  • Giveaway ends February 27th 2014, Thursday at 11:59pm PST
  • Winners will be announced February 28th 2014,

Reblog or Espurr will unleash it’s wrath upon you!