If Mehgan James was chosen to be in the Hunger Games

1. Mehgan will be representing District 9: Mexico

2. Effie Trinket at the Reaping pulls her name

3. Mehgan at the Reaping

4.  Mehgan on the Train Ride

5. Mehgan getting ready for the tribute parade

6. Mehgan during training

7. Caesar Flickerman reveals Mehgan’s training score of 11

10. Mehgan during Caesar Flickerman interview

11. After Mehgan steps off the platform

The other tributes that Mehgan Kill:

12. After Mehgan Wins The Hunger Games:


BGC9 Reunion: Erika’s imitation of Falen

BGC Reunion: part DEUX; thoughts

Julie, what happened to the “I was the star of the reunion” thing? Last time I checked, all you’re doing at the reunion is getting your ass beat. Really, I’m disappointed. I was expecting more from you, but frankly, you’re boring as fuck. You may have ran the house, but when it came to confronting the girls you manipulated, you fell flat, honey.

Falen, hurrrhurrhurrhurrhahaha.

Rima, Christina and Andrea don’t owe you a thing. So stop acting devastated because Andrea broke the “girl’s codeorwhateverthefuck” and Christina didn’t go out of her way to defend you when the house was torturing you. So you’ll be mad that Christina didn’t do that, but you’ll forgive Julie and Falen for starting all of it in the first place? So much for having a “big heart”. Even Drea isn’t holding a grudge against Zuly, and she didn't breathe a word against what the girls were doing like Jersey did. And you know what? You weren’t physically jumped by all the girls with hot sauce and salad dressing thrown all over your face, so don’t try and call yourself a “strong girl” when you’ve came crying to the PABs, kissed their ass repeatedly, and when your situation can’t even compare to Drea’s situation. She’s right — you’re a flip-flopping ass person PERIOD. Gurl, bye.

Ashley, I do still have love for you, somewhere in the deepest depths of my heart. However, I lost respect for you when you suddenly grew “balls” and went ham on Drea. For what, bitch? That’s what. No good damn reason.

Zuly, I like that you owned up to your mistake. You’re really not all that bad, you just need to learn how to rise above the bullshit.

Natasha. Bitch, you’re irrelevent. Don’t even try to get loud with Andrea, and suddenly grow balls fromnowherethat'swhere like Ashley did. Get some volume into that hair, while you’re at it.

Meghan, I don’t like you, but I do respect you. You’re not all bark like the PABs, you definitely know how to throw fists, and you took on like fivetrilliongirls at the same time. It was great to watch. I just. I can’t.
HOWEVER, you’re not just miserable in the house — it’s obvious you’re a miserable, insecure girl in real life. Like, why do you think you got all that plastic surgery and weave? Ahem. You make it painfully obvious that you’re jealous of Drea, it’s hard to watch. Hate to break it to you, boo. You can continue to bag on Andrea’s weave, but you only wish that you could look that good all naturale and make it on magazines based solely on the beauty you were born with. Keyword: born with(Sorry, Meghan fans, but it had to be said.)

Erika, you’re funny as fuck. AND WHEN YOU ATTACKED JULIE, LMAO. /claps

Christina, you were probably my favorite bad girl this season. You say it like it is, you beat their punk asses again and again, and you’re still cute. I give you mucho props for HANDING it to Julie, Falen, Rima, and Ashley at the reunion. Karma is a bitch, so you must be karma! Seriously, though, you rocked their ass. ♥ /clapsasdfghjkl

Andrea, you’re my girl. I get it — you’re cute, so bitches hate on you. You got jumped, took on five girls (and then some), are always hated on, but you held your own through it all, and therefore, I hereby dub you a bad bitch. I just wish you could have defended yourself more against Meghan. Took the oppurtunity to call her out, or something. Whatever, she can continue to delude herself into thinking that she’s not insecure as fuck. Also, Tanisha needs to zip her lips and go bye-bye, biased-ass host.

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