“I swear, all I did was whistle at her and she told me to go fuck myself,” Cass glanced to his left, a smirk playing across a chiseled jaw. “’Va te faire foutre,’” he quoted, bronzed shoulders raising in a shrug. “Too bad she only got more upset when I told her she sounded sexy even cussing me out. But I guess that means I’m free tonight, after all.”

beam final
  • Simone Biles:*messes up* oh look i got a bronze. thats not too bad i could've done better i guess i'll work on my floor routine for tomorrow
  • Laurie Herdandez:wow i cant believe i beat simone
  • Simone Biles:wow im so short
  • Every Other competitor:*doesn't mess up (on their standard)* no medal is the best medal. i think? what happened?

K just dropping by tumblr for a sec to say Aliya deserved the bronze. Hate all you want. Feel bad for Shang but the result is correct. I suggest you watch back before making rash comments about Shang being robbed or Aliya getting over scored


Totally in love!
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I know i’v been doing a lot of FOTD’s. I have four other swatch posts/reviews in the queue so look out for those! But for now. LETS ADMIRE TODAY’S LOOK. 

I recently was cleaning my makeup drawer (check out my last post if you want to see a peek into my drawer!!) and I found my Maybelline colour tattoos! I have two of them, a gold one, and bad to the bronze (That’s the name of this taupey bronze shade I have. I know they have different names in the UK and in the States!!) 

So I really wanted to work one into a look and see what my thoughts were on it!! So today I primed my lids, I set the primer with a peachy eye shadow lighter than my skintone, I buffed a matte light brown into my crease, I then patted/blended the colour tattoo onto my mobile lids. and lightly blended the harsh line between my lid and crease. This is the “hardest” part of this look. I took a dark dark brown and patted that onto my outer V/outer lid. And then took a fluffy brush and blended the lines out. 

I know this is very weird, and i’v never seen another person do this. But then I put on mascara BEFORE I put on my winged liner. I find it SO SO SO much easier to do winged liner after I do mascara. So if you struggle with liner, try that out some time!! 

I then took a burgundy matte mouse lip cream and applied that to my lips! 

And we’re done! If you have any questions let me know!!

anonymous asked:

why is son's bronze that bad?

because her routines are not good enough compared to Meli and Anya. also i hate how similar her routines are and how she/her coaches are afraid to experiment. it’s a short answer, because i don’t want to distract myself from watching. sorry.